Fuckweasel James “Dr Death” Kline Needs to Lose His Job.

Surprise surprise! Dr James Kline, who threw Sean in a pitch black room for “medical observation” in order to break his med strike last month is also terrible to other prisoners. He’s got a reputation of misconduct that has earned him the moniker “Dr Death”.See below for a story of Kline’s horror practice. If you know of any other prisoners who’re getting the Dr Death treatment from Kline or other prison doctors, send an email to insurgent.ben@gmail.com and we’ll share em around.

Wanna help protect prisoners from this guy? Contact ODRC Director Gary Mohr and ask him to stop employing negligent medical professionals to mistreat his captives.
ODRC Central Office- 614-752-1150. Write letters: Gary Mohr, ODRC Director, 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 Email: drc.publicinfo@odrc.state.oh.us

Check it out:

Hi Sean! I have been doing some research on Dr. James Kline D.O. at TCI. I came across your page and read it. I am going after Dr. Kline’s medical license for the inadequate care of one of the inmates. He is a poor excuse of a doctor. I do believe he is discriminating against this inmate and I am not going to let him continue with his fucked up ways. This inmate has an incarcerated hernia in the groin area and it is visible to see. Also this damn doctor was told by inmate that he is in severe pain and he is not there trying to get opiates. Dr. Death as they refer to him said take ibuprofen. The inmates family and I have been calling and sending emails to anyone who may be able to get this guy moved to a place for proper medical attention. The next day the doctor sees inmate and tells him I am not giving you anything for pain and tell your people they can stop calling. Of course, I am now going after his license for his lack of care and concern for his patient. Also for allowing this guy to suffer in pain while he waits for his approval to be moved when Dr. Death could have gave him something to keep him comfortable while he waits. If you have any further info on Dr. Kline, I would appreciate it if you send it to me. Thank you!

Yes thank you. I am beyond pissed at this moment. I started with calls and emails and was nice but I see they don’t want to play nice. My biggest concern is my man who is at TCI getting the proper care. When this stupid ass kline told him I am NOT giving you anything for pain. Just ibuprofen. This is a hernia that has gotten worse and is now incarcerated and can actually kill that part of the intestine or kill him. These people should not be allowed to get away with what they are doing or not doing. If an inmate has to wait on so called approvals then this asshole doctor should give him something to keep him somewhat comfortable. Dr.Death has chosen not to. He needs his license revoked immediately. I already resent emails and informed all the people that I have contacted, if this ruptures and kills him or if he slits his wrist because the pain is so severe, I am holding them all responsible and they will have a war on their hands. That is a promise. I told my man when you go back to the clinic to let them know I am not bluffing. If I say I am going to the newspaper with this, they believe me it is going to happen. Oh did I mention that they are upset because I keep calling and his cousin who is a retired nurse practioner keeps calling also. Dr. Death told my man to have his people quit calling. Lol all the more reason to call. Thank you and tell Sean I do appreciate whatever he can give me on Worthless Kline. Thanks for your time.

In addition to the work he does at OSP, Trumbell CI, and who knows what other dungeons, Kline has a private practice in Struthers Ohio. It’s at: 581 5th St, Struthers, OH 44471 (330) 755-1454. Seems to me his patients should know that he thinks ibprophren is appropriate treatment for a hernia. If they decide not to be his patients anymore, that’s their decision.
He also appears to be a donor to the “social action fund” at the Congregation Rodef Sholom. Do you wonder what they think about his radical approach to medical treatment?