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Letter from Rob “Skinny” Mahone

This is a letter Sean forwarded from his former neighbor at SOCF…

Swain- Thanks man- I received lots of love and support- I can’t even respond to all of these letters- so I wrote 12 people back and ask them to  send my appreciation to everyone else that wrote.

Listen- these people are out of control up here. Sunday the 13th they actually put the dude that broke my jaw like 5 cells down from me on the same medical range! Man this was not supposed to happen for sure- he was talking all kinds of crazy shit over the range- he was on suicide watch- then some CO was working- said “Hey! That guy can’t be up here- he assaulted Mahone!” so they quickly moved him Monday morning…

They know we got a separation man- but somebody wanted to let him rub it in and fuck with me.

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Sean’s Transfer Cancelled at the Last Minute

Trainwreck Trevor Clark Cowardly as Always

In Sean’s words…

“I signed my transfer notice yesterday. I wrote everybody and gave them the Trumbull address. I got packed up today. Then the warden notified me that Central Office Anonymous Coward cancelled my transfer. Now I missed commissary and commissary won’t let me shop. I don’t even have soap.
Please let everyone know I’m not at Trumbull and please call here to get Ms. Davis to order commissary to make me up on Friday. Otherwise, I’m really fucked. I had to skip commissary to make property limits to transfer… Now no transfer and no way to get basic necessities.
Fuck my life. : )”

We called Ms Davis, and even spoke to the commissary officer, who said Sean would have access to commissary on Friday.

So, what we need now, is to get at the root of this, and so many other problems with SOCF, that Central Office Anonymous Coward, Trainwreck Trevor Clark. Continue reading

Shitville Commissary Fuckweasel Reflect ODRC Sickness

fanCory Stephens has been here in Shitville for a couple of summers. Summers suck. In the cell blocks, the heat rises to well over a hundred degrees and there’s just no relief. On top of it, throughout his childhood, Cory had asthma. Now, in his twenties, his breathing only gets aggravated when it’s extremely hot or extremely humid. So, those blistering days locked in a steel cage carry the added, ominous threat that Cory may find himself wheezing and desperate for air.

He doesn’t have a lot of financial support and like most prisoners here, he lives month to month on a stipend of less than twenty bucks– funds he uses to buy soap and writing supplies, toothpaste and deodorant. So, an appliance like a fan is typically out of reach. Recently, however, he had a nice windfall of fifty bucks and immediately ordered a fan and an electrical power-strip to plug it in. No more wheezing and gasping for air. And, all things equal, he’d get his fan right before the hottest weekend of the year.
So, look: here’s how it works. We get our commissary order forms on Friday. We fill them out. Our orders get filled the following Wednesday. Anything not filled on Wednesday gets made up on the subsequent Friday. At least, that’s how it works on paper.
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Communication Suspended.

Last week we received word that Sean’s email and phone access have been suspended, along with his video visitation. This suspension came shortly after Sean asked us to post this story of an incident of arbitrary and unjustified brutality that occurred on his range. Sean is not in the hole and he has not been physically attacked at this time. Sean’s lawyer is investigating to find the pretext the prison officials used to justify denying Sean his basic constitutional rights again, but, in the meantime, Sean has smuggled the following message out through a friend… Continue reading

The Hunger Conspiracy

[editor’s note: Sean wrote this a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to go public with it until he confirmed some facts, and made sure the guys who were put in the hole wanted it published. We made some calls to the CIIC and waited for word from Sean. One of the last messages before Sean’s access to email and phones was cut off said it was time to go public with this story. All but one of the guys is out of the hole. Updates will be forthcoming.]

In a perfect world, just by sending this, prison officials would straighten the situation out before this had to be published. Let’s hope… Freedom, Sean.

17:04, 20April. I’m typing, coughing and sneezing.

It started at shift change. Second shift officers came on shift and decided that they wished they had stayed in school longer so they could have gotten jobs as janitors at the library, rather than getting stuck in a prison job. Unlucky for all of us held in L5, tenth grade was way too hard for these specimens. So here they are. Continue reading

SOCF Staff: Fascist Fuckweasels or Inept Morons? You Decide.

We’ve got news about Sean’s property and transfer to Lucasville as well as the ongiong legal battle.

1. Call in successful! – last week we called regional director Rob Jeffreys. In response, they held a meeting that very afternoon, and 4A transfer prisoners, including Sean, got most of their property back the following day.  Thank you to everyone who called in, and who mailed Sean letters. The fuckweasels brought him a stack of 27 letters they had to spend the morning opening and reading through.

2. Property Destruction – Sean had 37 books when he left OSP. SOCF only allows people to have 10 books, so they arbitrarily threw away 27 of Sean’s books. Which they are allowed to do according to ODRC policy, because ODRC are fascists and like all fascists they like to destroy books.  So, it won’t do any good to complain about that. BUT, among the books they threw away was Sean’s Qur’an and Taurat. These they are not allowed to trash because the supreme court has decided that when the constitution says freedom of religion, that means fascists can’t throw Qur’an’s in the garbage. SOCF staff said this was a mistake and even apologized.
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untitledCall in Day…

On Monday we had a call in day to let the Southeast Regional Office of the ODRC know that SOCF staff were already messing with Sean and that we’d be keeping an eye on things. When supporters didn’t just get voicemail, we were told that they’re getting lots of calls and are having a meeting with people from legal services (trainwreck Trevor’s office) about the issue. This means any fuckweaselry that occurs in the near future was either approved and coordinated from the top, or that the ODRC does not have control of its prisons. Both things seem equally possible. They do have a rather atrocious (deadly even) record of keeping SOCF orderly.

Thank you to everyone who made the calls, we think they’ve made a positive difference.

Speaking of evidence for the lawsuit…

During Sean’s recent hunger strike his lawyer filed a restraining order demanding that the ODRC stop interferring with Sean’s access to communication. The judge appointed to Sean’s lawsuit scheduled a hearing on this motion for this Friday, but Beer Bong Tommy is sick with the flu (or maybe he just partied a little too hardy) and they requested a delay til Fri March 6th. So, now we get to see if the fuckweasels can contain their fascistic impulses for even a week, or if they do something really stupid and embarassing even with a hearing scheduled.


We’re not hearing from Sean as often because phone calls from SOCF are five times as expensive as from OSP. But we haven’t heard that he (or any of the 4A transfers) got his property back yet. We hope to hear more from him soon.