Obama Withdrawls

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of holding people’s hands as they go through Obama withdrawals. It’s very frustrating because there’s very little you can do for them, but sit and listen as they ramble and mutter through their delerium, maybe put a wet rag on their foreheads and tell them it will be okay.

But it won’t.

It’s all goin’ down like a goldfish, you know…

But you can’t say that to them. You gotta say soothing things to these poor, Obama-sick hierarchs to give them hope. You know, “hope.” Like it says on their decade-old t-shirts.

I notice in my dealings with all of these deluded hierarchs of the progressive and liberal-democrat variety, that the longer Obama is out of office, the better of a president he becomes. He’s much better now than he was in January, and improving. If he stays out of office long enough, as long as, say, Jimmy Carter, these reminiscing fans of his will swear he didn’t walk down Pennsylvania Avenue on his way to the White House; they’ll remember him walking on water.

This is all incredibly ridiculous.

Obama withdrawals are even infecting anarchists. They sit around and wax nostalgic about the days before the a-trump-alypse, like pining over a high school sweetheart that broke up with them all those years ago.

Sickening. As if the Obama presidency isn’t one of the events in the 8,000-year trajectory of swivelization, a trajectory that has led us to THIS moment, where an unmitigated and irremediable ass-hat has become king of the world.

Now, just to be clear, don’t think I’m an Obama hater. I’m not one of these closet creeps whose racially-based suspicions and animosities poison their perceptions of the former president. I suspect that as far as patriarchs-who-have-assumed-the-right-to-rule-us go, he’s on the front end of the bell curve as far as brains and capability. But that’s also part of my frustration with him.

Look, I remember when he got elected that in the first time in presidential politics, prisoners in the cell-blocks rattled their doors and cheered. No kidding.

Now, here we are, almost a decade later. Those prisoners who rattled their doors are mostly still here and Obama is gone. What changed? Exactly.

This guy came into office with political capital. Everybody was moved by this Cumbayah moment. He had his face on t-shirts. He won a Nobel Peace Prize.

So, did he come into office and BE that guy? Did he spend all that political capital to push the limits of what was possible? Nope. He hedged.

He replaced economic adviser Larry Summers with Timothy Geitner and continued the Bush bail-outs… rather than bringing in rogue Pulitzer-winner and World Bank exile Joe Stiglitz, a guy who would have engineered a second New Deal and put disposable income into the hands of the poor… stimulating the economy like Franklin Roosevelt did with the advice of John Maynard Keynes.

He hedged. He wanted to avoid the blow-back from the hard right, so he managed from the middle and compromised his values and instincts.

Then, when black folks were shot all over the country, and when military vehicles patrolled the streets of Ferguson, Obama didn’t use his bully pulpit and his big personality to rally support for radical change to systems of injustice that prey on people of color. He hedged. He compromised principles and instincts and decided it would be bad for a black president to tackle those issues– because it would result in a far-right white-lash.

He didn’t end wars and grant asylum to foreign-born folks, but continued butchering brown people around the world and deporting them in record numbers. Again, seeking to appease the birther and Breit-Bart voting bloc. He took no radical approach to climate change or environmental protection or killing pipelines.

So, the fact is, for 8 years we got a half-ass Obama who did half of a decent job being half of himself… in order to prevent a swing to the radical, whack-a-doodle fascist right.

And we ended up with it anyway.

That’s my assessment of Obama, a guy who could have done great things if he had had the courage to do them– well, great, relative to other delusional hierarchs. But, he didn’t have the courage. He squandered opportunity after opportunity. He got elected as the first black president but consciously governed just as white as the others, and even whiter than some.

Didn’t want to make waves.

And what did we get? The first black president succeeded by the first orange president, a mindless jackwagon to end all jackwagons.

And here I sit, holding the hands of these poor folks going through Obama withdrawals, folks who, in their delerium, remember the Obama years as they could have been rather than as they forgettably and regrettably were.

This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Corruptional in Lebanon, Ohio. If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance…