Trainwreck Resumes Dirty War, Subject to 264 Lawsuits Soon to be Filed by 12 Monkey Unincorporated Association

The following is a communication Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain sent to WCI prison officials related to the theft of his mail and the new definition of “conducting business” used as a pretext to justify mail theft:

Based upon my conversation with Warden Harris this morning, I must provide an update in this electronic record. It is now my understanding that the “conducting business” pretext used for stealing mail originates with Trainwreck at Legal Services.

Be advised that Trainwreck has arranged the theft of mail from a state agency to the Authorized Agent of an unincorporated association. You already know the criminal violations. But, these are the civil implications:

The unincorporated association has legal existence. That means IT can sue people. The individual who stole mail also has INDIVIDUAL legal existence. That is, he can be sued in his personal capacity. And since he was not present here in Warren County when he arranged for proxies to conduct the theft on his behalf, we can only assume that his electronic communication of his order traveled through other counties. No way to know which ones. So, the civil actions for theft of mail and request for monetary damages for compensation for each piece of mail will have to be filed on behalf of the unincorporated association against the individual who arranged the theft, and they will have to be filed in all 88 counties. Three pieces of mail times 88 counties…

That’s 264 civil actions against the thief who ordered the theft of my mail. Warden Harris confirmed that Trainwreck is the guy who made the arrangement to steal my mail.

I have already sent out the paperwork I need to send from here. I imagine the 264 lawsuits will be pumped out and mailed from somewhere in the free world in the next couple of weeks. It is my understanding that since he is sued in his personal capacity, he cannot avail himself to representation by the Ohio Attorney General. Since my conversation with Warden Harris, he will have to be removed from the action and replaced by Trainwreck.

I imagine if Trainwreck has malpractice insurance or if he’s bonded, being the defendant in 264 civil actions may impact those matters, particularly when the major insurance companies are notified directly of the filing of those civil actions naming him.

Meanwhile, I am complying completely with the new interpretation of the “conducting business” rule and have not so much as swiped my identification for food trays. Warden Harris has not answered my kites requesting prior approval for mundane things I used to not need to get prior approval to conduct, so I have begun filing original grievances for each instance of his failure to timely respond.

It is my hope the Institutional Inspector will ban me from filing grievances, so I can proceed directly to court with every single claim and bypass the grievance process.

I am fairly certain that Trainwreck didn’t think this through.

Keep listening to him.

Don’t make him commit his own crimes.

Whatever you do, don’t stop messing with my mail and just hand me what you’ve stolen and make all of this go away. That would be way too rational and reasonable, and would be absolutely contrary to the nature of that Munchausen Syndrome sociopath who lit fires and killed small animals and wet the bed as a child, before graduating to terrorizing me.