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Prisons, Drones and BlastBlog

dronebroFrom The Final Straw Radio.

Two major events happened to the Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption this past week, both representing serious challenges that confront the prison industrial complex long into the future. One of the events caught the attention of mainstream media while the other did not.
The first major event occurred at Mansfield Correctional Institution. A drone dropped a load of drugs onto the prison yard, which, really, is an event all in itself; and then prisoners who witnessed the drug drop caused a riot, fighting over the dope. Yeah. Dropping a load of drugs onto a prison yard has the same disruptive effect as throwing dollar bills from the balcony out over the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
This is the first time, to my knowledge, that authorities have documented a drone making a delivery to a prison. That’s NOT the same as saying it was the first drone delivery. Very possibly, drones have been employed in this fashion for quite some time and, quite frankly, with the proliferation of drones everywhere– even to deliver pizza –drone deliveries of all kinds to prisons are simply the new normal. Continue reading

ODRC Fuckweasels Snub Anarchist Prisoner’s Peace Plan, Claim No Concern for Escalation of Conflict

a swooshOhio Assistant Attorney General Thomas C. Miller, legal counsel for the ODRC fuckweasels in Sean Swain’s civil rights action, did an about-face. In a phone conference with Sean’s lawyer, Richard Kerger, Miller has rejected Sean’s proposed terms for resolution of this ongoing conflict.
Not long ago, Judge Benita Y. Pearson’s home address was posted online at blastblog.noblogs.org. Prison officials waged a dirty war against Sean, suspending all of his communications mediums and purging his visiting list. The conflict, it seems, was escalating.

In the midst of this, fuckweasel counsel Tom Miller expressed an urgent desire to resolve the lawsuit, and thereby resolve the ongoing conflict from which the lawsuit arises. Sean’s attorney, Richard Kerger, agreed to set up a telephone conference to negotiate a resolution.

Sean, for his part, conceived of a kind of peace plan, which supporters posted online. By that plan, ODRC fuckweasels would un-do the frame up and thereby put Sean in a position where parole would be possible next July; in exchange, prison officials would have unfavorable references purged from seanswain.org, would have Sean held at a location where incentives would guarantee his continued rule compliance, and would essentially have full control over Sean’s public pronouncements until his parole hearing in 2016. But, most importantly, Sean would attempt to persuade those who anonymously posted Judge Pearson’s home address to delete that posting and to refrain from future such postings of ODRC fuckweasels’ home addresses.

“We were essentially willing to give away the farm and even submit to a stringent regimen of restricting my protected speech,” Sean said. “It was something I was willing to do, given the circumstances. It was a situation where there was a real danger that people could start getting hurt. It would be irresponsible if I didn’t do everything in my power to end the whole situation. So, that’s what I proposed, and what I attempted to do.”

Sean, in good faith, effectively persuaded others to delete Judge Pearson’s sensitive information from online posting… And then came Thomas Miller’s about-face; as soon as Judge Pearson’s address was removed, ODRC fuckweasels resumed a hardline approach and voiced an unwillingness to negotiate.

“It makes me regret using whatever influence I might have to get Judge Pearson’s information removed,” Sean lamented.

As the case drags on, Sean quickly approaches a point of no return. He appears before the Adult Parole Board in July of next year, and Sean will be expected to have been at level 2 security for a year and to have taken programming only available at level 2. So, by refusing to negotiate a resolution to the 12-Monkey frame-up lawsuit, ODRC fuckweasels make Sean’s parole impossible and doom Sean to serve 5 more years in prison– for a crime he provably didn’t commit, based on misconduct that prison officials fabricated.
“Essentially, by refusing to resolve this case and put me where I was supposed to be, if not for their shenanigans, they are inevitably giving me 5 more years in prison. I’ll be serving 5 years for having pissed off prison officials by telling the truth about their crimes online,” Sean said.

With the removal of Judge Pearson’s personal information online, ODRC fuckweasels’ legal counsel no longer seeks to negotiate a resolution, asserting that prison officials have no concern about how the situation may escalate. They do not believe, for instance, that Sean’s supporters out in the free world can obtain prison officials’ home addresses, or that they can post the addresses anonymously. And, if such addresses get posted, there is no evidence that anyone may act on that information.
“Prison officials have no fear of what might happen next,” Sean said. “They’re confident that nothing will happen to them. Until that confidence is proven to be misplaced, prison officials resist reasonable resolution.”
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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

cswsThere’s lots of new stuff at SeanSwain.org!

Want to see a basic chronology of what’s been going on in the war of attrition between Sean and certain central office fuckweasels? Look here: http://seanswain.org/chronology/

How about Sean’s proposal of how to settle the A12M lawsuit before things get any more out of hand? That’s here: http://seanswain.org/sean-proposes-settlement-of-lawsuit/

Wanna see the argument Sean used to win a reduction in his security level? I think you do, it includes COs running around naked and shooting roman candles out of their ass cracks: http://seanswain.org/open-statement-related-to-security-review-scheduled-for-june-9-2015/

Sean’s most recent philosophical treatise is a twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he tries to explain anti-civ anarchism to the poor deluded hierarchs in a language they might understand. Wanna read it? http://seanswain.org/seans-deposition-to-the-courts/

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Sean’s Deposition to the Courts

weasel courtBy know you know that Sean Swain believes in political violence, whichever way you want to define it. But, after reading this twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he attempts to convince the deluded hierarchs at the federal district court house to stop believing in civilization and other hierarchical nonsense (using poetry no less) you just may suspect he believes in writing as well.

