Sean is Eating

After 50 days on hunger strike, Sean has begun eating. He came off hunger strike after the ODRC conceded his main demand by reinstating his communications.

The decision regarding giving a Halal diet to Muslim prisoners, which, according to Sean, is their legal right, is still pending.

Sean is asking people to call Ohio Governor John Kasich about this issue, and gives the following number for doing so: 614-466-3555

Update on Sean’s Hunger Strike

On February 12th, day 46 of his hunger strike, Sean gave the following update on his weekly radio segment on the Final Straw Radio show.

As of the 12th, the ODRC had conceded Sean’s main demand by reinstating his communications. This is a major victory and will be a huge improvement to Sean’s life. But as of the 12th, Sean’s demand to be allowed to consume a Halal diet had not been met and Sean remained on hunger strike.

Sean is asking people to call Ohio Governor John Kasich and gives the following phone number for doing so: 614-466-3555

Things are changing quickly, so be on the lookout for another update.

Aired February, 2016 on The Final Straw.



Sean is on Hunger Strike

We received word recently from a friend of Sean’s that Sean is currently on hunger strike and has been placed in a suicide cell.

Although details are still murky, we know that Sean has been without food since December 26th. He was charged with extortion of a deputy warden and had begun a disciplinary process when he began his hunger strike and was placed in a suicide cell.

We know that the prison is recognizing his hunger strike and following the associated procedures, which include taking him to the medical unit every day and weighing him and taking his vital signs. It is unclear whether they are attempting to negotiate with him in any way.

Please take a moment to write a letter of encouragement to Sean and to call the following prison administrators and encourage them to negotiate with Sean and help him end this hunger strike as quickly as possible.

Deputy Director of Operations Casey Barr (513) 932-3388 ext. 2005

Warden’s Assistant Greg Kraft (513) 932-3388 ext. 2010

Statement to the Parole Board


I write this statement for consideration by the parole board in advance of the re-scheduled hearing to occur in December 2016, after having refused to appear on July 28, 2016. I write this statement to set forth the reasons I believe I should be given a parole.

IN both of my previous hearings, held in 2005 and 2011 respectively, I provided a description of the events in my case. In both hearings, despite my claims of innocence and despite the uncontroverted evidence that proves conclusively that events occurred just as I have always described, the parole board gave me seventy-some months and sixty months respectively. It is my experience that the parole board has no regard for the truth and I have no reason to believe that the parole board has somehow magically obtained any greater regard for it. So, related to the death of Andrew Crouch and the circumstances surrounding it, I will suffice to say that the events of 1991 have no changed since my last appearance and I remain as innocent of the crime for which I was falsely imprisoned as I was in 1991.

If the parole board seeks an admission from me that I did something that I did not do, I suggest they get some chips and beer. They will be waiting a while. Continue reading