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Call in Successful! Sean is at 3A!

Last week, we sent out an urgent request that supporters call Warren Correctional and demand that Sean be moved to a 3A level cell block. He left SOCF in mid August, he was supposed to be sent to 3A, but was instead “accidentally placed in a 3B unit. 3B is a disciplinary unit, where prison gangs ran things and young guys who were only in for short stints and had nothing to lose would pick fights and cause trouble a lot. At SOCF and OSP Sean was on higher security levels, which means 23 hour a day lock-down and not many opportunities for open conflict. A 3B unit is the place Sean would be most likely to run into hassles with other prisoners. Admins could use any conflict to justify putting him back in long term solitary on level 4 or 5.

This weekend, Sean’s 3B unit was transitioned to housing 3A prisoners, the level Sean was supposed to be in. But they didn’t leave him there, they transferred him with the 3B prisoners to another 3B unit. Continue reading

Sean Transferred!

Earlier this week Sean was unexpectedly transferred to Warren Correctional. It seems he wasn’t given enough notice to send word out to supporters, so we’re not sure what’s up with this. Warren is a primarily level 3 institution, so Sean also likely had his security level reduced.

It is located near Cincinnati, so anyone there, in Bloomington, or in Columbus are now closer than they used to be. Sean loves visitors (and is more down to earth in person than his writings would suggest) so if you’d like to hang out in a big room with uncomfortable chairs, lots of sad people who are happy to see each other and vending machines that provide the best food half the people in that room can get, fill out some visitation forms and write Sean a letter letting him know you’d like to come.

His new address is:

Sean Swain
Warren CI
P.O. Box 120
5787 State Route 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Sean’s Transfer Cancelled at the Last Minute

Trainwreck Trevor Clark Cowardly as Always

In Sean’s words…

“I signed my transfer notice yesterday. I wrote everybody and gave them the Trumbull address. I got packed up today. Then the warden notified me that Central Office Anonymous Coward cancelled my transfer. Now I missed commissary and commissary won’t let me shop. I don’t even have soap.
Please let everyone know I’m not at Trumbull and please call here to get Ms. Davis to order commissary to make me up on Friday. Otherwise, I’m really fucked. I had to skip commissary to make property limits to transfer… Now no transfer and no way to get basic necessities.
Fuck my life. : )”

We called Ms Davis, and even spoke to the commissary officer, who said Sean would have access to commissary on Friday.

So, what we need now, is to get at the root of this, and so many other problems with SOCF, that Central Office Anonymous Coward, Trainwreck Trevor Clark. Continue reading

Interstate Transfer?

After thinking a bit more about his planned security level reduction Sean now suspects the ODRC is fixing to send him out of state. Here’s Sean’s words.

“So, a quick chronology.  They blocked my video visits in Jan., and I went on a hunger strike.  Then they transferred me here.  When my atty challenged, the court determined I was a unique security threat for following all of the rules.  I criticized this in writings and on the radio show.

Somebody developed a website, I think called blastblog.  Judge Pearson’s address got posted there.  I had absolutely nothing to do with that, but she recused herself from my case.  I am now pending transfer, and they tell me I’m going to a Level 3 institution–but I am absolutely CERTAIN they are transferring me out of state.   They are using this “crisis” as a rationale for sticking it to me.
I’m responsible for every evil that occurs in the world, you know!”

In response, Sean wrote this Open Letter to Other States Considering Taking Him into Custody to Let the State of Ohio Off the Hook.

Please let Gary Mohr know that the more he fucks with Sean, the deeper he’s digging the hole Trainwreck Trevor Clark has pulled the ODRC into. If you’re into calling and emailing prison officials, Mohr’s secretary can be reached through ODRC Central Office- 614-752-1150. Demand that they not transfer Sean (#243-205) out of state and that they lift all special restrictions on his communication.
Write letters:  Gary Mohr, ODRC Director, 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222
Email: drc.publicinfo@odrc.state.oh.us


Prison Bus to Shitville


Words, filtered through a couple weeks of low-intensity trauma:
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I awoke at 3:45, disoriented, pulling earplugs out of my ears. Dazed, I staggered to the door. Warden Jay Lowdown was there, speaking. “Words words words, something something words.” When I said, “Huh?,” he repeated:
“Today you’re being transferred to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.”
Me: “Uh, why am I being selectively punished?”
“You’re not,” answered Jay Lowdown. He looked a lot taller in his pictures. I also noticed he had the beginnings of a moustache. I remember thinking he needed to quit it. “You’re going from one Level 4 institution to another one.”
Me: “Yeah. Okay. But it still sucks. And it feels pretty selective.”
“We thought you might say that,” Jay replied. “That’s why 37 others are going with you.”

Behind him, I saw deputy wardens, unit staff, and Special Response Teams (SRTs). The SRTs wear black fatigues and hats, paramilitary style. They are also sometimes called STAR, “Special Tactical something Response.” I think the “A” stands for “Asshole.” They typically prefer STAR to SRT, because it feels more glamorous when they have STAR on their hats. They go shopping or walk into bars or wait for pedicures at their favorite beauty shops and their hats announce them as STARs.
A couple of them came to my cell and within moments, everything I owned was crammed in boxes, the last time I would ever see half of my property. Within minutes, I was standing in my cell with a half a roll of toilet paper and a lot of empty space. The STAR assholes moved on to the next cell like a biblical swarm of locusts dispatched by a loving, murderous god. I stood there, confused.
I was going to Lucasville. Continue reading

Word from Sean

jan24We received this JPay from Sean today, it was written on the 24th.  It appears as though the Army of the 12 Monkeys is still active at Mansfield Correctional. A “handful of guys” just got transferred to the hole,  accused of being members of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. 

We also heard rumors that at least one of these prisoners is being tortured in a “suicide cell” just like Sean was initially. The guy’s name is Shawn Marshall. His number is 461-448.  Word is Marshall went to this torture cell on Tuesday Jan 15th. He doesn’t have friends or family on the outside, so there’s no one to stop them from keeping him in torture cell for a long time.

Sean has not had his final security reveiw or been transferred yet. ManCI staff are depriving Sean and others accused of 12 Monkeys activity of food and sleep.  Read the JPay for details.

Please call ManCI at 419-526-2000 demand that they stop torturing Shawn Marshall (461-448) and that they adequately feed prisoners in seg and allow them to sleep.

Please call Director Gary Mohr at Central Office, 614-752-1150, demand that ManCI staff be sanctioned until this treatment changes.