A12M Lawsuit update.

On September 17th, Rick Kerger filed a civil suit on Sean’s behalf suing the ODRC for violating his civil rights when they targetted him at a participant in the Army of the 12 Monkeys prison insurrection solely based on his anarchist beleifs. First, we need to thank all of the generous donors for helping make […]

A12M Frame Up

In September 2012 Sean was framed for leading a guerilla rebellion inside Mansfield Correctional, solely on the grounds that he’s an “ideological match” with the propaganda put out by the rebels. The rebels called themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys. We don’t know a lot about what actually happened in September 2013, we’ve only […]

Fireworks Article About A12M

From EastBayPrisonerSupport in FireWorksBayArea.com ::Notes from the Pen:: At East Bay Prisoner Support we correspond with people in prison, sending in radical literature, sharing stories of rebellion on the outside, and hearing stories of rebellion on the inside. One of the most inspiring correspondences we’ve had recently has been with the accused members of the […]

A12M Update

Trevor Clark, legal council from ODRC central office met with Sean, BlackJack, Leslie Dillon, and Shawn Marshall (all of the people accused of A12M activities). According to Sean Mr Clark said, in frustration: “I’ve got 2 lunatics (Dillon, Marshall) one guy who won’t talk to me (BlackJack) and one guy who won’t shut the fuck […]

ODRC Fuckweasels Snub Anarchist Prisoner’s Peace Plan, Claim No Concern for Escalation of Conflict

Ohio Assistant Attorney General Thomas C. Miller, legal counsel for the ODRC fuckweasels in Sean Swain’s civil rights action, did an about-face. In a phone conference with Sean’s lawyer, Richard Kerger, Miller has rejected Sean’s proposed terms for resolution of this ongoing conflict. Not long ago, Judge Benita Y. Pearson’s home address was posted online […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

There’s lots of new stuff at SeanSwain.org! Want to see a basic chronology of what’s been going on in the war of attrition between Sean and certain central office fuckweasels? Look here: http://seanswain.org/chronology/ How about Sean’s proposal of how to settle the A12M lawsuit before things get any more out of hand? That’s here: http://seanswain.org/sean-proposes-settlement-of-lawsuit/ […]

Sean’s Deposition to the Courts

By know you know that Sean Swain believes in political violence, whichever way you want to define it. But, after reading this twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he attempts to convince the deluded hierarchs at the federal district court house to stop believing in civilization and other hierarchical nonsense (using poetry no […]