A12M Update

Trevor Clark, legal council from ODRC central office met with Sean, BlackJack, Leslie Dillon, and Shawn Marshall (all of the people accused of A12M activities). According to Sean Mr Clark said, in frustration: “I’ve got 2 lunatics (Dillon, Marshall) one guy who won’t talk to me (BlackJack) and one guy who won’t shut the fuck up (Swain).

ManCI staff continues to delay, deny and interfere with peoples’ mail. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden was denied, which inspired Sean to file this hilariously exacting and thorough informal complaint.

He said he’s read all of Sean’s outgoing mail for the last 6 months (prisoners’ outgoing mail is normally protected from monitoring). Sean says: “I’m fairly certain that’s not true. He had no self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the face.”

More importantly, Mr Clark suggested that he might throw out Angela Hunsinger’s Conduct Report and redo it himself.

If this happens, it indicates two things:

Central Office is not confident in the “evidence” presented in Hunsinger’s report. Which means Sean has been effective in pleading his case and proving his innocence. We’re hoping this puts a black mark on Hunsinger’s career and makes her reconsider being a fascist pig. In other words: we’re winning. Sean wants to thank everyone for any and all support they’ve extended over the course of this ordeal. It has made a difference.
Their “solution” is starting over and putting together a more effective frame-up of Sean. Which means we’re not done yet, and should expect the ODRC to increase repression of all the guys accused of A12M activities. This would also mean that Sean spends another 6 months in terrible conditions in the local control unit.

Now is an important time to increase support for Sean and his co-accused. Clark insinuated that they have extracted testimony from other inmates to implicate Sean. Sean doesn’t know if this is actually true, or just a ruse to confuse and intimidate him. Either way, now is an especially important time to let Sean’s co-accused know that people on the outside support them. This is particularly important for those who have admitted or not denied involvement with A12M (Dillon and Marshall).

Please write to people!

They are all at:

1150 N Main St
Mansfield, Oh 44901

Sean Swain 243-205
BlackJack (dzelajilja) 530-144
Leslie Dillon 416-607
Shawn Marshall 461-448