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Prisoner Resistance at Toledo CI

UntitledSean’s co-accused, James “BlackJack” Dzelajilja was moved to Toledo CI when the ODRC moved all the level 4As out of OSP.  Since Sean’s access to video visits has been temporarily suspended indefinitely, we figured we’d get the story of the Army of the 12 Monkeys from BlackJack instead. Or find out what other ingenious nonsense the fuckweasels might come up with to prevent supposedly protected prisoner speech. The video visits are scheduled for this weekend, and guess what we got in an email BlackJack sent today?

“Our Jpay kiosk has been down since Fri. night. Its now Wed. Only the one in our block is down. Nobody else’s. Wouldn’t it be cute if they didn’t fix it until AFTER our vid-visit? I hope thats not the case. The day this email gets sent out is the day our kiosk gets back online.

Its Thu. morning. Last night the whole block agreed to refuse our breakfast trays today. The administration saw an organized & unified group of prisoners, working together for one purpose: to let it be known that we want our kiosk fixed, & we’re willing to unify ourselves to make that happen. Today, we simply don’t eat. (All of us.) Tomorrow…who knows what we’ll do? They forced us to lock down in our cells. The kiosk is being fixed as I type this. Theoretically, I should be able to send this to you at some point today. Its sad that shit like this has to happen just so we can keep in contact with family & friends. Peace!”

Blackjack isn’t great at replying to letters, but he does love to get mail, and is better at email. So drop him a line, or set up a JPay account and get with him that way. Looks like we will be getting the video visits to happen, and hopefully he’ll be able to share some rhymes as well as answering questions.

Here’s his contact info:

James Dzelajilja
PO BOX 80033
Toledo, OH 43608


Ubiquitous Security Threats

My name is Sean Swain and I’m speaking to you from a payphone at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville Ohio, the site of the longest prisoner uprising in US history*. I currently reside in the block where that uprising began, L5 and my cell still has the scorch marks on the walls from more than twenty years ago. I think the authorities leave the burn marks to remind all of us prisoners that they won.
But, when I see those burn marks on their walls, I only think of possibilities. I have to warn you before we go any further that I am a “unique security threat”. It was a federal court who recently gave me that designation: “unique security threat” using those exact words.
I’m not just your run-of-the-mill maximum security prisoner, I’m a special category of prisoner who may be subjected to a regimen of restrictions without so much as being accused of violating prison rules. I’m such a unique threat that my communications can be subject to a lifetime ban in anticipation of what I might say about the state terrorists who hold me hostage and occasionally torture me.

Also, you should know that the Fascist Bozos of Ineptitude (FBI) generated 1,297 pages of investigative files on me during the course of my imprisonment. I’m one of my favorite topics, and I write about myself quite frequently, but I can’t think of 1,297 pages to write about me. So that means the FBI knows more about me that I do. My file is available from the FBI as a three-disk set that costs $40. That’s roughly the same as the Sex Pistol’s box set. If ever you have a choice between the two, I would suggest you can’t go wrong with the Sex Pistols.
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