Update on Sean’s Situation

On Wednesday Sept 19th Sean Swain’s cell was searched  and he was transferred, first to a suicide cell, and is now in administrative segregation.

We’ve received letters from him recently, and he definitely still has the fighting spirit.

The prison administrators have blocked him from commissary, reading materials, writing materials, and continue to delay and mess with his mail. Things are eventually getting through to him, so keep writing! The only way he can get envelopes or paper is if we mail it to him, so include a few sheets and a few embossed envelopes with your mail, if you can. You’re allowed to send 5 sheets of paper total (including the ones you write on) per letter, and 3 envelopes. If you enclose any blank sheets or envelopes,  make sure you mention it in the letter you write, so he knows he’s supposed to get it.

The reports of a disturbance involving fire-hoses at the same time as Sean’s transfer were about a fight at the minimum security camp. Sean says that’s an unrelated incident he had nothing to do with.

Sean says he is being investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the FBI. We don’t know what, if anything, he’s been charged with.

You can help by calling the prison and demanding Sean be given his mail, including reading materials, and access to pens and writing materials.

Mansfield Correctional Institution (419) 525-4455

Ask for Lt Lynch, who is in charge of Administrative Segregation.

Greg Morrow- Caseworker ext. -4310

Terry Tibbals- Warden ext. -2005

Scott Basquin- Assistant Warden ext. -2004