Warden Shady Three-Eighty Rats Out Trainwreck Trevor as Mastermind of Mail Theft, Sworn Criminal Complaints and 264 Lawsuits Ensue

Some background for all the kids who may have missed last week’s episode:

There’s a long history of ODRC Legal Counsel Trevor Clark terrorizing me. His involvement in burning my life down began in 2008 when the ODRC realized that a zine produced by The Conditions Factory was a collection of my writings. If not for friends and supporters in the outside world, I would have been sent off to the super-duper-max for having told the truth about prison fascists and their abuses of power.

Four years later, Trevor got his chance to get me. By then, seanswain.org was online and my writings that make prison mismanagers look like clowns in the center ring, kicking each other in the pants, were on display for the whole world… never to come down. And just a quick cul-de-sac here, shrinks have determined that the number one fear of women is physical pain or injury, while the number one fear of men is public humiliation.

For prison officials, I am a walking, talking public-humiliation-machine.

They really do want me dead, you know.

Anyway, in 2012, the Army of the 12 Monkeys tore up Mansfield Corruptional Institution. Trevor, as the “agency liaison” to the Federal Bozos of Intimidation, directed local prison fascists to place me in a torture cell behind the medical clinic– a cell where, just two months later, two prisoners died a couple weeks apart. No shit. The cell was a meat locker and I left there sleep deprived and hallucinating– and only got pulled out because friends and family protested my disappearance and their calls spooked the fascists. You can read all about these events in writings at seanswain.org.

In multiple disciplinary proceedings that were mind-numbingly incomprehensible, Trevor attempted to equate my outspoken criticism of the fascist prison complex with the hooliganism of the 12 Monkeys who crammed potatoes in the drains at Mansfield and busted the plumbing to the tune of a couple hundred grand. I was sent to the super-duper-max, where Trevor had always wanted me, on the basis of the 12 Monkey materials that were in my possession. Problem is, I never possessed any.

Later, at the Southern Ohio Corruptional Facility, a.k.a., “Lucasville,” a.k.a., “Shitville,” the gang coordinator would ask me: “It says here you were sent to OSP for the ‘materials in your possession.’

But we clicked around and we can’t find any materials. What were they?”

Me: “I didn’t have any.”

Him: “Then why were you approved to go to OSP?”

Me: “Good question. Since you’re the first sane person I have spoken to, maybe you can pose that question to the lunatics higher up the food chain.”

The two gang coordinators looked at each other, confused, because they did not realize Trevor’s (and the FBI’s) alterior motive was to neutralize my bad habit of telling the truth, and my friends’ bad habit of publicizing it, and the molotov-throwing, machete-weilding, ski-mask-wearing, cop-car-tipping, savage-cannibal-swainiacs’ bad habit of reading it (and, in the best-case scenarios, acting on it).

Another quick cul-de-sac here, I would suggest to you that Trevor Matthew Clark is the perfect psychological specimen to conduct the grisly business of terrorizing me. I suspect he lit fires, wet the bed, and killed small animals as a child before graduating to his current post as my official tormentor. He has displayed great bouts of mental disorganization, like when he handed me the home addresses of Ohio law makers and let me memorize five of them, and then when he admitted in a digitally-recorded disciplinary hearing that he really did do that, and then when he shut down my communications about half a dozen times on provable, laughable pretexts, and when he got friends of mine terrorized by the FBI for posting my writings. One of them, subjected to terrible medical neglect, was paralyzed in a hospital bed and unable to even speak when Trevor had her investigated by the Fascist Bozos of Intimidation, essentially for caring about me, because she had initially set up a Facebook page where some of my writings were later re-posted.

I know. I got off topic again. You have to quit distracting me like this or we’ll never get to the point.

Anyway, due in large part to the terror program that Trainwreck Trevor (even other ODRC staffers call him that when he’s not in the room) employed on me to shut me up, and due to the incredible stubbornness and stupidity of myself and my close friends– all of us unwilling to quit– I became something of a poster-child for the global radical and insurrectionary anarchist movement soon to be sneaking up on a suburb near you.

