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Sean’s Deposition to the Courts

weasel courtBy know you know that Sean Swain believes in political violence, whichever way you want to define it. But, after reading this twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he attempts to convince the deluded hierarchs at the federal district court house to stop believing in civilization and other hierarchical nonsense (using poetry no less) you just may suspect he believes in writing as well.

Check it out:

Intro Letter


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Burning Down the Statehouse

Originally aired on The Final Straw Radio.

See also- Sean’s open letter to the Judge.

On March 13, my attorney Richard Kerger appeared in federal court for arguments before U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson. The hearing related to an injunction request my attorney filed in part to stop state terrorists from blocking my protected communication– specifically, prison fascists’ blocking my video visits to stop me from posting video online.
State terrorists have lied to justify the repression. They claim that I “threatened” to “burn down” the Ohio Statehouse, which is something I’ve never done. What I really did, I promised to legalize burning down the Statehouse if and when elected Ohio Governor.

Threatening to burn down the Statehouse and promising to legalize its burning are two very different things, just like it’s two very different things if you threaten to fly a plane into someone else’s building or if you plan to demolish your own.
Still, I was informed that Judge Pearson took issue with my position and that she was not happy to hear that I wouldn’t apologize for my statements. [After Sean wrote this, the Judge filed her decision which effectively nullifies Sean’s freedom of speech]. All due deference to Judge Pearson, I would suggest she disagrees with my position, and if she lives in Ohio, she should probably not vote for me. Instead, she should vote for one of two deluded hierarchs who really ought to apologize for all of their campaign promises. Continue reading

Open Letter to a Federal Judge on Burning Down the Ohio Statehouse

beniteDear Judge,

I write this with the intent to persuade you with reasoned arguments to burn down the Ohio Statehouse. It seems to me that if someone from some other profession were to light that building aflame– a teacher or a sales representative –the act would not have same impact as it would if a federal judge, someone with the highest legal acumen, spoke clearly about the legal and moral offense that is the Ohio Statehouse, using gasoline for nouns and matches for verbs.

I do not believe persuading you to such a free will act will be any easy exercise. I anticipate that it will be quite a difficult task. Not only are you steeped in the false narrative of the hierarchs, which is a very powerful tool to keep all of us from seeing our objective reality clearly, but, in addition, you have a pretty good gig going. You’re a federal judge. That’s no small amount of clout and prestige and power, beyond what’s probably better than a decent pay check. And, steeped in the hierarch narrative, your bench is the perfect platform for you to change the
world. Or so it would seem, Your Honor.

So, for you to march into the Ohio Statehouse with a can of gasoline and a book of matches to make a bold and shocking statement about the illegitimacy of power would be for you to essentially chuck that whole trajectory of your life in the trashcan. Quite a personal sacrifice. Continue reading

Beerbong Tommy Throws JPay under the Bus, Reveals Algorithm Used by JPay to Snitch Out Prisoner Communication

jpaytrustIn a ridiculous “Opposition” filed by Beerbong Tommy, Chief of the State Terror Defense Bureau on behalf of the dozen fuckweasels who had Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain tortured and terrorized, Beerbong threw JPay Corporation under the bus. In Exhibits 5(A), 5(E), 5(F), 5(G), 5(H), and 5(K), Beerbong attached the actual communications that JPay sent to prison fascists, alerting fascists to “key” words appearing in Sean’s outgoing communication.

Based on this disclosure, it is clear that JPay Corporation employs a kind of “spy-ware” in an effort to “catch” prisoner communication that may interest the prison’s Gestapo High Command. After “sifting” prisoner communications for key words, JPay then forwards copies of prisoners’ private communications to the Gestapo.

As shown by JPay’s own documents, made public by Beerbong Tommy, the key words that were searched and found in Sean’s communication included:
escape, fence, murder, straw, fight, death, blood, police, kill, investigator, gang, assault, boss.
In this way, JPay’s snitchware serves to red-flag content of prisoners’ communication.
The identifier at the bottom of the pages reads:
“https://facility.jpay.com/MailViewLetter.aspx?lid=126177050&mailType=1&IsArchive=F…” Continue reading

Gestapo Gary, Trainwreck Trevor, and the Whole Gang Explain Repressive Fuckweaselry to US District Judge: Beerbong Tommy Drives Little, Red Clown-Car in Circles

On 13 March, U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson held a hearing for counsel to present arguments in Sean Swain’s lawsuit against the fascist state-terrorists who continue to break their own laws and block Sean’s communication, interfering with the posting of content at seanswain.org. At the end of January, Fascist Fuckweasel Paul Shoemaker, a.k.a., Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius, pulled the plug on the schedule visits between Ben Turk and Sean Swain. Sean has asserted that the fuckweasels did that to stop him from generating video at seanswain.org. In other words, they shut him down to prevent protected speech in a public forum.
They can’t do that.

