Terry “Black Lightning” Tibbals Back in the Prison Mismanagement Business as Warden of London Corruptional Institution: Preventable Deaths, Rebellions and Escapes Soon to Follow.

blacklightningWhen you imagine someone with a nickname like “Black Lightning,” a guy like Terry Tibbals doesn’t come to mind. Husain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, might be able to sport that nomeclature… But a pasty white guy under six feet tall whose weight easily exceeds 350 pounds should really consider a different customized plate.

The reason that former Mansfield Warden Terry Tibbals chose “Black Lightning” was, of course, to describe his black Lexis, the car of his dreams, finally obtainable thanks to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption. His car represented a kind of vindication, a statement to the high school cheerleaders who had rejected him. Finally, as Mansfield Warden, with his lucrative salary and his sleek sports car, he could bag all the high school cheerleaders he could handle.
But, unfortunate for him (and quite fortunate for untolled adolescent sex drives), his tenure at Mansfield Corruptional was short lived, marred by a string of preventable prisoner deaths, embezzlement scandals, prisoner rebellion, and successful escape. He was relieved as warden at Manci, packing the contents of his desk into a cardboard box roughly 4years after taking the reins of power.

In August 2013, Black Lightning faced exile as a desk jockey at Gestapo Headquarters, ODRC Central Office, his career in human bondage reduced to a smoking crater.

His troubles at Manci began with a prison-wide rebellion fomented by the Army of the 12 Monkeys, who sabotaged the operation of the prison in August of 2012. They jammed locks, destroyed plumbing, smashed windows, lit fires, tagged buildings, and released thousands of pages of propaganda. The rebellion would continue for months after Tibbals claimed to have apprehended the rebels, hiding his impotence from Central Office. All tolled, the rebellion cost the institution six figures.

And it was a prison already bleeding money. The food service was the most expensive of all Ohio prisons and, it turned out, the maintenance supervisor had managed to appropriate a “Gator,” one of the prison’s motor vehicles, and had taken it home. This was due to inept security personnel because no competent security chief would work for Black Lightning.

But Manci wasn’t just bleeding money. Prisoners were bleeding. Tibbals set a state record for all prisons when his mismanagement led to four preventable deaths of prisoners in roughly a thirty day period. Statistically speaking, Manci prisoners would have been safer if they had parachuted into Afghanistan rather than occupy a cell under the authority of Terry Tibbals.

While Tibbals was illegally opening the mail of the prisoners framed as 12 Monkey leaders (whose torture he had authorized), and while his captives were dropping like flies and staff were sneaking state vehicles out of the prison with no one noticing, a prisoner working on a maintenance crew leaned a ladder against the fence and left.

The first successful escape from that close security prison.

Keep in mind, a prison warden really has just one job. Despite all of the internal functions of a prison, a warden’s only real responsibility is to keep all the captives on the inside of the fence. That’s all. Everything else is, by design, to facilitate that principle duty.

Black Lightning couldn’t even do that.

In a 4-year period, Tibbals was such an abysmal, catastrophic failure that he managed to do everything perfectly wrong. He got yanked in record time.

Given his track record of incompetence, you would expect Black Lightning to be put in charge of Gestapo Headquarters’ coffee pot. Or, perhaps, the cleaning supplies and toiletries.

But, just two and a half years after Tibbals’ removal at Manci, he is the warden at London Corruptional Institution. Yes, he did such a whiz-bang job at his last assignment that he’s now at the helm, steering yet another institution straight into the rocks.
Bewildering. Certainly, staff and prisoners alike at London are bracing for impact.

This decision by ODRC Gestapo Headquarters stands to prove that all administrators of Ohio’s prison system are just as bumbling and oblivious as Black Lightning. With a population at roughly 12 million, Ohio has 11,999,999 people who never fucked up a prison as bad as Terry Tibbals did. Statistically, ODRC Director “Gestapo Gary” Mohr could randomly pick someone out of the phone book, call, and ask “Would you like to run a prison?,” and would get a better warden than Terry Tibbals.

The human bondage professions cannot be so depleted that no one other than Tibbals is available to mismanage a prison. It is inconceivable that any operation will improve by putting it under the command of a proven buffoon who cannot prevent embezzlement and rebellion and escape, a state terrorist who maintained “torture cells” and created record body-counts through incompetence.

This guy needs to be getting his food at the soup kitchen and sleeping in his car… The one with the BLACK LIGHTNING custom tags.

* * *

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