Open Statement Related to Security Review Scheduled for June 9, 2015

hqdefaultIt appears that this statement, in which Sean mentions Unit Managers running around naked shooting roman candles from their butt cracks, and asserts that he is less a danger to the ODRC than Warden Terry Tibbals, was sufficiently convincing to SOCF authorities to get his security level reduced.

Full Text: Open Statement Related To Security Review Scheduled For June 9, 2015

To All Concerned:

I write this statement for consideration by ODRC staff in determining security level, and for my legal counsel and for scanning and posting online.

In September 2012, just a week after I was recommended for level 2 placement, I was tortured and recommended, first, for level 5 placement and, second, for level 4 placement. Then-ManCi Warden Terry Tibbals made these recommendations on the basis of my “ability to cause a major disturbance within a lower level correctional institution” ( DRC 2003 E, signed 17th June 2013). It was on this basis that I left level 3 in the first place to spend 2 years at level 4 before coming before you to determine whether or not I should be returned to level 3 again.

I think it is significant to note that I was approved for level 4 not based upon my conduct, but based upon my “ability,” a characteristic that I am alleged to possess. It was always my understanding that security increases were based on conduct, not characteristics. That is, a prisoner goes to level 4 for “punching” a guard in the face, which is conduct, not based on his “ability” to punch a guard in the face.

It seems to me that everyone has an “ability”to cause a major disturbance at a lower level institution. A case manager, for instance, can run naked around the compound, shooting roman candles from his butt crack until security staff tackle him. I would suggest that such an event would constitute a “major disturbance.” So, even a staff have the “ability” to cause a “major disturbance.”though I have not seen a recommendation for all case managers to be confined at level 4 for it.

The irony is, ManCi Warden Terry Tibbals, who signed my recommendation for level 4 based on my “ability” to cause a major disturbance himself created a far greater disturbance than I ever could have. Through his bungling, ManCi was plagued by embezzlement, prisoner deaths, an uprising, and escape. I would suggest that Terry Tibbals was a walking “major disturbance” but he never came here to level 4. Instead, he was assigned as warden at London correctional.

Perhaps if I proved to be monumentally disruptive like Terry Tibbals, Director Mohr will remove me from level 4 and put me in charge of a prison?

So, it seems, based on the rationale for my level 4 placement, that the question before you is whether or not I still possess an “ability” to cause a “major disturbance” at a lower level institution. It is a question for which I can provide no help. I do not know where “abilities” derive or where they go. Could it be that I have lost this ability, the way some people lose their car keys?I do not know.

If I have lost the ability to cause a major disturbance at a lower level security institution, then I may be returned to level 3 security to await the next irrational round of harassment by central office sociopaths. If I have not lost the ability, that qualifies me to be a warden.

So, the question before you is whether I should return to level 3 or whether I should be provided a six-figure salary and a mediocre dental plan for taking charge of a prison and making it completely unmanageable the way Terry Tibbals did.

Thank you

Respectfully Submitted