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Sean Proposes Settlement of Lawsuit

Sean and various ODRC have been in a lengthly legal battle following the A12M frame up.

After someone anonymously released the defendants’ and Judge’s personal info on the internets, Sean is proposing that the lawsuit be settled before things get out of hand.

Find the scan of his letter here.


June 8, 2015

Dear Mr. Kerger:

In the light of recent events, I think it is necessary for everyone involved in this situation to recognize that we have reached a precarious stage where neither defendants nor I have any way to determine what will happen next. The posting of Judge Pearson’s home address is a signal that we have reached a point where persons or property could come to harm, and therefore, I think, we have to be ready to make concessions in order to resolve this situation once and for all.

I have devoted myself to constructing a framework for defendants and I to resolve this case to the benefit of everyone involved, including Judge Pearson. I send a copy to you and to Ben Turk. Please review and provide copies to defendants and to Judge Pearson since she is directly impacted by resolution of this case.

I hope this schedule is acceptable to defendants. I hope they will present a counter-proposal for us to review quickly, as we do not know what will happen next, nor when it will happen.

With regard to the level 2 prison to which I am transferred, I would suggest that Marion Correctional is optimal. First, Marion has a “zero tolerance” for misconduct which assures defendants that I will be on my best behavior. Additionally,Marion has the broadest assortment of programs, including religious programs to which I can avail myself, since my conversion to Islam in 2013.

By this proposal, we make a number of concessions that we are not legally required to make, to include purging objectionable materials from the website and voluntarily submitting my writings for approval prior to publication. I believe this is necessary because, ultimately, what matters is resolving this case to the benefit of everyone before something happens that cannot be undone.

I hope this schedule is acceptable.

Thank you for your kind consideration,


Sean Swain

Prison Reg. A243205


P.O.Box 45699

Lucasville,Ohio 45699

c: Ben Turk

Proposed Schedule for Resolution

Immediately: My June 11th statement which prison officials found objectionable is withdrawn from the website. The conduct report written by Inspector Paul Shoemaker is withdrawn. Communications mediums are restored to facilitate my compliance with these terms and Ben Turk’s communications and visiting privileges are restored.

One Week From the Date This Proposal is Presented to Defendants: Ben Turk and defendants identify all materials that make mention of the Army of the Twelve Monkey’s, the disciplinary process at Mansfield, prison conditions during that process, the communication bans that followed, and criticisms of prison officials involved in the Twelve Monkey pretext, for removal from the site.

Also, I compose an open letter for posting that requests removal of personal/sensitive information online, and that those who support my eventual release refrain from future postings, considering the impact it will have on my parole considerations.

One Week Later: Director Mohr reverses, without prejudice, the disciplinary cases challenged in this action. Upon receipt of those reversals, the objectionable materials purged from seanswain.org and the open letter is posted. Plaintiff’s counsel files a motion in limine requesting voluntary dismissal of civil action on condition that defendants do not rehear the disciplinary cases but instead hold a security review to adjust security downward,beginning with the 2013 review, absent the reversed cases.

As Soon as Practicable: I am transferred to a level 2 facility. From my arrival until September 1,2016, all of my writings for publication will voluntarily be submitted for prior approval to prison officials.


A quick chronology since I sent out my June 11 statement that essentially advocated that folks locate the homes of state terrorists who torture prisoners and light their homes on fire:

On May 5, all of my outgoing communications were cut off.

About 13 May, Sergeant Terry served me a conduct report written by Assistant Chief Inspector Paul Shoemaker, a.k.a., Paulie SuperGenius (a.k.a. Trainwreck’s Penis). The conduct report accused me of threats, based on the conditional, “…IF they torture us, we burn down their cars and houses…” But, conditionals are protected speech. Sgt Terry gave me 30 days phone and JP4 (JPay hand-held device) restriction.

On 13 May, other prisoners begin sending emails out for me and recording radio segments in my absence.

After 13 May, Blastblog.noblogs.org went online. Judge Pearson’s home address got posted there.

29 May, two other prisoners who sent out emails for me, Mahone and Stephens, have their JP4 devices confiscated. This signals an effort not just to maintain a punishment for what they assert is violative speech, but clearly an effort to silence me completely– something they deny they are doing.

That same day, I learn that 2 CDs are being withheld from me for reasons not permitted in their own rules.

3 June, Ms Davis, the Unit Management Administrator, who generally runs the prison, comes to my cell. She later calls me to her office related to the CDs and assures me emphatically that SOCF is not going to participate in frame-up nonsense. No UMA has ever been this nice to me.

4 June, the warden calls me to an office to discuss my early recommendation to level 3 and makes the point to ask me what level 3 prison I would like to go to. He assures me that SOCF is not going to be involved in central office’s nonsense. No warden has ever been this nice to me.

5 June, Mahone, Stephens and I are called to sergeant’s office. Investigator is present. Investigator assures me that this institution is not taking part in the reindeer games. Conduct report related to the JP4 devices is dismissed. Mahone and Stephens get their devices back. No investigator has ever been this cordial with me before.

