A12M Update and Fuckweaselry at OSP

Update on the A12M Frame Up
The state has filed an answer to the lawsuit, which far as we can tell, summarily denies every allegation without evidence or argument, claims that Sean is not allowed to sue them, and requests that the court charge Sean extra fees for even trying. At the same time, the paralegal at OSP is making up reasons to not give Sean access to legal materials he needs to work on his response. A total coincidence, we’re sure. See Sean’s correspondence below for details on that.

In summary, the prisoncrats are scared, belligerent and desperate. As usual.

Wanna help ratchet up the pressure?

If so, you can:
1. Call OSP at 330-743-0700 and request to speak with Darnell Brady, politely ask them why Sean is being denied access to legal materials while working on a lawsuit against the ODRC.
2. Call the Warden at the above number plus extension 2600 and politely ask why Darnell Brady is refusing to give legal materials to prisoners. Remind the Warden that he and other OSP staff are currently not parties in Sean’s lawsuit, because, up until this point, we don’t have evidence that they have participated in the coordinated targeting and violation of Sean’s rights.
3. Call the ODRC legal services boss Stephen Gray and politely ask him (or his secretary) if Trevor Clark, the key orchestrator of  repression against Sean Swain is still working there. If they say “yes,” then ask “why?”  Stephen’s number is 614-752-1765.
4. Contact the Ohio Attny General, (614) 466-4986 and politely request that they demonstrate the thinnest pretense of  respecting constitutional rights or the rule of law by getting their pants sued off fair and square. Tell them that you enjoy the game where we pretend this is a democratic country and that, by breaking all the rules of that game they are making your feelings hurt. If they ask what you’re talking about, you can say something like… “well, everything you do really, but particularly how you’re cheating at SWAIN v MOHR, ET AL. Case #4:14-cv-02074.”

Whatever you do, don’t email anything unpleasant to thomas.miller@ohioattorneygeneral.gov from an anonymous email account. That would be rude, and we know the rules of the game are we’ve always gotta be polite while communicating with our oppressors.

Enjoy Sean’s correspondence on the subject…

Sent: 12/24/2014 5:49 PM
To: Richard Kerger

Mr. Kerger,
Curious. Last year I asked the paralegal here for a copy of the federal rules of civil procedure. She sent me a printed copy off the computer, free of charge. In moving 3 times and helping others, I no longer have it.
So, last week, I asked for a copy of those rules. Her response, “These are all checked out. Please kite at a later date.” The curious thing is, the law library doesn’t allow you to “check out” books.
So, I sent another kite. Since she has a COMPUTER and gets everything off the COMPUTER, I asked how someone could have “checked out” her computer and how I can check it out since I have a federal civil rights action pending, SWAIN V. MOHR, ET. AL., and I have only days to respond to their answer.
She wrote, “The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are in book form. Case law is on my computer through Lexis Nexus.” Were YOU aware that federal civil rules were deleted from Lexis Nexus? I wasn’t. I felt pretty certain those are on there. I still do.
So, what changed between last year when she gave me hundreds of pages of legal copies, and this past week when, despite stating an emergent need for legal materials, I still have not seen the civil rules?
Again, I’m no conspiracy theorist. I believe 3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead. But, this isn’t really a conspiracy. They’re not really trying to hide it. Wanna bet I don’t get the civil rules in 2014? Maybe not in 2015 either.
I think I’ll forward a copy of this to Ben so he can post it. OSP Paralegal Darnell Brady deserves to be famous. I’ll send him the kites for scanning too.
Merry Christmas.
PS: I sent opposing counsel a JPay invite in case he wants to chat. His email is thomas.miller@ohioattorneygeneral.gov.
As he’s representing the officials who tortured me, we should probably not post his email. Impossible to know what people might send him…