To Our Friends

From The Final Straw Radio

The Invisible Committee published “The Coming Insurrection” in 2007, right before the entire planet erupted in insurrections– from Greece to the Arab Spring, South America to Occupy. It would seem that The Invisible Committee saw something coming that the rest of us didn’t see.

The coming insurrection arrived, and by all indications, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

June 2015, the Invisible Committee follows up “The Coming Insurrection” with the release of their latest: “To Our Friends.” It appears on 4 continents, translated into 8 languages. MIT Press is putting it out at a probable price of just $13.95 wherever quality books are stolen.

Someone was kind enough to forward to me an uncorrected page proof while I’m on complete communications blacksite status at a maximum security prison– again demonstrating why I don’t feel safe with these jack-wagons protecting the public. And since it’s totally impossible for me to get any communication out to the outside world, you know, like this radio segment you’re listening to RIGHT NOW, I decided to lay around for a couple of days and read this advance copy of The Invisible Committee’s latest.

Having read it, I have a prediction to make: If just half of the people who read “The Coming Insurrection” read “To Our Friends,” the entire control system that exploits us right now will collapse within 5 days. We have to give it 5 days, you know. Some people read slower than others.

This picks up where “The Coming Insurrection” left off, declaring, “The insurrections have come, finally,” and, “Stability is finished.” An observation, taken from the book: “An insurrection can erupt at any time, for any reason, and lead anywhere. The ruling politicians walk among the abysses. Their own shadows appear to threaten them.” Good stuff, right? As The Invisible Committee argues, we live in a new era where the insurrection has become the new normal, where even a few politicians try to pay lip service to this pervasive phenomenon of refusal and hostility.

Another observation from the book: “But however great the disorders of this world may be, the revolution always seems to choke off at the riot stage. At best, a regime change satisfies for an instant the need to change the world, only to renew the same dissatisfaction.”

Yeah, something we’ve seen occur again and again, the reality of deposing Mubarak in Egypt that leads in the end to a military coup, or how the Occupy movement in the U.S. was crushed before a full-blown revolution could take shape.

So, The Invisible Committee challenges us to see the situations we face from another perspective, to view the insurrections as part of a continuity. They write: “What is happening in the world since 2008 isn’t an incoherent series of crazy outbursts occurring suddenly in hermetically sealed countries. It’s a single historical sequence unfolding in strict unity of place and time, from Greece to Chile. And only a distinctly global perspective can capture its significance.”

Accordingly, however localized an insurrection, “every insurrection gestures beyond itself.” This makes every insurrectionist a member in a “diffuse conspiracy.”

Exciting stuff. So, the folks who accurately predicted the explosion of insurrections now present a vision of how they see this method of resistance evolving in the not-so-distant future, one that we can bring about together… Just as soon as we get done reading “To Our Friends.”

See you in 5 days.

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from somewhere inside the American torture complex. If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance…

* * *