Rave Reviews for Sean Swain’s First Year of Radio Commentary

spanky“This type of misconduct will be met with swift and significant consequences which may include criminal charges, administrative charges, security and privilege level adjustments, and/or out-of-state placement.”
–ODRC Chief Counsel Spanky Gray
(614) 752-1765

“This guy ought to be criminally charged, promoting violence against police. I don’t even know how this filth got on the radio.”
–Spokesperson, Fraternal Order of Police

“If they don’t pull the plug on this lunatic, he’s going to ruin free speech in America.”
–Corporate Radio Executive

“He said, on the radio, that I fuck dogs behind the Masonic Lodge on bowling night. I’d love to get my hands on him.”
–U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of Ohio, Western Division, Toledo

“The types of violence and intimidation that are advocated… fall clearly within legal exceptions to that right (free speech). ODRC will not tolerate threats, harassment and attempts at intimidation…”
–ODRC Counsel Trevor Clark from Moundsville, West Virginia

“Now you see why we have 1,297 pages of files on this guy.”
–Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Thank God this whacko is locked up at supermax.”
–Ohio Senator

“He called me a fuckweasel. What do YOU think my thoughts are about this asshole?”
–Former Warden of an Ohio Correctional Institution

“There’s no place in civilized society for this kind of dangerous vitriol, advocating political violence.”
–Republican Party Spokesperson

“Anyone out there listening to this garbage should be on a no-fly list right along with him.”
–NSA Operative Who Performs Edward Snowden’s Former Duties

“Don’t take him off the radio. Take him out back and shoot him.”
–Ohio Governor JWow

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