Warren Corruptional Mailroom Fuckweasels Attempt to Avoid Lawsuit…By Stealing It.

In late November, after Warren Corruptional mailroom fuckweasels stole my incoming mail from the Secretary of State (you know, because the Ohio Secretary of State is on a terror watch list… or he’s a gang leader…?) I wrote up a lawsuit, “The Army of the 12 Monkeys versus Warren Correctional Institution,” along with a motion for a restraining order, and sent that in to the Warren County court. Or, so I thought.

Here it is, early January and the Warren County clerk of courts hasn’t so much as answered any of my letters inquiring what happened to my lawsuit. It is quickly appearing that Warren Correctional mailroom fuckweasels aren’t just stealing my incoming mail, but are also stealing my outgoing mail… including the lawsuit I sent out to challenge theft of mail… and that the Warren County clerk of courts never got it.

What that means is, these criminal fascists have stolen my mail and then, to avoid having to face the consequences of their crmes, they have simply stolen more mail. That means I have no feasible way to contact the courts and these fuckweasels can just keep stealing mail.

Most recently, in response to an Informal Complaint challenging the latest theft of my mail, Lieutenant Agee claims to have not received any of the appeals I have sent in to challenge the multiple thefts of my mail. Now, keep in mind that Lieutenant Agee runs the mailroom. Also keep in mind that everything tossed in the mailbox goes directly to the mailroom.

How in the fuck could Agee NOT have received my appeals?

Fortunately, I have copies of them, so I now simply have to arrange for a staff member to sign for them and put in writing that they have received those appeals.

Meanwhile, “The Army of the 12 Monkeys versus Jon Husted, Secretary of State,” has been filed. The mailroom fuckweasels got the Secretary of State sued.

In the midst of all this, Shady Three-Eighty, Warden Chae Harris, has made the copy policy impossible in order to make my litigation impossible, and I have to seek out conspirators in the free world to set up an account with FedEx/Kinko’s in order to get copies made, even though Shady forbids it.

Fuck him.

And fuck the rest of these criminals.

The ones running the prison, I mean. Not their hostages.
* * *