Call Out to Anyone Who Thinks They Know Where Russian Hackers May Encounter the Following Open Leter…To Post, Re-Post, Tweet, Link, etc.

I’m currently running for Ohio Governor from prison. My campaign pledge is to abolish the State of Ohio, recognizing the Treaty of Greenville that set aside this area as “unceded Indian Territory.” I plan to invite the First Nations back, hand them the national guard armaments, declare the “State of Ohio” officially abolished, and prepare for the U.S. invasion.

No. Really.

I won’t get too into the theoretical here, but true liberation can only be undertaken in conjunction with a campaign of anti-colonization. You can’t speak of liberation while standing in someone else’s yard.

That’s the short version.

Anyhow, it occurred to me that my election and the abolition of the “State of Ohio” may interest others beyond the borders of Ohio and perhaps beyond the borders of the United States. We keep hearing about how Russian hackers sought to get Trump elected because a Trump presidency would really cause havoc and mayhem here.

This election cycle, I’m actually PROMISING to cause havoc and mayhem. My election should be right in their wheelhouse. So, I have written something of an argument as to why Russian hackers, if they exist, should want to get me elected. And it shouldn’t be too hard, when you consider that, according to the intelligence from the 2016 election cycle, Russian hackers had some success probing Ohio’s computerized election network.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So, if you see this, feel free to translate it into other languages, to re-post, to tweet about it, to link to it, and to get this out there wherever you think Russian hackers might encounter it.


Dear Russian Hackers, if you exist,

My name is Sean Swain. I’m currently held hostage by a terrorist rogue-state called “Ohio” that engaged in the first documented instance of biological warfare to exterminate the owners of the land and steal it. This so-called “state” has no legal legitimacy whatsoever, even according to U.S. law. I have been “ideologically targeted” and tortured while held hostage by these rogue-state terrorists.

I’m running for governor in Ohio in 2018 with every intention of returning this territory to the First Nations people who legally own it. My election would be an incredible embarassment, possibly the end of electoral politics in the U.S.

Just imagine if the returns came back and 100% of the votes were for me, a write-in candidate.
Just imagine that.

Imagine taking a state away from the United States, making them remove a star from their flag. Imagine to what depths of hypocrisy the so-called “leader of the free world” would have to sink in order to negate an election entirely, and perhaps suspend all elections indefinitely.

Fun times.

The truth is dangerous.

Stay dangerous.

Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain
Candidate for Ohio Governor, 2018