Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

cswsThere’s lots of new stuff at!

Want to see a basic chronology of what’s been going on in the war of attrition between Sean and certain central office fuckweasels? Look here:

How about Sean’s proposal of how to settle the A12M lawsuit before things get any more out of hand? That’s here:

Wanna see the argument Sean used to win a reduction in his security level? I think you do, it includes COs running around naked and shooting roman candles out of their ass cracks:

Sean’s most recent philosophical treatise is a twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he tries to explain anti-civ anarchism to the poor deluded hierarchs in a language they might understand. Wanna read it?

How about his recent Final Straw Segments? They continue in other prisoner’s voices despite the ODRC’s attempts to blacksite him. Here: and here:

Concerned about and what kind of escalation that might bring? Sean’s take on what it’s actually all about is here:

Or, you can just check out this awesome drawing that one of Sean’s youngest supporters made for him:

In short: Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Sean remains unflappable and hilariously vitriolic in the face of ever increasing repression by the state.