After Nearly 3 Years of Investigation, Fuckweasels Return Wrong Typewriter to Anarchist Prisoner

tc-typewriterIn September 2012, Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain was removed from population at Mansfield Corruptional, and his typewriter was confiscated.Swain was then tortured and framed as “Monkey #4” of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. The 12 Monkeys had emerged at Mansfield, circulating thousands of pages of flyers and training manuals. In the aftermath, the 12 Monkeys cost the institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

But according to ODRC Counsel Trevor Matthew Clark, the 12 Monkeys also sent “threats” to Ohio lawmakers. In an interview with Swain on 27 March 2013, Clark, a.k.a., “Trainwreck Trevor,” asserted that the 12 Monkeys had mailed threats to lawmakers, and that Sean’s confiscated typewriter “matched” the 12 Monkeys’ typed threats.
Trainwreck threatened that FEDERAL CHARGES were coming.
Trainwreck also gave Sean the home addresses of Ohio lawmakers.

Fast forward two years and still no charges (you can tell when Trainwreck is lying because his lips are moving), and Sean’s counsel has filed a federal lawsuit to challenge the fuckweasels’ frame-up and related shenanigans. And suddenly, the fuckweasels return Sean’s typewriter… Sort of.
After nearly three years of vigorous testing, the fuckweasels gave Sean the wrong typewriter.

“I owned a Swintec 2410. They returned to me a Swintec 2416DM,” Sean explained. “So that means all this time, the Fascist Bozos of Ineptitude were testing the WRONG typewriter. I guess we shouldn’t expect less, huh? They lived up to their name; the “fascist” part, the “bozo” part, AND the “inept” part.”

The most curious aspect, a sticker and other identifiers on Sean’s typewriter were transferred to the one they returned to him. The new typewriter was also engraved with Sean’s name and number.

“We all know that Trainwreck is obsessed with me,” Sean said. “I bet Trainwreck kept the old one. He grinds on it while he fondles himself. What a creep. I suspect he has an electrical appliance fetish.”

To inquire about the federal charges that Trainwreck promised, or to find out what Trainwreck is doing with Sean’s original typewriter (and whether he has decided to attend Appliance-Fuckers Anonymous), you may call Trainwreck at (614) 752-1765.