Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Smuggles Communique out of Supermax Blacksite: Confirms Prison Officials are Really Really Stupid


The Oppressive Department of Retribution and Corruption (ODRC) has officially blocked my communication with the outside world, completely, silencing me indefinitely. It’s totally unprecedented. I cannot even contact my mom who just got through total hip replacement surgery.

I am cut off totally from the outside world which involves the collaboration of Jpay to block all emails and freeze all funds, and tele and Global Tele link to lock me out of the phone system. I’m the target of fascist fuckweasals and multi billion dollar corporations that seek to the plug on my involvement in “The Final Straw”radio show.

To describe this fascist, extra judicial scenario, I have to find ways to smuggle communiques out of a super maximum security facility. Fortunately, while the fuckweasels are brutal, they are not very bright. Frankly, getting this out to you was so easy, I really, I don’t feel safe with shitheads partrolling the public.

I don’t want to reveal how this got out in case I need to keep using this system- no telling how long I’ll be Blacksited, given how incredibly dangerous my own radio segments are-but once this is over,I’ll give a detailed account and we can another good round of laughter at the expense of these goof troops.

Instead of sending me to Guantanamo Bay, they’ve brought Guantanamo to me. So far it’s just the communication blackout, a full spectrum,360 communication blackout. They have not put electrodes on my balls or a black hood on my head yet, but I have been busy doing squats and lunges to prepare myself just in case they force me to the naked ass-pyramids like they do at Abu Gharab. If I am going to star in some human violating torture porn, I at least want to look good. “Sean swain sure writes powerful anarchist criticism…and he has a nice ass too…”

Not trying to brag here. I am really not. But do you know what a milestone this is for my radio career? I mean, was Howard Stern ever Blacksited? Rush Limbaugh? Fuck no. But after a mere dozen episodes on “The Final Straw” the facists fuckweasels have put the proverbial duct tape across my face out of fear that you will be inspired and mobilized by what I’ve shared, so afraid in fact, they no longer even attempt to maintain a facade of legality for what they are doing.

Isn’t this exciting? The fascist’s control complex is so fragile, it has to Blacksite a former gas station attendant to forestall the next revolution and a world plunged into anarchy. I’m flattered.

My last meal was dinner on 08 April. I am never a fan of hunger striking and I’ve spoken against them, asserting it’s much better to hurt a fascist than to hurt yourself, but while I sit idle, twiddling my thumbs, starving to death makes me feel like I am doing something to add leverage to the situation. I am still drinking coffee and tea, otherwise I am going to sustain myself indefinitely on a Rage against the Machine CD and the Ramones’ Greatest Hits.

My principle concern is to keep “The Final Straw”segment going on at all costs. I’ve smuggled out scripts for incoming segments to Bursts. I suggested to him that we seek out volunteers to read those segments for me while I am blacksited, so hopefully,if anyone reading this would like to be contribute, Bursts contact info will be included, somewhere (thefinalstrawradio (at) riseup (dot) net)

The next revolution won’t be televised, but I hope you’ll help keep it alive on the airwaves. With any luck my new counsel, Richard Kerger will make clear that he intends to chew a nasty hole through these fuckweasels hapless careers and they will have the sense to end this ridiculous blacksiting and let me back on the air-meaner, more furious, and more incoherent than ever. Anyone who wants to confront the sociopath who ordered me blacksited can meet with Gary Croft chief inspector @ 770 W Broad street, Columbus Ohio
(614)752-1671 or  614)752-1677.

1O APRIL,2014

According to Rick, Sean can still receive snail mail, so you can send him a message of support at:

Sean Swain 243-205
878 Coitsville Hubbard Rd
Youngstown OH 44505

It’ll at least keep the mail room clowns busy.