The Final Straw radio show invited me to do a regular segment. Crimethinc published my article and argued with me on the radio. Anarchistnews.org recognized me as the “Anarchist Prisoner of the Year.” The University of Michigan began collecting my personal papers and effects for an anarchist archive that includes luminaries like Emma Goldman, and Sacco and Vanzetti. Spanish anarchists attended a symposium to discuss my work after the government there passed really draconian anti-protest laws aimed at anarchists… and my face was on hand-bills plastered all over Barcelona for a week, much to the suffering of anyone who actually looked at them. Hacktivists, enraged at the repression I face, created a site called blastblog.noblogs.org where prison officials’ home addresses were posted. Greek rebels wilded out and burned down a military building and then quoted me in their statement of responsibility.

Those Greeks sure know how to party.

All of this resulted not because I’m such a brilliant writer and thinker, but because I’m mediocre and yet the government still kicks me in the balls for it. I have dozens of friends who are much sharper than I am and they are running around in the free world with much better ideas than mine. But Greeks don’t quote them and then burn down buildings.


They quote me because I have 1297 pages of FBI files and I have Trainwreck hanging over my back and suspending my communications and doing terrible, provocative stuff that shocks the consciences of ordinary human beings the world over. You can read about all of this in great detail at seanswain.org. I’ll list some articles at the end of this so anyone who is interested can stroll down Manglement Lane and read about all of the extra-judicial atrocities conducted by Trainwreck and his sock-puppets.

So, we fastforward to 2016. In December, I began what turned into a fifty-day hunger-strike because my outside communications had been shut down without any explanation by the fascist fuckweasels for over a year. On Valentine’s Day, the fuckweasels and I came to an understanding and my communications were resumed.

Everyone held hands and sang Cumbayah. We ate rainbows and farted bunny rabbits. All was right with the world. I continued my radio segments with the Final Straw, uninterrupted. I sent out writings for posting online. I conducted video visits and called in to anarchist conferences everywhere.

I also transcribed, in electronic format, the content for several books I would like to get published… and I transmitted those to friends in the free world. Each email costs me twenty cents.

So, I sent a 44,000-word manuscript in a single email.

Then, the fascist fuckweasels and JPay decided to conspire against me. This should come as no surprise, as JPay is a meta-data collection tool for the Federal Bozos of Intimidation. At one point, when I had an attorney before Trainwreck drove him off through constant harassment of me, prison fascists filed disclosures and other paperwork that showed how JPay shares information with the FBI.

At any rate, due to my use of JPay emails to transmit manuscripts that the fascists and JPay find objectionable, JPay engineered new software that limits all emails to just 6,000 characters.

Perhaps if I keep telling the truth, emails will get limited to 3,000 characters… then 1,000… then they’ll be shorter that tweets…

You get the picture.

The limitation hasn’t stopped my communication. I just send each article in ten or twenty installments.
There’s now a “donate button” at seanswain.org. So, the extra costs in emails can easily be mitigated by everyone out there contributing funds to fuel my rants. And, funds can be expended to hire counsel to defend my rights. Feel free to dump big, dumb piles of loot on me.

No. Really. I don’t mind.

In November, Little Black Cart publishers in Berkeley, one of the most fantastic distributors of really radical dumpster-fire-inspiring material for the molotov-throwing, machete-weilding, ski-mask-wearing, cop-car-tipping, savage-cannibal-maniacs of all varieties, published ‘Last Act of the Circus Animals,’ a book I co-wrote. They cranked out 10,000 copies, which are now flying off the shelves wherever good books are stolen.

Trainwreck Trevor was absolutely apoplectic. I suspect he twisted the heads off of at least two dozen puppies in one afternoon, triple his normal, daily quota. See, despite the window dressing, prison fascists do not really want anyone rehabilitated or corrected. We are not really here for that. What we are, we’re objects, punching bags, for really reprehensible monsters to take revenge for their own unhappy childhoods.

