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Monkey #9 Exonerates Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, Accuses the Charging Official

On April 30th Leslie Dillon, self-identified founding member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys testified at Sean Swain’s Rules Infraction Board Hearing. His testimony included the revelation of the source of the A12M materials: ManCI investigator Angela Hunsinger. Trevor Clark, legal counsel for the ODRC had erroneously told both Swain and his lawyer that Dillon had agreed to testify for the state.

Shawn Marshall, another admitted member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys was called to testify by Swain, but he did not appear. Marshall has stated that Hunsinger instructed him to plant A12M materials in Swain’s cell. It is unknown whether he refused to testify, or if the prison prevented him from appearing. Marshall has been in and out of the mental health wing (also known as torture-cell row) since being accused of A12M activities.

James “BlackJack” Dzelijilja is the fourth prisoner at ManCI accused of participation in the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Marshall was transferred to segregation in January, the other three have been held in local control since September, 2012. BlackJack denies A12M involvement, but has not appealed the guilty verdict of his RIB hearing, last October.

Sean Swain appealed October’s RIB decision all the way to the top, and then threatened to sue the ODRC for targeting him for protected speech and his deeply-held beliefs. April 30th’s hearing was a “redo” of that conduct report, because even ODRC legal counsel admitted the original conduct report focused inappropriately on Swain’s ideology and speech.

Since the transfer of these prisoners to administrative control, ManCI has changed their policies in 13 different ways to make isolation conditions more punitive. Everything from food rations, to Jpay email access to laundry has been altered to make life intolerable. All four have lost weight due to being fed starvation rations. Swain reports having lost 55 pounds since September. All of the incoming and outgoing mail for these prisoners has been opened, read and photocopied since September, despite a statutory 21 day limit on the investigation which authorized the opening of their outgoing mail.

All of the prisoners accused of A12M activities need support. Especially Leslie Dillon, who may face retaliation for his testimony. Supporters can call the prison and insist that they start following their rules, stop manufacturing charges against the prisoners, increase rations and improve conditions in segregation.

Warden Terry Tibbals- 419-526-2000
Angela Hunsinger- 419-526-2000 ext 2027, 2026, and 2029
Trevor Clark- 614-752-1765 (central office)

Also, please send them mail and embossed return envelopes. They can only receive 5 pages and 3 embossed envelopes at at time. Zines and books are being (illegally) restricted to 5 pages as well.

1150N Main St
Mansfield OH 44901

Leslie Dillon 416-607
Sean Swain 243-205
James “BlackJack”  Dzelijilja 530-144
Shawn Marshall 461-448