Let’s Talk About Political Violence


See a funny video of George the terrorist here: https://youtu.be/l7iVsdRbhnc

Originally aired on The Final Straw Radio

In 2013, ODRC Counsel Trevor Clark told me that Americans are not permitted to advocate violence. More recently, a federal judge said we are only allowed to advocate political change through peaceful means. I’m assuming that “peaceful” equates with “nonviolent.” All of this indicates that poor, deluded hierarchs believe that political violence is not legitimate.

So, what is “political violence”? According to my dictionary, violence is “the exertion of force to cause harm or injury.” That’s the violence half of political violence. My dictionary defines “political” as “of or relating to the affairs of the government.” So, that’s the political half. We put that together and I think we have a decent working definition of political violence: “The exertion of force to cause harm or injury, of or related to the affairs of government.” So, there you have it.

Poor, deluded hierarchs keep telling me that the crux of the problem is my “belief in political violence,” my belief in the exertion of force to cause harm or injury, of or related to the affairs of government. And I’m not quite sure what hierarchs mean by that.

If, by “believing in political violence,” they mean I believe it is real and it exists, I would say that I know political violence is real. This is undisputed. To not believe that political violence is real is like not believing in gravity.

I believe in gravity. I believe political violence is real.

If, by “believing in political violence,” hierarchs mean I believe political violence works, I know it like┬áthe sociologists who write those textbooks that demonstrate how politically-violent movements gain demands or concessions more often and have far greater success than nonviolent movements do. That’s a fact.

So, we’re back to believing in gravity and political violence.

If, by “believing in political violence,” hierarchs mean I think political violence is a legitimate means of struggle, I do believe in political violence. But, the fact of the matter is, every poor, deluded hierarch who recognizes the legitimacy of the United States of America also believes in political violence– and I can prove it.

The United States of America gained recognition of its independence from Great Britain in the Treaty of Paris in 1787. In that treaty, Britain ceded the 13 colonies and the rights of discovery related to all lands west of the Allegheny Mountains. In essence, Britain recognized the United States as an independent, sovereign nation.

At the Treaty of Paris, Britain ceded that independence to group of famous dead guys who are termed the “Founding Fathers” of the United States. In reality, these so-called “Founding Fathers” were cop killers and terrorists. Not only were they cop killers and terrorists, but they were good at it.

Consider how those cop killers and terrorists gained their independence from Britain.

George Washington led a rebel army outnumbered by the legitimate, recognized government’s forces, so they engaged in guerrilla warfare, shooting the redcoats in the back. I’m not attributing any value judgment to that, whether shooting redcoats in the back was right or wrong; I’m simply pointing out that that’s what they did.