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Sean Requesting Support

We just received mail Sean dated Aug 28th. The USPS date stamp on it is Sept 14th. The prison is holding Sean’s outgoing mail for weeks.

This is a kite he included in his letter:

We asked supporters to contact the prison and find out what is going on with Sean’s communication access. Compiling information from various supporters, it appears Sean has been given a 60 day JPay restriction, but is on level 3A. The Deputy Warden claimed to not know why Sean wasn’t making phone calls.

The letter from Aug 28th also included this copy of an affidavit Sean wrote and filed with the courts, describing his situation from before we pressured the prison to put him in 3A housing. Read that here.

On Sept 8th, Sean appears to have had brief access to the WCI JPay kiosks, which are notorious for being always broken. Emails he sent to some supporters contained the subject line “open letter to the ceo of jpay at his home addresses” but had no contents. After this, Sean’s access to email was suspended.

We’re not sure what to make of all of this information, and encourage anyone who seeks to interpret Sean’s wishes and act in solidarity to exercise caution and proceed of their own volition.

Dept of Justice Investigates JPay


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction gave the JPay Corporation access to your private, sensitive information… And the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating!
We need as many approved visitors as possible to contact Judy C. Preston of the Special Litigations Section, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Their web page is: www.justice.gov/crt/about/spl. Continue reading

Beerbong Tommy Throws JPay under the Bus, Reveals Algorithm Used by JPay to Snitch Out Prisoner Communication

jpaytrustIn a ridiculous “Opposition” filed by Beerbong Tommy, Chief of the State Terror Defense Bureau on behalf of the dozen fuckweasels who had Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain tortured and terrorized, Beerbong threw JPay Corporation under the bus. In Exhibits 5(A), 5(E), 5(F), 5(G), 5(H), and 5(K), Beerbong attached the actual communications that JPay sent to prison fascists, alerting fascists to “key” words appearing in Sean’s outgoing communication.

Based on this disclosure, it is clear that JPay Corporation employs a kind of “spy-ware” in an effort to “catch” prisoner communication that may interest the prison’s Gestapo High Command. After “sifting” prisoner communications for key words, JPay then forwards copies of prisoners’ private communications to the Gestapo.

As shown by JPay’s own documents, made public by Beerbong Tommy, the key words that were searched and found in Sean’s communication included:
escape, fence, murder, straw, fight, death, blood, police, kill, investigator, gang, assault, boss.
In this way, JPay’s snitchware serves to red-flag content of prisoners’ communication.
The identifier at the bottom of the pages reads:
“https://facility.jpay.com/MailViewLetter.aspx?lid=126177050&mailType=1&IsArchive=F…” Continue reading

Open Letter to JPay

mail_heroSean wrote this email to JPay, but they have blocked him from sending them emails anymore, so we’re posting it here and forwarding it to them.


On 31JAN15, Ms. McDonough, a hack employed here at the super-duper-uber-mega-ultra-hyper-turbo-max, apparently went off her anti-psychotics and decided to unilaterally alter the terms of your service agreement with all of us prisoners, your customers. Specifically, at the time that I purchased a JP4, your company offered, and still offers, the service of two 20-minute sessions on your kiosks. That is a service that is included with the “bundle of rights” that I purchased with this device. Those were, and remain, the terms of your service agreement with me and with every prisoner here.

Unfortunately, Ms. McDonough, absent obviously-needed psychiatric goofball pills, has exercised authority she does not possess, and has decreed that we can only have access to your kiosk once every two days, which is 25% of the service you offer, the service I expect, the service to which I am entitled as a paying customer. BREACH OF CONTRACT. I am your customer and the service you promised and offered is NOT being provided to me. Thanks to Ms. McDonough, the kiosk that was installed and the EXTRA kiosk installed to accommodate traffic are now sitting empty half of the day while we are REFUSED the services you promised… And there exists absolutely no rational reason for this except that Ms. McDonough gets hateful when she stops taking her goofballs.

Please advise if you intend to remain in BREACH OF CONTRACT.

Sean Swain.
c: Richard Kerger, legal counsel
Dan Wagner, Senior Finance Reporter, publicintegrity.org
Ben Turk, for posting, seanswain.org


* * *

Anyone who wants to urge Ms. McDonough to resume taking her goofballs and to stop harassing prisoners’ electronic communication for no reason at all can call her at (330) 743-0700…Anyone who wants to urge JPay to demand that its terror-state partner put its chimpanzees on a leash and stop breaching contract can contact JPay at jpay.com or (800) 574-5729. Or JPay, Inc. 12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 243 Miami, FL 33181. Or https://jpay.com/contactform.aspx

JPay Remain’s Silent when Confronted with State-Partner Civil Rights Abuses.

jpay_banner_ad_300x202So, here’s the blueprint. The State outsources to a for-profit corporation that takes over a former government service. The corporation assumes powers the government USED to exercise, becoming a de facto, unelected government. It gives the State its marching orders. Anybody who objects, the State bashes in his or her skull to silence criticism and protect profiteers’ bottom lines. The profiteers reciprocate by giving the political officials some stock options and political campaign contributions and pay-offs no one can trace. It’s the model of General Agusto Pinochet’s Chile after the CIA backed assassination of Salvador Allende. It also serves as the model for the relationship between the State of Ohio and the JPay Corporation, whose profit margins were defended by recourse to torture by the ODRC.

The following email was sent to JPay, explaining the state terror campaign that Ohio waged for JPay’s profit margins, including some pretty pointed questions. JPay responded on 16SEP by REFUSING TO ACCEPT ANY FURTHER COMMUNICATION FROM ME. That’s right. My JPay Support Team refuses to talk to me AND won’t permit me to engage in any further inquiry into their company’s position on torture.
Continue reading