Like I’m responsible for what happened to Trainwreck behind the toolshed, right? Whatever happened to him to make him so evil in adulthood, I suggest that DNA testing will exclude me.

What Trainwreck and the FBI and the prison fuckweasels are really afraid of, what they fear more than anything, is that I will gain some kind of revenue that can be used to get real attorneys who will make these state terrorists climb off my back and leave me alone. What they fear is my unbridaled communication of the really insurrectionary truth to you, and that you’ll read it and it will resonate and the fuckweasels will lose control of you.

You know how those who just one time refuse to accept their assigned seats will never again go along with the program? Yeah. Like that.

After all, they have kept me locked up more than twenty-five years for a non-crime not because of the threat I pose to you, but because of the threat I could potentially turn you into.
The truth is dangerous.

So, as I was saying, ‘Last Act’ came out, Trainwreck committed a veritable genocide against fragile necks of golden retrievers, and then the fuckweasels tossed the peace treaty straight into the trash.
On 31 October, the fascist fuckweasels began intercepting my incoming mail. The rationale they used was that the mail somehow constituted “conducting business.” One of the rules of conduct in prison is that we prisoners are not permitted to “conduct business.” This rule generally applies to those running football tickets or engaging in predatory lending within the prison blocks. Even the courts have recognized in many cases that the rule cannot be applied to legitimate concerns beyond prison walls or to the sale or use of intellectual property. One case, Mumia Abu-Jamal vs. Price, dealt with the use of such a rule as applied to prisoner writers, and the federal courts said prison officials can’t do that.

But, Trainwreck and his chosen sock-puppets for any of his various terror campaigns are always great at pretending they’re stupid. Like they don’t know. And since Trainwreck is an attorney, everyone digging the mass graves simply says they are following advice of the lawyer.

That is apparently where the Nazis fucked up; it’s not that they committed unthinkable atrocities, but that they did not have lawyers positioned in key offices to give the orders so that whatever resulted would be “privileged” and “advice of counsel.”

So, the mailroom monkeys here go along with Trainwreck’s program.

The craziest thing is, they didn’t target mail related to ‘Last Act’ or its publication. Instead, to be “plausibly deniable,” they targeted response mail from the Ohio Secretary of State– official business mail from a state agency.

As far as I can tell, the pieces of mail they seek to steal are the documents from the Secretary of State that inform me that I have successfully registered the Army of the 12 Monkeys with that office.
Since Trainwreck won’t undo the disciplinary shenanigans that make me a “monkey,” I decided to legitimize the group and register it. Now, I own the trademark name and I am the Authorized Agent of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, an unincorporated association protected under state law. Further, I registered the group as an “animal enterprise” according to federal statute, so interference with this “animal enterprise” is a federal felony with a terrorism specification.

It seems Trainwreck has stolen the mail from the Ohio Secretary of State in its official capacity to the Authorized Agent of an animal enterprise in his (the Agent’s) official capacity. Trainwreck has stolen it under the pretext that delivery of the Secretary of State’s mail would constitute “conducting business.”

Again, there’s federal case law as long as my arm that describes the rational limits to the “conducting business” rule, and nowhere do federal courts allow prison fuckweasels to steal mail from an official state office. Further, the theft of my mail does them no good. They cannot un-register the registration by simply withholding the documents and clicking their ruby-slippered-heels together. What’s done is done.

But, since the publication of ‘Last Act,’ Trainwreck has now re-defined the “conducting business” rule as it applies only to me and has essentially declared that anything I do that involves my signature to a document or providing my consent is “conducting business.” That means that mundane things like scanning my identification in exchange for a food tray at chow– a contractual “business” activity that was previously exempt from the “conducting business” rule –is no longer exempt for me. Instead of scanning my identification and receiving a tray, I must, by the new re-definition of “conducting business,” get Warden Chae Harris’ prior approval. Same goes, it would seem, for shopping at commissary– a business transaction –or signing for service of legal mail… or accessing my phone account… or sending emails and consenting to pay the fee…

You get the idea.

