Proposal for a Fragger Support Fund

Aired April, 2017 on The Final Straw.

I first heard of Ward Churchill on NPR, not long after the United States began the invasion of its opium and oil-producers across the Middle East. Ward Churchill was a professor at the University of Colorado who had participated in a forum sponsored by anti-war groups in Washington State.

He created a fantastic controversy that made the Cumbayah lefties on NPR squirm by suggesting that folks opposing the war needed to develop a position regarding “fraggers.” Fraggers are soldiers who, for whatever reason, and usually a good one, turn their rifles on their own commanders. For instance, I’ve heard that more lieutenants in Vietnam were killed by their own troops than by the designated “enemy.”

Ward Churchill suggested that because fraggers and the act of fragging is de-moralizing to the war effort, and because such disruption could potentially end the war faster, anti-war groups should decide whether or not they support the act of fragging.

That inspired me. I wrote up a proposal for the creation of the Fragger Support Fund, and even recorded a radio segment for the Final Straw to promote it– but that was in the midst of several brutal occupations undertaken by the U.S. the wiser minds determined that we might all end up with federal indictments if we promoted the troops fragging their commanders.

But, right now, we are between military conquests, so I’d like to re-visit the necessity of a Fragger Support Fund– you know, for the next fascist invasion of the third world inevitably ordered by the delusional, orange-faced helmet-head hierarch in the oval office.

Here’s the deal. At the start of every profit-driven invasion, we’re told we have to “support the troops.” Even if you don’t support the war-slash-invasion-slash-atrocity, you gotta support the troops. But, support for the troops IS support for the war-slash-invasion-slash-atrocity.

Supporting the troops while opposing the war is like opposing football but buying a team jersey that funds the football program and then cheering in the stands. That’s no way to oppose anything.
Fortunately, deluded hierarch cheerleaders for war-mongering agree we have to support ALL the troops, an Ward Churchill has done us the great service of suggesting troops that all of us in war opposition can support. Some troops point their rifles THAT way, some point their rifles THIS way.

But they all need support. So, I’m suggesting that we establish the Fragger Support Fund.

Some troops point their rifles at total strangers who did absolutely nothing to offend them, and they gun those strangers down on thoughtless orders that ultimately serve the interests of the wealthy and privileged, furthering the inequity of power and resources in the world. Other troops, under very different impulses, reject those thoughtless orders and shoot the fascist lackey giving them. Seems to me that such an act is both principled and potentially liberatory, and should be rewarded.

Why should only the little Eichmans marching along with the program get food and clothes boxes? Why should the accomplices in corporate-serving crimes against humanity monopolize the care packages? In the next war, fraggers will need extra socks, maybe some boxes of mac and cheese.

Now, the cheerleaders for the war-mongers will object that what I propose is that we REWARD fragging, that we materially support those who frag, making us accomplices in the fragging. My response is, of course we are… just like the cheerleaders for the war-mongers are rewarding invasion and occupation and atrocities against civilians, just like the cheerleaders of war-mongers are accomplices in genocide.

Personally, I’d rather be an accomplice to fragging than an accomplice to genocide. I don’t know. I’m silly like that. Perhaps in the next conflict, our delivery of socks and mac-and-cheese will cause proliferation of fragging and totally disrupt the genocide. We can only hope.

Behold, the power of cheese.

But the fact of the matter is, if Americans were better at math, we’d all donate to the Fragger Support Fund. Think about it. If, in the last round of oil and opium wars, the troops had shot their company commanders and then shot the replacements, maybe even shot all of the commanders, all the way to the Joint Chiefs, they would have had fewer casualties than they sustained by following orders. And, the war would have ended quickly. Without commanders, the troops would have spent their days playing volleyball or soccer, perhaps even with the designated “enemy.”

That’s not an effective method for pursuing corporate interests in the region, so the U.S. would have had to pull the troops. Halliburton would have had to pay off the government of maybe Spain or Peru to invade and toss THEIR kids down the oil wells.

So, what I’m proposing is that we prepare in advance for the ridiculous and bone-headed expansionism that we know the current lunatic in the White House will rubber-stamp, and we establish the Fragger Support Fund in advance, maybe produce some training videos on how to poison commanders with common cleaning fluids, or how to roll grenades under their bunks without killing people who count.

And, we can stock up on socks and mac-and-cheese… because the lunatic in charge has certainly stocked up on bullets and bombs, and he plans to use them.

For a good read, Ward Churchill’s ‘Acts of Rebellion’ is available wherever good books are stolen.
This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Corruptional in Lebanon, Ohio.

If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance…