The Right To Rule

Transcript of Radio Essay originally appearing on The Final Straw.

Where does the “right to rule” come from?

I look at this vast, complex system created by poor deluded hierarchs and I see that we have those who rule-the ones Occupy called the 1%; and then there are the rest of us, the stone draggers, the ones who are ruled.
It makes me wonder where the “right to rule” comes from? Certainly such a thing has to exist. Right? What I mean is, those who rule us; kings and presidents and the corporate executives who write all their policies, lawmakers judges and cops. They give the orders, and we obey.
Where does it come from? Are they born with it? Are their two kinds of babies that come into the world, one kind that has the right, not only to rule themselves, but to rule others; and another kind far more numerous, thats born without even the right to rule themselves?
I wonder how we tell it apart, this special specie oh human who has the right to rule. Perhaps its shoe size or eye color or maybe we have to analyze the shapes of our craniums. Could be astrology. It’s certainly not brains and ability. Look at George Dubya, Sara Palin, ODRC Director Gary Mohr who sent me to the supermax facility to silence me.
These aren’t exactly exceptional specimens.But they assume ‘the right to rule.’
This right to rule has to come from somewhere , or it doesn’t exist,and if it doesn’t exist, then no human being has any right to be obeyed, has any right to order and compel the obedience of any other human being.If the right to rule doesn’t come from somewhere, if it doesn’t exist, then there is only one specie of human, not true, and that means we are all created equal-just like that hypocrite slave owner Thomas Jefferson said.
And if this right to rule at the very foundation of hierarchy is only a myth, only as real as magical beans and faerie dust, then poor deluded hierarchs are imposing a 6,000 year old fraud. Their whole system is a lie. No one has the right to rule.
That means we have a vast system designed to keep all of us under control while a small group of privileged elite exploit all of us, making us do the sweating and bleeding and dying, while they laugh at us behind our backs.They sell us on the myth of the right to rule….we’re enslaved to something no more real than magical beans and faerie dust.
Poor deluded hierarchs might say that the right to rule comes from the consent of the governed, that we vote and give permission to our rulers to rule us. Those who assume the right to rule certainly tell us that. They create billion dollar systems called schools where we are mandated to go,where we are told over and over that we give permission to our rulers to rule us, and that we are the source of the right to rule.
It takes twelve years of telling us that lie over and over again before we’re incapable of questioning it.
But this “consent of the governed ”argument that voters are the source of a rulers right to rule doesn’t really explain anything. It just transfers the problem. Now instead of asking what gives the ruler the right to rule,we have to ask what gives that voter the right to rule by proxy.What gives those voters the right to impose their ruler on others, while others lack even the right to rule themselves?
What gives anyone the right to rule, even by proxy, through a choice of ruler designee,and take from you and me even our rights to rule ourselves.Where does it come from, this right to rule, that voters imagine they have?
If it doesn’t originate from anywhere,when we are back to the right to rule being a myth.Magical beans and faerie dust. A 6,000 year old swindle that robs us of our freedom, our right to rule ourselves, while a select few benefit from our collective enslavement…to a provable lie at the very heart of hierarchy.
I say it’s a provable fact the right to rule does not exist. That means noone has the right to give orders to anyone else.That means there is no such thing as legitimate authority-not presidents, not law makers, not judges or cops. We’re all captives of a mass delusion, programmed to accept it, forcibly indoctrinated to internalize a pathology built on a lie–suffering a mass mental illness called hierarchy. And once you see the right to rule is a myth, you can never go back to your assigned seats.

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from Ohio’s supermax facility, if your listening,you are the resistance!