Trainwreck now wants me to get Warden Chae Harris’ prior approval for all of those instances of “conducting business,” it would seem, given his new definition of what it means to “conduct business.”
I have sent Chae Harris a total of 74 kites asking him for prior approval for 74 separate and distinct instances of “conducting business,” including permission to sign my name for legal mail (not granted) or to scan my identification in exchange for each meal (not granted).

I spoke with Chae on the morning of 16 November. “Shady Three-Eighty,” as his friends call him, told me that he was not responsible for the theft of my mail and that it was orchestrated by Trainwreck. With regard to the pending kites asking for prior approval to conduct 74 separate instances of “business,” Shady Three-Eighty told me to read the Inmate Handbook. He said categorically that he would not provide me prior approval to sign for legal mail or to scan my identification in exchange for a meal– or for anything else.

I read the Inmate Handbook. It says nothing about scanning identification in exchange for a meal, or scanning identification in exchange for commissary products, or signing one’s name in exchange for legal mail, or consenting to withdrawals in exchange for phone calls or emails.

It does say I can receive mail, and makes no reference at all to exceptions for state agency mail from the Secretary of State… so, clearly, the Inmate Handbook is totally irrelevant.

As Shady Three-Eighty has failed to provide me prior approval to even scan my identification in exchange for a tray as the new re-definition of the rules would seem to require, I have, as each instance elapses, filed an original grievance against Shady Three-Eighty. When I got to ten of them, the kiosk would not permit me to write a new one. So, I went to the TIP line email and drafted 34 more emails that are to be construed as original grievances.

That’s 44 original grievances the institutional inspector must answer. And if she denies them, I file 44 appeals while, simultaneously, filing original grievances against her.

And that’s just the beginning.

I don’t think Trainwreck thought this through. I really don’t.

You’d think a lawyer would be better at this.

I guess we know why he has the job he’s got. He’s not very good at lawyering. Well, that… and he likes ripping heads off of puppies.

As I said, this is just the beginning because, since Shady Three-Eighty was kind enough to rat-out Trainwreck, I can now swear out affidavits for Trainwreck’s arrest. Those have already been sent out. I allege that Trainwreck has obstructed state agency mail, stolen federal mail, and interfered with an animal enterprise (stealing mail to the Authorized Agent of the Army of the 12 Monkeys). State and federal charges. One of those charges carries a terrorism specification and a mandatory twenty-year sentence.

Trainwreck the terrorist.

But wait. There’s more.

Consider the possible civil remedies. The Army of the 12 Monkeys has three legitimate civil claims against Trainwreck for the theft of that mail and for compensation for those losses valued in the millions, given the historical value of the documents that Trainwreck has stolen.

Stop laughing. This is a serious matter.

That’s three separate lawsuits. But, he was not in Warren County when he ordered a proxy to steal the mail. No. He was in some other county… and there’s just no way to know which counties his order was transmitted through. That means, technically, all 88 Ohio counties are the proper venue for the lawsuits. Three times eighty-eight is two-hundred and sixty-four.

Yes. Soon, the Army of the 12 Monkeys will be filing 264 lawsuits against Trainwreck in his personal capacity. He will have just twenty-eight days to respond to all of them.

He’s going to have a busy December. Probably won’t have much time to enjoy the holidays. Well, unless he wants to default on some or all of those lawsuits and end up having to pay the Army of the 12 Monkeys several million dollars.

Again, I don’t think he thought this through.

It is my hope that once these legal events get rolling, I will have enough funding from the publication of ‘Last Act’ and from donations to hire counsel, perhaps official staff counsel for the Army of the 12 Monkeys unincorporated association, and I will be able to focus on the publication of my next book… and the next… and the next while the Army of the 12 Monkeys’ staff counsel handles Trainwreck and his goofy shenanigans.

