Update on Sean’s Situation

Sean's current cell block, as trashed by rioters in 1993.

Sean’s current cell block, as trashed by rioters in 1993.

We have not heard from Sean directly or indirectly since Monday May 11th. [update: we have received word from Sean confirming what the prison says below. Sean adds: “You should get a copy of the conduct report in a few days. Shoemaker intended this to be a level 5 incident. SOCF locals aren’t for the reindeer games. 30 days privilege restriction, phone, JPay. Visits are unaffected.” Also, incoming mail is unaffected, so please feel free to mail stuff to Sean. ]

His case manager says that he is in his regular cell, not the hole or the infirmary and that he is on a thirty day phone and JPay restriction, but that he can send and receive regular mail. The 30 day restriction was set by the disposition of a conduct report. The case manager did not know the content of that conduct report.

We suspect the conduct report is manufactured bullshit. We suspect the “30 day restriction” will last more than thirty days. Sean has been on a “temporary” restriction from access to video visits since January, a restriction the screws refused to lift despite a hunger strike, medical strike, large call-in campaigns and (tragically unsuccessful) legal action.

We hope to hear the full story from Sean soon, but we aren’t holding our breath. In the past, mailroom fuckweasels have interrupted, tossed out, refused, delayed and otherwise fucked with his mail. In the meantime, he has expressed a strong disinterest in phone calls and letter writing and likely hopes to hear some stories from folks on the outside soon.