Shitville Sticking it to Robert Mahone, Hunger Conspirator: Buried in Medical Dungeon with Broken Jaw, Wearing Same Underwear for Weeks… Seeks Help for Lawsuit Against ODRC and JPay

Robert “Skinny” Mahone had been my next door neighbor since we both transferred from the Ohio State Penitentiary to L-block at Lucasville (for a captivating account of that rip-roaring adventure, check out “Prison Bus to Shitville,”). Skinny got
pepper sprayed and dragged to the hole by racist fuckweasels (for a captivating account of THAT fuckin’ madness, check out “The Hunger Conspiracy“). Because all of you savage cannibal maniacs out there beyond the fence mounted an all-out assault on the Shitville fuckweasels, they dusted Skinny off and returned him to his cell on L-block, his balls still burning from the pepper spray they smeared in his underwear (he called this “waterboarding his nuts”).
But Skinny was no longer my neighbor when I left Shitville on a surprise trip to Warren Correctional. Skinny was in the hospital.

Here’s what happened:
JPay sucks. At Shitville, JPay has four kiosks for general use in the library and two in the gym. Routinely, most of them are broken. This leads to a log-jam as sixty to eighty prisoners attempt to get or send emails or download music in the span of an hour. In the library, for about a week, only one kiosk was working. This led to a whole block of angry maximum security prisoners ready to rumble. Skinny and another prisoner named ATL had a heated exchange over ATL monopolizing the only operable kiosk.
So, JPay’s negligence led to what happened next…

ATL held a grudge over the argument with Skinny. So, in the chow hall, ATL slipped under the cattle bars while corrections security staff were sitting on their fat asses and not paying attention– which is why they need the shit sued out of them too –and ATL snuck up behind Skinny, blasting him with a hook to the jaw. He did it on camera. He admitted he did it.

Skinny laid unconscious in his own blood on the chowhall floor until medical staff carted him off. I transferred out a few days later and didn’t know what happened to Skinny after that… until I got a letter from him yesterday. He wrote me, desperate for help, not knowing I’m no longer in Shitville.
By his description, he returned to Shitville from the hospital and the fuckweasels stuck it to him. He has to be in a medical isolation cell, due to his broken jaw– so he’s in the same torture scenario that I experienced when Dr. Kline at OSP tossed me in the dungeon (I don’t remember the title of that account because I wrote it hopped up on coffee and the stupid title is ridiculously long, but I bet through the magic of the interweb, these words will be blue and you can click them to read that shit too). Weeks after Skinny got back from the hospital he was, as the prison phrase goes, “doing dirtball bad.” He had no change of clothes, no property, no way to communicate with the outside world. Turns out, the fuckweasels still hold a grudge about the Hunger Conspiracy and how YOU pressured Shitville to get Skinny out of that frame-up. So, Skinny has his jaw wired shut and he’s ten thousand miles in the mouth of a fuckin’ graveyard, on a steady dose of what the CIA calls “the simple torture situation.” He got his hands on scrap paper and had an envelope smuggled to him from somewhere, and he didn’t write his mom or his siblings or anybody else out there for help.
He wrote me.

He thought I was still on L-block. His mail got to me late, so there’s no telling how bad it has been for Skinny, or for how long. But one thing is certain: Shitville needs another enema. So, I’m hoping everyone out there grinding teeth and stewing in rage over this fuckweaselry will put on some safety goggles and miner’s helmets, and insert the fire hose straight into Shitville’s hateful guts.

The Warden’s Assistant is Larry Green, his number is (740) 259-5544. He needs to know the whole fuckin’ universe is tired of Shitville fucking with Robert Mahone. Skinny needs some mail, even if you only have time to trace your hand on a piece of paper. Flood the Shitville mailroom:
Robert Mahone 255-225
P.O. Box 45699
Lucasville, OH 45699

And, last, Skinny needs a lawyer to sue the fuck out of JPay for causing this whole thing AFTER I SENT THEM AN EMAIL WARNING THEM OF THE SERIOUS THREAT TO SAFETY AND SECURITY THAT THEIR NEGLIGENCE WAS CAUSING, and to sue the ODRC for subjecting him to retaliation when he returned to SOCF with a broken jaw. So if there is such a thing as an attorney out there with a righteous sense of indignation and a Quixote Complex, seeking to topple a windmill that really has it coming, give Skinny a chance. Write him or arrange a counsel call at the number magically added at the end of this sentence, since I don’t have it… (740) 259-5544

That’s all the legal actions I can suggest for helping Skinny Mahone. The REALLY effective stuff is for you to think up.
It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. And then it’s just FUN.
* * *