Anyone wishing to express dissatisfaction with Shady Three-Eighty and his refusal to provide me prior authorization to scan my identification for chow and other things can send him a fax at (513) 933-0150 or email his assistant at greg.craft@odrc.oh.us… Anyone wishing to report the criminal and irrational conduct of Trevor Clark can call ODRC Director Gary Mohr at (614) 466-1150 and urge Gary Mohr to make his legal counsel stop stealing people’s mail. Anyone who wants to urge law enforcement agencies to criminally charge Trevor Clark for the theft of mail can contact the Ohio Attorney General at (614) 466-7447 or by fax at (614) 644-9185 or go to www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov.

Odds are, my current efforts to challenge the criminal misconduct of the irrational sociopaths holding me hostage will result in another suspension of all of my communications– as if I did something wrong in exposing their crimes –and I will then start the next hunger strike. I’ve said many times, they will get tired of killing me before I get tired of dying.

I’ve already written out my obituary and I update it frequently.

They can kill me. Certainly. But they can’t steal my mail.

* * *

Great reading on the history of the ODRC terror program waged against me for my outspoken criticism of their criminal agenda, all available at seanswain.org. Dates of postings are approximate and are sometimes the dates the emails were sent out, not posted:

9/2012: “JPay, Sock Puppets, and Our Reduction to Slavery.” This is what got me targeted as the leader of the 12 Monkeys… even though the 12 Monkeys didn’t oppose JPay… ???

2012-2013: Search for “12 Monkeys” to read some really mind-numbing accounts of state terrorists torturing me.

7/13: “Days of Tear Gas, Blood, and Vomit.” Later published in Crimethinc’s “Rolling Thunder,” describing how prisoners almost took over the segregation unit, fighting and beating the cell extraction team. Gonzo journalism at it’s finest, I think.

10/10/14: “Open Letter to Delusional Hierarch Mental Health Worker in the Employ of the Prison Industrial Complex on the Morality of Taking Bread.” A shrink at OSP tried to convince me that I was labeled anti-social personality because, if given the situation, I would not tell on a hungry prisoner getting an extra tray. This is my response– some of my best work.

11/16/14: “Another Open Letter to the Delusional Hierarch Mental Health Worker… Blah, Blah, Blah…” A sequel, getting into whether shrinks employed in a torture complex are sociopaths.

1/9/15: “An Open Letter to a Shrink Employed by State Terrorists, On the Question of My Anti-Social Personality Misdiagnosis.” How Trainwreck even got the shrinks involved in burning my life down.

1/13/15: “Fuckweasels Answer 12 Monkey Lawsuit… Sort of.” The legal process regarding the 12 Monkey frame-up begins.

1/25/15: “Terry “Black Lightning” Tibbals Back in the Prison Mismanagement Business as Warden of London Corruptional Institution: Preventable Deaths, Rebellions, and Escapes Soon to Follow.” Trainwreck later used this as an excuse to suspend my communications, including a lifetime video ban so I couldn’t use video visits to fully describe the injustice of my false criminal conviction to the world. The article exposes the former Mansfield warden who had me tortured for a year.

2/2/15: “JPay, Fuckweasels Target Sean Swain to Prevent Truth from Reaching the Public Again.” Third communications suspension begins on basis of laughable pretexts.

2/2/15: “Anarchist Prisoner Begins Dumb Hungerstrike (Sigh).”

2/2/15: “Anarchist Prisoner Vows to Refuse Blood Pressure Medication, Beginning Friday.” When prison fascists threatened to punish me illegally for a hunger-strike, I quit the hunger-strike and began a medication strike.

2/4/15: “OSP Starvation Travel-Log, Tuesday, Day Two.” Maybe the first hunger-strike blog from prison ever?

2/8/15: “Black Lightning Algorithm Prompts Investigation of Ben Turk and Seanswain.org by Fuckweasel Bozos of Ineptitude: At Issue, Anarchist Prisoner’s Super Power, Shooting Fire Out of His Ass.” Trainwreck really got the FBI after a friend who managed my website in order to harass him and shut me down.

