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And moved again….

Sean in feb, 2019

Sean has been transferred again, this time to Dillwyn, VA, in the center of the state. We just got word that he’s sitting pretty at Buckingham Correctional Center and can be written at:

Sean Swain #2015638
Buckingham Correctional
PO Box 430
Dillwyn, VA 23936

Interstate Transfer

After 27 years of incarceration in the state of Ohio, Sean Swain must bid a fond “fare-the-well” to his former wardens and jailers. Sean has been transferred to the Commonwealth of Virginia, given a new number and is sitting pretty at Nottoway Correctional Center near to Burkeville, VA. You can write to Sean to let him know you care and let his captors know you’re watching at the following address:

Sean Swain #2015638
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

We’ll post more updates as they come up as to what this means for his security status, his legal challenges, his options for programs and parole.

Stay Solid,

Sean Swain Supporters

PS: if you feel like checking with his warders in VA on his status, that he’s in good health and getting what he needs, you can ask here:

David Call, Warden

2892 Schutt Road
P. O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922
(434) 767-5543

Sean’s back at OSP Youngstown

A few supporters were able to get over to Youngstown and in to visit Sean in mid February. Sean seems in good spirits and in good health. While at Warren C.I., a certain fartgoblin in the mail room continued to mess with Sean’s mail but no such issues have arisen in the month or so back at OSP and his phone access is up and running. Sean is, however, still without email access for some reason.

A couple of interesting developments have also occurred in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitations and Corruptions (ODRC); Director Gary Mohr has retired and threatened to move to North Carolina to cunsult the NCDHS, which oversees prisons there; and counselor Trevor Clark is no longer employed by ODR, a change which occurred within days of Sean’s public announcement that he had been genitally groped by Clark in 2013. Details will be published as we get them.

He’s also begun producing new segments for The Final Straw, so give a listen to the latest segments!

Update on Sean

From Friends of Sean:

Sean is currently facing increased scrutiny and repression from the ODRC in retaliation for his published writings, including loss of privileges and a possible increase in security status. 

On October 1, 2018, Sean ended a 29 day hunger strike. It is no longer necessary to call in to the prison, but it would be a great time to send Sean warm words of encouragement as he recovers from his strike. If you’d like, you can include a couple embossed envelopes in with your letter, available at the post office.


Update on Sean’s condition

From Friends of Sean:

We have gotten confirmation from Sean that he is off hunger strike and has been in negotiations with the Warden.

Thanks to those who called and otherwise reached out to support Sean. That solidarity means a lot to his continued well-being.

Sean Facing Repression, Requests Support

From Friends of Sean:

We have not heard from Sean in a week and have received word via a proxy that he is 6 days into a hunger strike.

We have also heard that Sean is facing repression of various kinds, such as false conduct reports, unnecessary/unexplained cell changes, and limitation of his communications.

Although as of yet these issues are unconfirmed, we would like to request that supporters take a moment to call Warren Correctional and inquire about Sean’s status and raise concerns about how he’s being treated right now.

Warren Correctional Institution:
(513) 932-3388–press 7 to be connected to the Warden’s office.



Fuckweasels Ryan Applegate, Ryan Dolan, and Antonio Lee Continue to Terrorize Sean’s Mail

It just never ends.

On February 16, Mailroom fart-goblin Ryan Applegate– whose personal war against all anarchist literature made him globally famous –sent me another notice of withholding. This notice indicated that what was being withheld is a CD.

The notice does not indicate who sent the CD, or where it came from, or what is on it, or why it was sent. It also does not indicate any criteria for withholding which is required on the form.

The notice was signed by Ryan Applegate, the same guy who has made it his full-time job to fuck with my mail.

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Russian Hackers Not Alone in Bringing About the A-Trump-Alypse: Anarchist Prisoner Reveals Role in Causing 2016 Election of Donald Trump

Everyone is focusing on the role of “Russian hackers” to influence the 2016 election. It would seem that the intelligence services feel far more comfortable in thinking that faceless and nameless foreign hackers exerted influence over the U.S. election process and contaminated the purity of American duh-mocracy. But those same intelligence services know what I did. And they don’t want you to know about it, because they don’t want anyone to know that a prisoner in Ohio who spent his teen years writing up training manuals for military intelligence is largely responsible for the big, steaming, electoral turd on the American coffee table.

It appears I’m going to have to toot my own horn. Pat my own back. Declare my involvement in the election of the most embarrassing moron to ever occupy the White House, and to explain why I did it.

Here goes…

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Warren Corruptional Mailroom Fuckweasels Attempt to Avoid Lawsuit…By Stealing It.

In late November, after Warren Corruptional mailroom fuckweasels stole my incoming mail from the Secretary of State (you know, because the Ohio Secretary of State is on a terror watch list… or he’s a gang leader…?) I wrote up a lawsuit, “The Army of the 12 Monkeys versus Warren Correctional Institution,” along with a motion for a restraining order, and sent that in to the Warren County court. Or, so I thought.

Here it is, early January and the Warren County clerk of courts hasn’t so much as answered any of my letters inquiring what happened to my lawsuit. It is quickly appearing that Warren Correctional mailroom fuckweasels aren’t just stealing my incoming mail, but are also stealing my outgoing mail… including the lawsuit I sent out to challenge theft of mail… and that the Warren County clerk of courts never got it.

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Call Out to Anyone Who Thinks They Know Where Russian Hackers May Encounter the Following Open Leter…To Post, Re-Post, Tweet, Link, etc.

I’m currently running for Ohio Governor from prison. My campaign pledge is to abolish the State of Ohio, recognizing the Treaty of Greenville that set aside this area as “unceded Indian Territory.” I plan to invite the First Nations back, hand them the national guard armaments, declare the “State of Ohio” officially abolished, and prepare for the U.S. invasion.

No. Really.

I won’t get too into the theoretical here, but true liberation can only be undertaken in conjunction with a campaign of anti-colonization. You can’t speak of liberation while standing in someone else’s yard.

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