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Sean Swain Incommunicado

We’re not sure what’s going on, but Sean Swain has been blocked from receiving (and presumably sending) JPay emails. He also has not called his primary supporters, or The Final Straw for a new radio segment. We’ll probably hear from him via snail mail sooner or later, but until then, we’ve got to assume he’s cut off.

When we called the prison, they told us he was not in the hole, and did not have any restrictions on his communication. We suspect they may have transferred him back to a 3B spot, undoing the success of our recent call-in effort. They refused to tell us what security level the block he is held in is on and they got surly and authoritarian when we asked.¬† It seems that the officers at Sean’s newest prison, Warren CI need to learn that their jobs are a whole lot easier when they don’t provoke anarchists from across the country to call and check in on the welfare of our friend who they hold captive.

WARREN CI: 513-932-3388

You can call Warren CI and ask the same questions we asked- why does Sean not have access to communication, what security level is he currently housed in, and does the JPay kiosk in his (or any Warren Unit) actually work right now? You can also leave Sean’s Case Manager a voicemail by punching extension 2281, or try and talk to deputy warden Robert Welch, who maybe got Sean moved from 3B to 3A a few weeks ago, he’s at ext 2005. Whatever lucky anarchist happens to be on the call when when of these officers breaks and spills the beans, please drop a line to AnarchistSwain@gmail.com.

Sean doesn’t like when they fuck with his communication access. Being a writer, getting his voice out is one of the things that help Sean feel connected to the outside world. So he’s probably feeling alone and frustrated. Also, his birthday was Sept 12th, so if you haven’t written for a while, or missed sending him birthday wishes, please consider dropping a line and letting him (and the mailroom monkeys who have to read all his incoming communication) know that he is loved and missed.

Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain’s Communications Resume: Gunshots and Splatter Patterns Signal Fuckweasel Displeasure.

¬†After two months of unsuccessfully silencing Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, the ODRC Gestapo High Command relented on 14 July, restoring Sean’s communications. In response, Sean said, “Happy Bastille Day.”

July 14 is celebrated as Bastille Day, the anniversary of French prisoners being liberated and chopping their former captors’ heads off with the guillotine. This Bastille Day, after Sean’s communications resumed, a sizeable percentage of ODRC Gestapo Headquarters officials reportedly shot themselves in the face, opting for immediate death rather than face the prospects of Sean Swain off their leash. The suicides are unconfirmed. Sean called the response he provoked a “public service.”
Anyone wanting to call the remaining ODRC fuckweasels who apparently never got the memo can urge them to join their co-workers who already accepted the inevitable by calling them at (614) 752-1671.

From the Underground…

Originally appeared on The Final Straw Radio

Imagine for just a moment that you’re a state terrorist. It’s your job every so often to torture those who expose your criminal agenda. Would you be scared if someone complained to your state terrorist boss who is giving you orders? What if they contacted a friend of yours who works on the legislative oversight committee? Would that bother you? If you were a state terrorist who tortured those who expose your crimes, would you care if one of your victims hired an attorney to challenge you in courts that already have a history of looking the other way? What about if peope maintained a website urging others to address your crimes through strict nonviolence?

Imagine you’re a state terrorist. Consider whether any of that would bother you, whether it would even give you pause. Now, walk a mile in that state terrorist’s shoes. Imagine what your worst nightmare would look like. Continue reading

Update on Sean’s Situation

Sean's current cell block, as trashed by rioters in 1993.

Sean’s current cell block, as trashed by rioters in 1993.

We have not heard from Sean directly or indirectly since Monday May 11th. [update: we have received word from Sean confirming what the prison says below. Sean adds: “You should get a copy of the conduct report in a few days. Shoemaker intended this to be a level 5 incident. SOCF locals aren’t for the reindeer games. 30 days privilege restriction, phone, JPay. Visits are unaffected.” Also, incoming mail is unaffected, so please feel free to mail stuff to Sean. ]

His case manager says that he is in his regular cell, not the hole or the infirmary and that he is on a thirty day phone and JPay restriction, but that he can send and receive regular mail. The 30 day restriction was set by the disposition of a conduct report. The case manager did not know the content of that conduct report.

We suspect the conduct report is manufactured bullshit. We suspect the “30 day restriction” will last more than thirty days. Sean has been on a “temporary” restriction from access to video visits since January, a restriction the screws refused to lift despite a hunger strike, medical strike, large call-in campaigns and (tragically unsuccessful) legal action.

We hope to hear the full story from Sean soon, but we aren’t holding our breath. In the past, mailroom fuckweasels have interrupted, tossed out, refused, delayed and otherwise fucked with his mail. In the meantime, he has expressed a strong disinterest in phone calls and letter writing and likely hopes to hear some stories from folks on the outside soon.