2/10/15: “Sherlock Paulie Supergenius Lawyers Up, Urges Callers to Contact Beerbong Tommy Regarding Investigation into Anarchist Prisoner’s Super-Powers.” One of Trainwreck’s sock puppets who suspended my communications on laughable pretexts referred folks who protested to call the attorney general.

2/12/15: “An Open Letter of Immense Gratitude to Everyone Who Has Extended My Life in Resistance.” One of my soft, sentimental moments.

2/12/15: “Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain “Disappeared” by Prison Fascists, State of Health and Well-Being Unknown.” The doctor at OSP had me buried incommunicado in the prison basement until I gave up the med strike, which is totally illegal. They later denied it in the federal civil rights action that was already pending over the 12 Monkey frame-up.

2/16/15: “OSP Physician Dr. James Kline is a Fuckweasel: How a Quack Illegally Disappeared Me to the Supermax Dungeon to Break Me for the Repressive Gestapo High Command.” This is some of my best Gonzo reportage, and Kline got all kinds of death threats behind this.

3/4/15: “Prison Bus to Shitville: The Emergency, Unplanned Transfer from OSP to SOCF that Wasn’t Designed to Fuck My Life.” A continuation from “OSP Physician,” as 37 of us got transferred to Lucasville.

3/9/15: “Fuckweasel Bozos of Ineptitude Hide Under Desks to Avoid Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain.” The FBI avoids a public records request… and why…

3/10/15: “Beerbong Tommy Throws JPay Under the Bus, Reveals Algorithm Used by JPay to Snitch Out Prisoner Communication.” In pending lawsuit over 12 Monkey frame-up, the attorney general accidentally revealed evidence that JPay is a data collection tool for the FBI, revealing real reason I was tortured.

3/17/15: “Open Letter to a Federal Judge on Burning Down the Ohio Statehouse.” No kidding, prison fascists argued that I should have a lifetime communications ban because I ran for governor promising to burn down the statehouse if elected… And I didn’t get elected, so…

3/26/15: “Free Speech is Dead.” Turns out federal judge Benita Y. Pearson was as much of a fascist fuckweasel as prison mismanagers. That’s probably why her home address got posted at blastblog.noblogs.org after she ruled against me and against free speech.

4/9/15: “Changing the World through VIOLENCE.” More arguments as to why Benita Y. Pearson is a ridiculously incompetent fascist fuckweasel who murdered free speech.

4/21/15: “The Hunger Conspiracy.” Racist pigs at Lucasville terrorized black prisoners and I called them out before the pepper spray cleared the air.

5/1/15. “Ubiquitous Security Threats.” A statement opposing torture for a Canadian conference, prison officials used this to justify disciplinary findings that I threatened every single employee of the ODRC and their families. This was used to suspend my communications and get attorney Richard Kerger to give up because he couldn’t keep up with the retaliations.

5/5/15: “An Open Letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ohio State Highway Patrol on the Return of My Typewriter… Sort of.” Fascists had confiscated my typewriter during the 12 Monkey investigation and Trainwreck had assured me I would get federal charges because my typewriter was a “match” to the one that typed the 12 Monkey threats… so I wrote this when the typewriter was returned to me… and it was the wrong typewriter. Whiz-bang job there, fascists.

7/23/15: “Shitville Commissary Fuckweasel Reflects ODRC Sickness.” Wrote this about the foul monster who ran the commissary and happened to be a captain’s main squeeze… so publication of this prompted the warden to give me an emergency security review to drop my security and get me out of his prison before the sociopaths who work there killed me for my public pronouncements about them.

7/24/15: “ODRC Fuckweasels Snub Anarchist Prisoner’s Peace Plan, Claim No Concern for Escalation of Conflict.” Wrote this after blastblog.noblogs.org published prison fascists’ home addresses and photos of their homes, and after they still refused to undo the 12 Monkey frame-up and give me a chance to get out of prison someday.