Later, 5 June, the case manager gave me the initial paperwork related to my security review and status drop.

Just my assessment, but I think we have managed to reach a critical threshold. Not only is the institution here telling central office to fuck off, not only are they not getting involved, but it appears that there is an effort to flush me to lower security.

An Open Letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and The Ohio State Highway Patrol on the Return of my Typewriter… Sort Of

fbi dummyDear Fascist Fuckweasels,

Back in September 2012, prison officials dragged me away and tortured me at Mansfield Corruptional. All of you were there at the time, falling all over yourselves and kicking each other in the pants. You know, the standard circus clown-show.

So, as I got dragged away, my typewriter was seized. This typewriter was extremely significant to the 12 Monkey investigation, given that just about all of their materials were generated on a fuckin’ computer, not on a typewriter. And their materials were online, and I don’t have the internet.

Clearly, I’M the shooter in the grassy knoll…

Angela Hunsinger snagged my typewriter. She’s a fucking fascist from way back. She got through college by cashing in the gold fillings from the molars in that coffee can they found under her Austrian grandfather’s bed when he finally sputtered out. In the estate settlement, she got the molars, a riding crop, and some really exotic lampshades.
They’re as soft as a baby’s ass.
Or SEVERAL babies’ asses.
No. Really. Continue reading

Anarchist Prisoner Begins Dumb Hunger Strike (Sigh)

ghandi hs In response to cancellation of video visits with Ben Turk, anarchist prisoner Sean Swain announced a hungerstrike, commencing Monday, February 2, continuing until fuckweasels and JPay profiteers end their ideological harassment and repression of his video communication.
As soon as he made the announcement, he immediately regretted it because, in his words, “Hungerstrikes are stupid and reformist, but it’s the only leverage I have, so fuck it.” He added that he can stand to lose a few pounds anyway, especially given the unhealthy pile of food he has planned on Superbowl Sunday.
He has vowed to refuse solid foods until state terrorists and corporate profiteers refrain from the ongoing, childish attacks on his communication, even though, “Hungerstrikes are dumb. Fuck Gandhi. But I’m unarmed and vastly outnumbered (sigh). It’s not like I have other options.”
* * *

Civil Suit Legal Update: Initial Disclosures and Discovery Plan.

trainwreckOn 15 January, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller filed initial disclosures in the 12 Money frame-up civil action filed by Sean Swain. These disclosures are provided to Sean Swain’s counsel, Richard Kerger, in order to identify people likely to have discoverable information and to identify relevant documents. Read the initial disclosures. And some other paperwork:  motion to excuse from phone call, telephonic case mgmt.

According to that other paperwork, Assistant Attorney General Thomas “Beer-Pong” Miller has agreed to disclose the recordings and transcripts of the RIB, which we tried to get through public records requests months ago. The deadline for discovery is November 30th. So, like all the grinding wheels of US injustice, this is gonna be a slow process.

Here’s Sean’s analysis of the initial disclosures…

Fuckweasels’ Initial Disclosures Throw Trainwreck Trevor Under the Bus… Where he Belongs.

Regarding eleven of the twelve named persons, the fuckweasels’ counsel characterized each this way: “At this point in time it is not clear what discoverable information X may have with respect to the claims advanced by Plaintiff in this case.” Only one person was described differently: Trevor Clark. Continue reading

Terry “Black Lightning” Tibbals Back in the Prison Mismanagement Business as Warden of London Corruptional Institution: Preventable Deaths, Rebellions and Escapes Soon to Follow.

blacklightningWhen you imagine someone with a nickname like “Black Lightning,” a guy like Terry Tibbals doesn’t come to mind. Husain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, might be able to sport that nomeclature… But a pasty white guy under six feet tall whose weight easily exceeds 350 pounds should really consider a different customized plate.

The reason that former Mansfield Warden Terry Tibbals chose “Black Lightning” was, of course, to describe his black Lexis, the car of his dreams, finally obtainable thanks to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption. His car represented a kind of vindication, a statement to the high school cheerleaders who had rejected him. Finally, as Mansfield Warden, with his lucrative salary and his sleek sports car, he could bag all the high school cheerleaders he could handle.
But, unfortunate for him (and quite fortunate for untolled adolescent sex drives), his tenure at Mansfield Corruptional was short lived, marred by a string of preventable prisoner deaths, embezzlement scandals, prisoner rebellion, and successful escape. He was relieved as warden at Manci, packing the contents of his desk into a cardboard box roughly 4years after taking the reins of power.

In August 2013, Black Lightning faced exile as a desk jockey at Gestapo Headquarters, ODRC Central Office, his career in human bondage reduced to a smoking crater. Continue reading

A12M Update and Fuckweaselry at OSP

Update on the A12M Frame Up
The state has filed an answer to the lawsuit, which far as we can tell, summarily denies every allegation without evidence or argument, claims that Sean is not allowed to sue them, and requests that the court charge Sean extra fees for even trying. At the same time, the paralegal at OSP is making up reasons to not give Sean access to legal materials he needs to work on his response. A total coincidence, we’re sure. See Sean’s correspondence below for details on that.