Check it out:

Intro Letter


Full text after the jump…
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Sean Proposes Settlement of Lawsuit

Sean and various ODRC have been in a lengthly legal battle following the A12M frame up.

After someone anonymously released the defendants’ and Judge’s personal info on the internets, Sean is proposing that the lawsuit be settled before things get out of hand.

Find the scan of his letter here.


June 8, 2015

Dear Mr. Kerger:

In the light of recent events, I think it is necessary for everyone involved in this situation to recognize that we have reached a precarious stage where neither defendants nor I have any way to determine what will happen next. The posting of Judge Pearson’s home address is a signal that we have reached a point where persons or property could come to harm, and therefore, I think, we have to be ready to make concessions in order to resolve this situation once and for all.

I have devoted myself to constructing a framework for defendants and I to resolve this case to the benefit of everyone involved, including Judge Pearson. I send a copy to you and to Ben Turk. Please review and provide copies to defendants and to Judge Pearson since she is directly impacted by resolution of this case.

I hope this schedule is acceptable to defendants. I hope they will present a counter-proposal for us to review quickly, as we do not know what will happen next, nor when it will happen.

With regard to the level 2 prison to which I am transferred, I would suggest that Marion Correctional is optimal. First, Marion has a “zero tolerance” for misconduct which assures defendants that I will be on my best behavior. Additionally,Marion has the broadest assortment of programs, including religious programs to which I can avail myself, since my conversion to Islam in 2013.

By this proposal, we make a number of concessions that we are not legally required to make, to include purging objectionable materials from the website and voluntarily submitting my writings for approval prior to publication. I believe this is necessary because, ultimately, what matters is resolving this case to the benefit of everyone before something happens that cannot be undone.

I hope this schedule is acceptable.

Thank you for your kind consideration,


Sean Swain

Prison Reg. A243205


P.O.Box 45699

Lucasville,Ohio 45699

c: Ben Turk

Proposed Schedule for Resolution

Immediately: My June 11th statement which prison officials found objectionable is withdrawn from the website. The conduct report written by Inspector Paul Shoemaker is withdrawn. Communications mediums are restored to facilitate my compliance with these terms and Ben Turk’s communications and visiting privileges are restored.

One Week From the Date This Proposal is Presented to Defendants: Ben Turk and defendants identify all materials that make mention of the Army of the Twelve Monkey’s, the disciplinary process at Mansfield, prison conditions during that process, the communication bans that followed, and criticisms of prison officials involved in the Twelve Monkey pretext, for removal from the site.

Also, I compose an open letter for posting that requests removal of personal/sensitive information online, and that those who support my eventual release refrain from future postings, considering the impact it will have on my parole considerations.

One Week Later: Director Mohr reverses, without prejudice, the disciplinary cases challenged in this action. Upon receipt of those reversals, the objectionable materials purged from seanswain.org and the open letter is posted. Plaintiff’s counsel files a motion in limine requesting voluntary dismissal of civil action on condition that defendants do not rehear the disciplinary cases but instead hold a security review to adjust security downward,beginning with the 2013 review, absent the reversed cases.

As Soon as Practicable: I am transferred to a level 2 facility. From my arrival until September 1,2016, all of my writings for publication will voluntarily be submitted for prior approval to prison officials.

Update on Sean’s Situation.

In an apparent effort to further isolate and silence Sean Swain, ODRC officials started confiscating JP4 players from other prisoners on his block. Based on our limited knowledge, something like this happened: the authorities realized that Sean’s friends on the inside were communicating with Sean’s friends on the outside and sent the Security Threat Group in. Led by an Officer Miller, the STG took the JP4s away from a couple of L-5 prisoners, and had a meeting with Sean.

Then, in a surprising turn around, the Jp4s were returned and the guys were lectured about improperly using them. More importantly, Sean met with the warden, who offered him a security level reduction. So, at this time, we’ve been told Sean will be going to level 3. This means he’ll be transferred out of Lucasville, and will no longer be held in solitary confinement.

At the same time, some of Sean’s closest supporters, have both received threatening letters from someone at the ODRC (the letters were curiously unsigned). These letters ban them from visiting Sean on account of “assisting in distributing security threats to ODRC staff” and also warn that their “activities have been reported to state and federal authorities.”

We’re not entirely sure what to make of these contradictory moves by the ODRC. We could speculate that while someone who chooses to remain nameless (ahem, Trainwreck Trevor? ahem) seeks to characterize every word Sean writes and move he makes as a threat, engaging in an escalating and unmatched battle of wits with Sean, others within the ODRC are less enthusiastic. Either they have less paranoid interpretations of Sean’s statements, or they are curious what might happen if Sean stopped getting constant reasons to need to defend himself, or maybe they’re just trying to transfer Sean down and pass the whole problem on to another hapless warden somewhere else. At any rate, it does seem like Sean may have divided the prison authorities into at least two camps: those who can’t stop obsessively sniffing his underwear, and those who would rather not get sued.