They also can’t force Sean off of a hunger strike by threatening to toss him in the hole, or force him off a med strike by isolating him in the medical dungeon, or transfer him to Shitville in order to stick it to him.
So, Sean’s counsel seeks a court order to force the fuckweasels to cease the shenanigans. Continue reading

Court Docs Relating to Video Visits

1. Motion requesting temporary restraining order (TRO) filed by Sean’s lawyer.

19-1 JPay suspending videograms
19-2 Ben’s statement
19-3 Sean’s statement
19-4 Kerger’s statement
19-5 TRO (unsigned)

2. Answer to the request, filed by Ohio Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller.

25-1 Lies
25-2 on transfer
25-3 Statement of Dr Kline
25-4 on videogram
25-5 video visits ad
25-6 videogram ad
25-7 Tibbals denies all
25-8 Statment of Paul Shoemaker
25-9 email
25-10 post
25-11 post
25-12 post
25-13 email
25-14 email
25-15 email
25-16 email
25-17 email
25-18 email
25-19 email


3. Motions about scheduling leading up to the hearing on the temporary restraining order, Fri March 13th.
14117722470 14117708105 14117721515 14117706855 14117707258

Civil Suit Legal Update: Initial Disclosures and Discovery Plan.

trainwreckOn 15 January, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller filed initial disclosures in the 12 Money frame-up civil action filed by Sean Swain. These disclosures are provided to Sean Swain’s counsel, Richard Kerger, in order to identify people likely to have discoverable information and to identify relevant documents. Read the initial disclosures. And some other paperwork:  motion to excuse from phone call, telephonic case mgmt.

According to that other paperwork, Assistant Attorney General Thomas “Beer-Pong” Miller has agreed to disclose the recordings and transcripts of the RIB, which we tried to get through public records requests months ago. The deadline for discovery is November 30th. So, like all the grinding wheels of US injustice, this is gonna be a slow process.

Here’s Sean’s analysis of the initial disclosures…

Fuckweasels’ Initial Disclosures Throw Trainwreck Trevor Under the Bus… Where he Belongs.

Regarding eleven of the twelve named persons, the fuckweasels’ counsel characterized each this way: “At this point in time it is not clear what discoverable information X may have with respect to the claims advanced by Plaintiff in this case.” Only one person was described differently: Trevor Clark. Continue reading

Bomani Shakur

This originally aired on The Final Straw

Earlier this month, the United States Sixth Circuit Court heard oral arguments in the appeal of Ohio death row prisoner Bomani Shakur who’s government name is Keith LaMar. Bomani is one of the five prisoners prosecuted as the Lucasville Five. Targeted as leaders of the weeks long prison uprising that occurred in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility that occurred in Lucasville Ohio in 1993. If you do the math you realize, this is a twenty one year old legal battle, so far.

Bomani was identified, targeted, prosecuted and condemned to death, strictly on the testimony of other prisoners. There existed no security footage, no DNA, no fingerprint evidence. Only the accounts of other convicted felons, who may or may not have had their own motives to lie, who may or may not have attributed their own criminal behavior to Bomani. While hundreds of prisoners were involved in the uprising, investigators only collected the statements it seems from less than a hundred of them. So we must conclude that hundreds of prisoners have no idea what occurred, suffering mass amnesia, or investigators simply chose not to take note of their accounts.

Bomani himself has written extensively. His account was published last year, entitled, Condemned. It’s an excellent read, and very revealing with regard to the tactics the state used in its frame up of targeted prisoners in the aftermath of a riot. I sent my copy to Governor JWow, who never even had the courtesy to write me back and tell me what he thought of the book. What an ingrate. Continue reading

A12M Lawsuit update.

On September 17th, Rick Kerger filed a civil suit on Sean’s behalf suing the ODRC for violating his civil rights when they targetted him at a participant in the Army of the 12 Monkeys prison insurrection solely based on his anarchist beleifs.

First, we need to thank all of the generous donors for helping make this happen. Kerger isn’t asking for any fee, but the cost of simply filing the lawsuit was $400, and wouldn’t have been possible without support from the @ team accross the country. Thank you.

You can find the full text (the complaint) and all of the exhibits to the lawsuit through these links:



We’re awaiting the state’s response, which seems to be approaching it’s deadline. If they don’t file a response soon, or if they do but lose, we’ll win summary judgement, Kerger will be able to get attorney fees, Sean may be able to sue for damages on account of the torture he endured at the hands of ManCI officials, and most importantly, he’ll be transfered down to medium. He’ll be out of solitary confinement at the supermax. Wouldn’t that be nice?