Civil Suit Legal Update: Initial Disclosures and Discovery Plan.

trainwreckOn 15 January, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller filed initial disclosures in the 12 Money frame-up civil action filed by Sean Swain. These disclosures are provided to Sean Swain’s counsel, Richard Kerger, in order to identify people likely to have discoverable information and to identify relevant documents. Read the initial disclosures. And some other paperwork:  motion to excuse from phone call, telephonic case mgmt.

According to that other paperwork, Assistant Attorney General Thomas “Beer-Pong” Miller has agreed to disclose the recordings and transcripts of the RIB, which we tried to get through public records requests months ago. The deadline for discovery is November 30th. So, like all the grinding wheels of US injustice, this is gonna be a slow process.

Here’s Sean’s analysis of the initial disclosures…

Fuckweasels’ Initial Disclosures Throw Trainwreck Trevor Under the Bus… Where he Belongs.

Regarding eleven of the twelve named persons, the fuckweasels’ counsel characterized each this way: “At this point in time it is not clear what discoverable information X may have with respect to the claims advanced by Plaintiff in this case.” Only one person was described differently: Trevor Clark.

Trainwreck Trevor, it appears, was the principle engineer of the 12 Monkey frame-up, the point-man who called the shots. Trainwreck Trevor, according to disclosures, “has had significant involvement in Plaintiff’s case, including serving as counsel to Investigators and Security Threat Group Coordinators as well as agency liaison with the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Clark also was present for, and served as legal adviser to the Mansfield Correctional Institution’s Rules Infraction Board when it re-heard Plaintiff’s case.”
Translation: Trainwreck was a crash-dummy for the FBI, subjecting Sean to mind-numbing tortures at their direction. Trainwreck then served as “counsel” to Investigator Angela Hunsinger, telling her what lies to write when accusing Sean. Then, after creating the case against Sean, he “advised” the Rules Infraction Board to believe the lies he himself engineered.
So, only one question remains: Did anybody get the license plate number on that bus?

As sworn affidavits by Sean Swain and Les Dillon establish, Trainwreck Trevor engaged in a pattern of dubious behavior. In interviewing Dillon, Trainwreck threatened that the FBI would harass Dillon’s family if Dillon didn’t falsely implicate Sean. Such a threat now is supported by the disclosure that Trainwreck was, in fact, FBI “liaison.” Then, during Sean’s Rule Infraction Board hearing, Trainwreck, holding a phone to his ear and claiming he was on the line with the FBI, confiscated all of Sean’s R.I.B. defense paperwork to give a copy to the FBI.

In his interrogation of Sean Swain (after threatening Dillon’s family with FBI-sponsored terror) Trainwreck GAVE Sean a computer listing of state lawmakers’ HOME addresses. It is unclear what the FBI’s agency liaison intended to accomplish by compromising the private information of Ohio lawmakers, but this betrayal is all the more sinister when considering that the 12 Monkeys– the group that Trainwreck alleged Sean to be a member –sent “threatening letters” to lawmakers, according to WBNS news in Columbus and the Columbus Dispatch.

Why would a licensed practicing attorney give sensitive information of state lawmakers to a prisoner convicted of Aggravated Murder and accused of membership in a terror group targeting lawmakers?

To make matters worse, Trainwreck hails from Moundsville, West Virginia. He carpet-bagged a state job in Ohio, then used his position to obtain Ohio lawmakers’ sensitive information, and he gave it to the felon he claims to be the leader of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, seemingly with the intent of endangering Ohio lawmakers.

He did all of this as the “agency liaison” with the FBI. In future collaborations, the FBI plans to work closely with the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin.

The Fascist Bozos of Incompetence have really outdone themselves.

Sean memorized lawmakers’ home addresses from the list that Trainwreck Trevor, agency liaison to the FBI, gave him. Sean lists several lawmakers home addresses in his affidavit, labeled Exhibit A, attached to his civil complaint.

It is unclear how much of this bumbling mayhem Trainwreck Trevor did on his own and how much was under the expressed direction of his FBI pals on speed-dial, but that will likely come out during depositions. It is also unclear how much involvement the JPay Corporation had in pushing its state partner to silence and torture Sean Swain, all to conceal the illegality of the Ohio-JPay outsourcing swindle…

A swindle rubberstamped by Trainwreck Trevor’s office.
That too will come out in depositions.

The bad news for Trainwreck: He should probably pack the contents of his desk into a cardboard box.

The good news: Moundsville, West Virginia has not filled his old position, so he can always get his job back as the village idiot.

* * *