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OSP Physician Dr James Kline is a Fuckweasel


 Part I: “…Like Clowns Taking Pies to the Face…”

This past Friday, 13 FEB, Ohio State Penitentiary physician, Dr. James Kline got bored. He already sharpened and polished the pointed spike on top of the German World War I helmet he wore when marching around his basement, blasting Wagner from his stereo. He had run out of live frogs to staple to the rubber matting, and putting hamsters into the blender feet-first had lost all its excitement. So, he did what any upstanding doctor employed at a super-duper-max would do: He phoned in a regimen of state terror to silence protected protest, like Israel calling in a drone strike on the Gaza Strip.

Lucky me.

But let’s hit the rewind. It started when the Oppressive Department of Retribution and Corruption pulled the plug on the Skype rip-off video visits that Ben Turk scheduled with me to generate video at seanswain.org. Since Gestapo Gary and Trainwreck Trevor are already getting sued for past shenanigans, they couldn’t block content to the site and stick it to me directly, so they got a hapless dipshit named Paul Shoemaker– Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius –to investigate the video that never happened.

I started a stupid hungerstrike. Stupid. My last meal was Superbowl Sunday and if you ever saw this Aramark-Corporation-slop-vomit, you know I’m not missing anything. Likely, my exposure to radioactive isotopes went down. Continue reading

SUPPORT UPDATE: Shotguns and Bureaucratic Ghost Towns.

croftOn Wednesday Feb 11th, we decided to employ a “shotgun approach”  after a week and a half of letting the ODRC jerk us around with false info and obnoxious lawyerism. No, we don’t mean the shotgun approach the insurrecto-trolls and ODRC officials might fantasize or accuse us of using. We’re using the word “shotgun” metaphorically: if they won’t tell us who to call to get Sean what he needs, we’ll just call everyone, unload willy-nilly at the full range of possible enemies and hope something sticks. Well, some weird things stuck… If you believe in democracy, it’s probably a good idea to look closely at what it produces.

The staff of the new chair of the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) made some calls. This is an Ohio Senate + House Subcommittee, composed of elected politicians, and apparently Democratic Senator Sandra Williams’ staff is idealistic enough to think that means they oughta follow up on calls concerning the health, welfare and rights of captives in Ohio’s correctional institutions. She was very helpful, and given that Joanna Saul, the CIIC Executive Director has demonstrated that the responsibilities of Inspecting and overseeing Ohio’s correctional institutions can be totally neglected without consequence, we appreciate the trouble Williams’ office put into this. Continue reading

Sherlock Paulie Supergenius Lawyers Up, Urges Callers to Contact Beerbong Tommy Regarding Investigation into Anarchist Prisoner’s Super-Powers.

farts[Wanna support Sean? http://seanswain.org/how-to-support-sean-swains-hungerstrike/]
In recent phone interviews regarding the “investigation” into Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain’s video visits (that did not happen), Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption Investigator Paul Schumacher, a.k.a. “Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius,” referred callers to legal counsel defending prison fuckweasels in the civil action filed by Sean’s attorney, Richard Kerger. Paulie SuperGenius, having reviewed the white noise of the 4 video visits he did not allow Ben Turk to have with Sean, came to the undeniable conclusion that he really, really fucked up by targeting Sean for no legitimate reason at all, and rather than giving callers the same ridiculous answer that tasted bad in his own mouth (a contrivance about BLACK LIGHTNING and burning down the Statehouse– as if anyone would miss it) Paulie SuperGenius referred callers to a lawyer.

That lawyer is BeerBong Tommy Miller, Chief of the State-Terror Defense Bureau at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. BeerBong Tommy, who is almost just like a real attorney, has defended the ODRC’s list of hapless villains who tortured Sean for being an anarchist (“anarchist: someone who recognizes we’re better off on our own rather than being oppressed by these hapless clowns”) and for telling the truth in public (“the truth: we’re better off on our own rather than being oppressed by these hapless clowns”). Continue reading

Freedom or Death (sigh…)

pizzaThis originally aired on The Final Straw. Who also did some interviews with Sean in this week’s episode. 

Audio here.

(Sigh.) I could really use a pizza right now. I’m on a hungerstrike. You know, those useless, stupid, reformist actions that never result in anything good? Right. You can go back to segments on Reformism to figure out just what kind of hypocrite I am.

My last meal was Superbowl Sunday, and it kinda sucked.

Anyway, here’s what happened:

My good friend Ben Turk scheduled 2 hours of video visits with me. It works like Skype and it’s a feature that JPay offers for twenty bucks an hour. To arrange it, Ben has to be on my visiting list and JPay email list– which he is. I see prisoners on my security level having these video visits routinely and nobody has ever had one cancelled by the Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption… Until now.

Yep. We got the plug pulled on us. Ben is allowed to see me here in the visiting room, face to face, over and over, where there are thousands of safety and security concerns involved, but he can’t see me over a computer where there are ZERO security and safety concerns.

Does that make any rational sense?
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