A12M Frame Up

In September 2012 Sean was framed for leading a guerilla rebellion inside Mansfield Correctional, solely on the grounds that he’s an “ideological match” with the propaganda put out by the rebels. The rebels called themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys. We don’t know a lot about what actually happened in September 2013, we’ve only heard rumors of various kinds of sabotage and massive quantities of flyers and “guerilla manuals” appeared in the prison.

Sean was shaken down immediately, they found nothing but an angry article he had written about the privatization of inmate commissary accounts. What followed was a truly bizarre internal disciplinary process where ManCI investigator cobbled together a bullshit case against Sean to justify his transfer to super-max. The crux of her argument was that Sean’s political views are aligned with those espoused by the A12M. Interested parties can do the comparison themselves by checking out the manuals (which were later anonymously linked to in the comments section of AnarchistNews.org.) here: http://ge.tt/2ckaeFO/v/0 and http://ge.tt/6UJJ4xP/v/0

Sean fought the transfer to the bitter end, spending most of a year getting “special treatment” including a starvation diet, showers of toilet water, and many other dirty tricks in seg at ManCI. See these posts for a rabbit hole of more info. The initial decision was reversed when we found a lawyer willing to help us sue the ODRC over the matter. Then ODRC legal counsel Trevor Clark got involved and manufactured an even sillier case against Sean, alleging that he was guilty in Sept of 2012 based on things that others did in April of 2013. After Sean and his cellmate refused to cuff up and leave their cell, fighting back against the cell-extraction goon squad, they expedited his transfer to supermax, where the “special treatment” mostly stopped. He has since been transferred to Warren Correctional in Lebanon, Ohio.