Letter from Rob “Skinny” Mahone

This is a letter Sean forwarded from his former neighbor at SOCF…

Swain- Thanks man- I received lots of love and support- I can’t even respond to all of these letters- so I wrote 12 people back and ask them to¬† send my appreciation to everyone else that wrote.

Listen- these people are out of control up here. Sunday the 13th they actually put the dude that broke my jaw like 5 cells down from me on the same medical range! Man this was not supposed to happen for sure- he was talking all kinds of crazy shit over the range- he was on suicide watch- then some CO was working- said “Hey! That guy can’t be up here- he assaulted Mahone!” so they quickly moved him Monday morning…

They know we got a separation man- but somebody wanted to let him rub it in and fuck with me.

I want somebody in trouble for that shit! Plus- I just had a blood test and it came back that I have some kind of staph infection from either here or OSU but- as I complained about the pain over two weeks ago- the DOC kept saying it’s on the Tylenol 3. Now I’m fucked up more- having trouble pissing and I’m always sweating hard and headaches. They put me on anti-biotics today 9-14-2015.

I need for you to push for me a website we talked about before- I did it once and only raised a few bucks, like $34.00. I need for you to help me raise enough $ for a lawyer- I need to really sue these people man. So I need a go fund me page and see if I can get something done about this.

Thanks Man!

PS tell people to send envelopes- I don’t have anymore to respond.

If you would like to write to Mahone, his address is:

Robert Mahone

P. O. Box 45699
1724 St. Rt. 728
Lucasville, Ohio 45699

You can include up to three embossed envelopes so he can reply.