Gestapo Gary, Trainwreck Trevor, and the Whole Gang Explain Repressive Fuckweaselry to US District Judge: Beerbong Tommy Drives Little, Red Clown-Car in Circles

On 13 March, U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson held a hearing for counsel to present arguments in Sean Swain’s lawsuit against the fascist state-terrorists who continue to break their own laws and block Sean’s communication, interfering with the posting of content at At the end of January, Fascist Fuckweasel Paul Shoemaker, a.k.a., Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius, pulled the plug on the schedule visits between Ben Turk and Sean Swain. Sean has asserted that the fuckweasels did that to stop him from generating video at In other words, they shut him down to prevent protected speech in a public forum.
They can’t do that.

They also can’t force Sean off of a hunger strike by threatening to toss him in the hole, or force him off a med strike by isolating him in the medical dungeon, or transfer him to Shitville in order to stick it to him.
So, Sean’s counsel seeks a court order to force the fuckweasels to cease the shenanigans.

Beerbong Tommy, Chief of the State Terror Defense Bureau, has presented what he pretends to be a real argument. He claims that Sean’s video visitation was not cancelled in order to prevent Sean from generating video footage online. He included an affidavit from Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius¬†who said he was notified by Trainwreck Trevor’s office that Sean sent Ben Turk an email revealing the license number of former MANCI Warden Terry Tibbals, and because Sean sent that email totally unrelated to video visitation, Paulie cancelled the video visits.

Of course, Paulie also admitted under oath that he was told the video was intended to be generated for posting online. Which means fascists were monitoring the website and Sean’s communications, and keeping tabs on Sean’s plans.
Which pretty much proves Sean’s case.

Beerbong also included printouts of articles posted at, apparently to prove that his sociopathic clients, rather than spending their time on the clock running prisons, which is what they pretend their job is, instead decided to monitor the website where Sean’s protected speech is posted, proving they’re obsessed with shit that’s none of their fucking business according to their own laws.
How that forms a defense is anybody’s guess.
But there really is no defense. Terry Tibbals’ license plate is a non-issue for a dozen reasons.

First, Sean doesn’t know Tibbals’ plate number. He knows only that Tibbals said his seven digit plate number stood for “BLACK LIGHTNING.”
Second, Tibbals TOLD Sean his plate said, “BLACK LIGHTNING.”
Third, Tibbals parks his stupid car in a public lot in a space marked WARDEN. Anybody who wants to know his plate number can go look at it.
Fourth, these are the same shitheads who GAVE Sean the HOME ADDRESSES of Ohio senators and representatives, allowing Sean to memorize several addresses, including [addresses redacted by cowardly editors of this site]. The same shitheads who gave home addresses of lawmakers to a prisoner are acting like a license plate is over the top? Get the fuck out.
Fifth, even if Sean knew the seven digit plate number, and even if a plate number was a big deal, and even if Beerbong’s clients didn’t routinely hand out lawmakers’ sensitive information to convicted felons, Sean’s email communication had nothing to do with video visitation. So even in accepting Beerbong’s argument at face value, it’s still no explanation for cancelling video visits.
Sixth, if Sean’s email really violated prison security, prison fascists had the option of intercepting it before Ben got it (like they stole previous emails and got caught by Sean’s counsel). But they didn’t.
Seventh, if Sean’s email violated prison security, they would have invoked the prison disciplinary process. They sent Sean to the super-duper-max for less.
Eighth, if they believed Sean was up to no good, their interests would be served in ALLOWING the video and using it as evidence.
Ninth, after the twenty-one day “investigation” into Tibbals’ license plate was over, Sean’s video visits weren’t resumed (yet, Beerbong Tommy told the federal court that they were).
Tenth, if you read the article that mentions Tibbals plate, you’ll see it wasn’t the plate that pissed them off.
Eleventh, if fascists were concerned about BLACK LIGHTNING, they would have done something about Sean’s repeated publication of it in 2012, 2013, and 2014. But they didn’t.
Twelfth, if a license plate really violated their security, they really would have gone bonkers all the times Sean repeated Trainwreck Trevor’s claim that he’s from Moundsville, West Virginia, which is what Trevor said in his ridiculous Fit Club profile online.

So, on 13 March, Beerbong Tommy, who acts just like a real attorney, had to drive his little, red clown-car in circles, hoping U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson didn’t figure out that Beerbong has no answer at all for why his defense makes no rational sense. But even if Trainwreck and Gestapo, Spanky and SuperGenius all piled out of Beerbong’s clown-car and kicked each other in the pants, one sad spectacle couldn’t possibly cause a federal judge to miss the other sad spectacle– Beerbong’s pathetic story.

Sean’s counsel, Richard Kerger, admitted to one serious disadvantage going into the hearing: He doesn’t know what the “defense” is. As he pointed out, it appeared that prison fascists admit to pulling the plug on Sean’s video to stop its posting online while denying they did it.

If only Beerbong had stuck with the piano lessons, he’d now be good at SOMETHING rather than bumbling along and taking a shit on JPay stock value while accidentally exposing an FBI domestic spying program.

A ruling from Judge Pearson could issue at any time. Granting Sean the requested injunction would pound some serious nails in the coffin of prison fascists’ defense and Sean’s counsel is cautiously optimistic.

Stay tuned for updates on the ends of state terrorists’ abysmal careers… IN REAL TIME!