In summary, the prisoncrats are scared, belligerent and desperate. As usual.

Wanna help ratchet up the pressure?

If so, you can:
1. Call OSP at 330-743-0700 and request to speak with Darnell Brady, politely ask them why Sean is being denied access to legal materials while working on a lawsuit against the ODRC.
2. Call the Warden at the above number plus extension 2600 and politely ask why Darnell Brady is refusing to give legal materials to prisoners. Remind the Warden that he and other OSP staff are currently not parties in Sean’s lawsuit, because, up until this point, we don’t have evidence that they have participated in the coordinated targeting and violation of Sean’s rights.
3. Call the ODRC legal services boss Stephen Gray and politely ask him (or his secretary) if Trevor Clark, the key orchestrator of  repression against Sean Swain is still working there. If they say “yes,” then ask “why?”  Stephen’s number is 614-752-1765.
4. Contact the Ohio Attny General, (614) 466-4986 and politely request that they demonstrate the thinnest pretense of  respecting constitutional rights or the rule of law by getting their pants sued off fair and square. Tell them that you enjoy the game where we pretend this is a democratic country and that, by breaking all the rules of that game they are making your feelings hurt. If they ask what you’re talking about, you can say something like… “well, everything you do really, but particularly how you’re cheating at SWAIN v MOHR, ET AL. Case #4:14-cv-02074.”

Whatever you do, don’t email anything unpleasant to thomas.miller@ohioattorneygeneral.gov from an anonymous email account. That would be rude, and we know the rules of the game are we’ve always gotta be polite while communicating with our oppressors.

Enjoy Sean’s correspondence on the subject… Continue reading

Prisoner Letters Interview

From PrisonerLetters.noblogs.org
10thSep. × ’14
By Prisoner Letters
(A): Hey Sean, it’s you buddy (A) here. Would you like to start off by giving a little bit of personal background (how old you are, what growing up was like, what your interests are)?

Sean: I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Anchorville. It’s gone now. It was “annexed” away, split between two other townships or whatever. I lived in a trailer park surrounded by woods, and when I returned in the late 80’s, all the woods were gone.

It’s as if my childhood was annexed away and chopped down. As if the Matrix occasionally erases our histories, our pasts, everything that anchors us to a place or time.

That area of Michigan is where the idea of “Reagan Democrats” came from- working class communities filled with totally class-unconscious mall zombies. I was a boy scout. Played Baseball. I stuttered and was painfully shy until about 11th grade when I guess I just decided I was tired of living in constant fear of rejection or of others’ opinions. Until then, I worked very hard at being invisible and unnoticed. I lived totally terrified until 11th grade. Continue reading

Reformists Part III: The Third Option

angry-capuchin-monkey-4785558Third part in a series. Here’s part 1 and part 2
Sometimes bad news is good news. When you come to the conclusion that reformist action is impractical, unreasonable, and futile, it doesn’t foreclose on resisting completely. Every steel door that slams shut should always provoke us to contemplate how to cut the bars windows. Slamming the steel door of reformism liberates us to consider direct action, which is what anarchists WANT to do in the first place.

In the prison context, that again leads back to a discussi Monkeys. Now, before going any further, please kee that I wa the super-duper-uber-mega-ultra-hyper-tur the pretext of bei the Army of the 12 Monkeys– an accusation I have consistently denied. My counsel, Richard Kerger, has action, SWAIN VS. MOHR, now posted at seanswain.org, challenging this frame-up. Having said that, I was a witness to what occurred at Mansfield Correctional when the Army of the 12 Monkeys happened, and I think I’m fairly qualified to present an analysis of what this event implies for anarchists and for direct action in and outside of prison.
Continue reading

Another Open Letter to the Delusional Hierarch Mental Health Worker… Blah, Blah, Blah

“The more completely the place of confinement eliminates sensory stimuli, the more deeply will the [subject] be affected. Results produced after weeks or months of imprisonment in an ordinary cell may be duplicated in hours or days… An early effect of such an environment is anxiety… [Captors] can benefit from the subject’s anxiety… The deprivation of stimuli induces regression by depriving the subject’s mind of contact with an outer world and thus forcing it in on itself… in /the simple torture situation/ the contest is one between the individual and /his tormentor/…”
–/The KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual/, from the Central Intelligence Agency

Dear Mental Health Therapist(?),
In early October, I sent you a kite communication with a lengthy “Open Letter”  that was also posted at seanswain.org. I looked forward to your response but still haven’t received it. Also, since the open letter’s publication, you have stopped calling me out of the cell block to speak with me, and during rounds you say, “Mental health rounds, how are you doing?,” but by the time I respond, you are already down the range, out of earshot.
If I didn’t know better, I would almost think you are trying to avoid me. Continue reading