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Gestapo Gary, Trainwreck Trevor, and the Whole Gang Explain Repressive Fuckweaselry to US District Judge: Beerbong Tommy Drives Little, Red Clown-Car in Circles

On 13 March, U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson held a hearing for counsel to present arguments in Sean Swain’s lawsuit against the fascist state-terrorists who continue to break their own laws and block Sean’s communication, interfering with the posting of content at seanswain.org. At the end of January, Fascist Fuckweasel Paul Shoemaker, a.k.a., Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius, pulled the plug on the schedule visits between Ben Turk and Sean Swain. Sean has asserted that the fuckweasels did that to stop him from generating video at seanswain.org. In other words, they shut him down to prevent protected speech in a public forum.
They can’t do that.

They also can’t force Sean off of a hunger strike by threatening to toss him in the hole, or force him off a med strike by isolating him in the medical dungeon, or transfer him to Shitville in order to stick it to him.
So, Sean’s counsel seeks a court order to force the fuckweasels to cease the shenanigans. Continue reading