Sean’s Transfer Cancelled at the Last Minute

Trainwreck Trevor Clark Cowardly as Always

In Sean’s words…

“I signed my transfer notice yesterday. I wrote everybody and gave them the Trumbull address. I got packed up today. Then the warden notified me that Central Office Anonymous Coward cancelled my transfer. Now I missed commissary and commissary won’t let me shop. I don’t even have soap.
Please let everyone know I’m not at Trumbull and please call here to get Ms. Davis to order commissary to make me up on Friday. Otherwise, I’m really fucked. I had to skip commissary to make property limits to transfer… Now no transfer and no way to get basic necessities.
Fuck my life. : )”

We called Ms Davis, and even spoke to the commissary officer, who said Sean would have access to commissary on Friday.

So, what we need now, is to get at the root of this, and so many other problems with SOCF, that Central Office Anonymous Coward, Trainwreck Trevor Clark.

“Note the trend… An anonymous coward kicked people off of my visiting list… Now an anonymous coward blocks my transfer. These powerful government officials are hiding under their desks and praying we don’t learn their names and publicly humiliate them for their nonsense…. How long before they all get together and tie Trainwreck down on an altar, burn some incense, and disembowel him, sacrificing his dumb ass to the gods of political expediency?

Wanna help ruin Trevor Clark’s career? We hope so. Check out the plan.