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Burning Down the Statehouse

Originally aired on The Final Straw Radio.

See also- Sean’s open letter to the Judge.

On March 13, my attorney Richard Kerger appeared in federal court for arguments before U.S. District Judge Benita Y. Pearson. The hearing related to an injunction request my attorney filed in part to stop state terrorists from blocking my protected communication– specifically, prison fascists’ blocking my video visits to stop me from posting video online.
State terrorists have lied to justify the repression. They claim that I “threatened” to “burn down” the Ohio Statehouse, which is something I’ve never done. What I really did, I promised to legalize burning down the Statehouse if and when elected Ohio Governor.

Threatening to burn down the Statehouse and promising to legalize its burning are two very different things, just like it’s two very different things if you threaten to fly a plane into someone else’s building or if you plan to demolish your own.
Still, I was informed that Judge Pearson took issue with my position and that she was not happy to hear that I wouldn’t apologize for my statements. [After Sean wrote this, the Judge filed her decision which effectively nullifies Sean’s freedom of speech]. All due deference to Judge Pearson, I would suggest she disagrees with my position, and if she lives in Ohio, she should probably not vote for me. Instead, she should vote for one of two deluded hierarchs who really ought to apologize for all of their campaign promises. Continue reading

Open Letter to a Federal Judge on Burning Down the Ohio Statehouse

beniteDear Judge,

I write this with the intent to persuade you with reasoned arguments to burn down the Ohio Statehouse. It seems to me that if someone from some other profession were to light that building aflame– a teacher or a sales representative –the act would not have same impact as it would if a federal judge, someone with the highest legal acumen, spoke clearly about the legal and moral offense that is the Ohio Statehouse, using gasoline for nouns and matches for verbs.

I do not believe persuading you to such a free will act will be any easy exercise. I anticipate that it will be quite a difficult task. Not only are you steeped in the false narrative of the hierarchs, which is a very powerful tool to keep all of us from seeing our objective reality clearly, but, in addition, you have a pretty good gig going. You’re a federal judge. That’s no small amount of clout and prestige and power, beyond what’s probably better than a decent pay check. And, steeped in the hierarch narrative, your bench is the perfect platform for you to change the
world. Or so it would seem, Your Honor.

So, for you to march into the Ohio Statehouse with a can of gasoline and a book of matches to make a bold and shocking statement about the illegitimacy of power would be for you to essentially chuck that whole trajectory of your life in the trashcan. Quite a personal sacrifice. Continue reading