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Conduct Report Number 3

On April 23rd a correctional officer issued this frivolous conduct report against Sean. Conduct report 3

Sean’s take:

It was written by inspector Uriah L. Melton, supposedly my “advocate”. Note he wrote me up for threatening bodily harm. Note the conduct report doesn’t mention bodily harm or a threat to do anything at all.

Me: My aunt knits beautiful scarves.
URIAH L. MELTON: Don’t threaten me!
ME: Threat?
MELTON: I’m writing that up!
ME: But I didn’t SAY anything.
MELTON: How dare you threaten me again.
Yep. Lunatics.

Melton wrote Sean up after meeting with Deputy Warden Scott Basquin, who has been going out of his way and violating many rules to make life difficult for Sean. Sean says “the plan is to just use the disciplinary process to beat me up over and over again. Been through it. Not doing it again.”

Sean also says “They’ll get tired of killing me before i get tired of dying. Or they’ll wish they hadn’t killed me.”