Prisoner Resistance at Toledo CI

UntitledSean’s co-accused, James “BlackJack” Dzelajilja was moved to Toledo CI when the ODRC moved all the level 4As out of OSP.  Since Sean’s access to video visits has been temporarily suspended indefinitely, we figured we’d get the story of the Army of the 12 Monkeys from BlackJack instead. Or find out what other ingenious nonsense the fuckweasels might come up with to prevent supposedly protected prisoner speech. The video visits are scheduled for this weekend, and guess what we got in an email BlackJack sent today?

“Our Jpay kiosk has been down since Fri. night. Its now Wed. Only the one in our block is down. Nobody else’s. Wouldn’t it be cute if they didn’t fix it until AFTER our vid-visit? I hope thats not the case. The day this email gets sent out is the day our kiosk gets back online.

Its Thu. morning. Last night the whole block agreed to refuse our breakfast trays today. The administration saw an organized & unified group of prisoners, working together for one purpose: to let it be known that we want our kiosk fixed, & we’re willing to unify ourselves to make that happen. Today, we simply don’t eat. (All of us.) Tomorrow…who knows what we’ll do? They forced us to lock down in our cells. The kiosk is being fixed as I type this. Theoretically, I should be able to send this to you at some point today. Its sad that shit like this has to happen just so we can keep in contact with family & friends. Peace!”

Blackjack isn’t great at replying to letters, but he does love to get mail, and is better at email. So drop him a line, or set up a JPay account and get with him that way. Looks like we will be getting the video visits to happen, and hopefully he’ll be able to share some rhymes as well as answering questions.

Here’s his contact info:

James Dzelajilja
PO BOX 80033
Toledo, OH 43608


Ubiquitous Security Threats

My name is Sean Swain and I’m speaking to you from a payphone at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville Ohio, the site of the longest prisoner uprising in US history*. I currently reside in the block where that uprising began, L5 and my cell still has the scorch marks on the walls from more than twenty years ago. I think the authorities leave the burn marks to remind all of us prisoners that they won.
But, when I see those burn marks on their walls, I only think of possibilities. I have to warn you before we go any further that I am a “unique security threat”. It was a federal court who recently gave me that designation: “unique security threat” using those exact words.
I’m not just your run-of-the-mill maximum security prisoner, I’m a special category of prisoner who may be subjected to a regimen of restrictions without so much as being accused of violating prison rules. I’m such a unique threat that my communications can be subject to a lifetime ban in anticipation of what I might say about the state terrorists who hold me hostage and occasionally torture me.

Also, you should know that the Fascist Bozos of Ineptitude (FBI) generated 1,297 pages of investigative files on me during the course of my imprisonment. I’m one of my favorite topics, and I write about myself quite frequently, but I can’t think of 1,297 pages to write about me. So that means the FBI knows more about me that I do. My file is available from the FBI as a three-disk set that costs $40. That’s roughly the same as the Sex Pistol’s box set. If ever you have a choice between the two, I would suggest you can’t go wrong with the Sex Pistols.
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An Open Letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and The Ohio State Highway Patrol on the Return of my Typewriter… Sort Of

fbi dummyDear Fascist Fuckweasels,

Back in September 2012, prison officials dragged me away and tortured me at Mansfield Corruptional. All of you were there at the time, falling all over yourselves and kicking each other in the pants. You know, the standard circus clown-show.

So, as I got dragged away, my typewriter was seized. This typewriter was extremely significant to the 12 Monkey investigation, given that just about all of their materials were generated on a fuckin’ computer, not on a typewriter. And their materials were online, and I don’t have the internet.

Clearly, I’M the shooter in the grassy knoll…

Angela Hunsinger snagged my typewriter. She’s a fucking fascist from way back. She got through college by cashing in the gold fillings from the molars in that coffee can they found under her Austrian grandfather’s bed when he finally sputtered out. In the estate settlement, she got the molars, a riding crop, and some really exotic lampshades.
They’re as soft as a baby’s ass.
Or SEVERAL babies’ asses.
No. Really. Continue reading

Court Docs Relating to Video Visits

1. Motion requesting temporary restraining order (TRO) filed by Sean’s lawyer.

19-1 JPay suspending videograms
19-2 Ben’s statement
19-3 Sean’s statement
19-4 Kerger’s statement
19-5 TRO (unsigned)

2. Answer to the request, filed by Ohio Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller.

25-1 Lies
25-2 on transfer
25-3 Statement of Dr Kline
25-4 on videogram
25-5 video visits ad
25-6 videogram ad
25-7 Tibbals denies all
25-8 Statment of Paul Shoemaker
25-9 email
25-10 post
25-11 post
25-12 post
25-13 email
25-14 email
25-15 email
25-16 email
25-17 email
25-18 email
25-19 email


3. Motions about scheduling leading up to the hearing on the temporary restraining order, Fri March 13th.
14117722470 14117708105 14117721515 14117706855 14117707258