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Testimony from Rob Mahone…

A255225The following is Rob Mahone’s follow up on the “Hunger Conspiracy“. Rob is the guy Sean referred to as Skinny in his account.

I was just released from the ( hole ) and returned to population on 5/5/15… And this only happened due to the many calls and e-mails of support that Sean Swain and his worldwide team of friends… I really do appreciate everyone who called here and or sent in a response to the treatment on inmates here at S.O.C.F… Now if I may, let me give you a little bit of info about the case that I was wrongly sprayed in the face and then because of all the mace that was in my eyes I was blinded and had to rely on my same assulters to safely direct me in the right direction from my cell to the hole… Well, that didnt turn out too good for me once ( we ) out of the sight of the cameras… Continue reading