Update on Sean’s Situation.

In an apparent effort to further isolate and silence Sean Swain, ODRC officials started confiscating JP4 players from other prisoners on his block. Based on our limited knowledge, something like this happened: the authorities realized that Sean’s friends on the inside were communicating with Sean’s friends on the outside and sent the Security Threat Group in. Led by an Officer Miller, the STG took the JP4s away from a couple of L-5 prisoners, and had a meeting with Sean.

Then, in a surprising turn around, the Jp4s were returned and the guys were lectured about improperly using them. More importantly, Sean met with the warden, who offered him a security level reduction. So, at this time, we’ve been told Sean will be going to level 3. This means he’ll be transferred out of Lucasville, and will no longer be held in solitary confinement.

At the same time, some of Sean’s closest supporters, have both received threatening letters from someone at the ODRC (the letters were curiously unsigned). These letters ban them from visiting Sean on account of “assisting in distributing security threats to ODRC staff” and also warn that their “activities have been reported to state and federal authorities.”

We’re not entirely sure what to make of these contradictory moves by the ODRC. We could speculate that while someone who chooses to remain nameless (ahem, Trainwreck Trevor? ahem) seeks to characterize every word Sean writes and move he makes as a threat, engaging in an escalating and unmatched battle of wits with Sean, others within the ODRC are less enthusiastic. Either they have less paranoid interpretations of Sean’s statements, or they are curious what might happen if Sean stopped getting constant reasons to need to defend himself, or maybe they’re just trying to transfer Sean down and pass the whole problem on to another hapless warden somewhere else. At any rate, it does seem like Sean may have divided the prison authorities into at least two camps: those who can’t stop obsessively sniffing his underwear, and those who would rather not get sued.