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Piggy backin on the greatsThis originally aired on The Final Straw Radio.

Evangelist Creflo Dollar has given me a fantastic idea that I really need to share with you… Especially if you have some MONEY.
Creflo Dollar runs a mega-church in Atlanta and recently opened a franchise of his mega-church in New York. For anyone unfamil mega-church is to a regular church what super-size fries are to regular, mundane fries. Reverend Dollar doesn’t preach about Jesus to his mega-church members; he preaches about mega-Jesus. I don’t know much about mega-Jesus, but I imagine if mega-Jesus and boring old son-of-Mary-and-Joseph Jesus got in fight, mega-Jesus would hand mundane Jesus his ass. That’s my guess.
I think Creflo Dollar’s franchise in New York has a drive-thru. Not sure.
“Can I get some Jesus please? And SUPER-SIZE him.”
I said “super-size,” not “circumsize.”
So, anyhow, this Creflo Dollar character with his mega-Jesus recently posted a request to his mega-church’s mega-site. He aims to turn the entire world into his super-duper-uber-mega-ultra-hyper-turb He asked mega-church members to donate $65 million so he can buy a G-650 jet, referenced in popular music as a “G-6.”
Creflo Dollar needs to buy a G-6.
See, mega-Jesus, despite all his super powers, has managed to generate very little revenue all on his own. So, to get out the mega-message, mega-Jesus needs Creflo Dollar to get a $65 million celebrity-jet and go zooming around the globe.
You know, becaus there are such huge areas of the world that haven’t heard of mega-Jesus. And clearly there are billions who have not experienced the prosperity that mega-Jesus and Creflo Dolar have been promising. In fact, if we didn’t know better, we’d almost think this whole Christianity program was a complete swindle keeping the poor of the world under control while the Creflo Dollars burn up their o-zone with designer jets.
You’d almost think. Continue reading