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Armchair Anarchists Suck

ARMCHAIR ANARCHISTS SUCK- A Response to Trolls on @news.

Irony of ironies- some mush-brained, liberal, state-worshipping hack wrote an online article slamming me as an “oddball” because, like all real anarchists, I want to abolish the state… and who is it that agrees with that state-worshipping hack? Other so-called anarchists.


I ran for governor in Ohio – from prison – on the promise that, if elected, I would employ a number of radical steps that, foresee-ably, would cause the cataclysmic collapse of the state government. It doesn’t surprise me that the state-worshipping hack, his mind mismanaged and pickled in corporate slime, couldn’t comprehend why my campaign was funny. It also doesn’t surprise me that he couldn’t understand why my campaign was also potentially dangerous. So, he dogged me.

Still, I never thought I’d have to explain myself to anarchists. But, it appears that I do. So-called anarchists are now taking shots at me and continuing the smear work of a reformist, state-worshipping hack, making it necessary for me to explain myself and justify my actions to armchair anarchists whose only “action” involves a jar of peanut butter and the family dog. Here goes:

Reasons my campaign was funny:

      1. I ran for governor from prison. From prison.
      2. I ran for governor in Ohio, a conservative, republican, backwater shithole, a veritable zombie apocalypse that elected and re-elected George Dubya, arguably the most dangerous sociopath to be president, and Bob Taft, arguably the most dangerous fuckweasel to serve as a governor in the history of fuckweaselry.
      3. I was proposing to utterly destroy the oppressive state that this lemming population utterly idolizes, and I was promising to burn down their beloved capitalist system with a can of gasoline and a book of matches.

In short, I was saying everything I could possibly say to not get elected. But the campaign was also potentially dangerous because:

      1. It was funny and it was a mockery of the electoral and political system – and nothing is more dangerous to “authority” and “prestige” than laughter.
      2. This stunt got regional and even national media coverage, which created the chance for people to read my writings and perhaps begin to actually question the legitimacy of the state.
      3. It drove the prison fascists absolutely ape-shit.

Other prisoners knew why it was funny. It made me a minor celebrity. Whereas, before my campaign, I was “that anarchist guy” and nobody quite understood what anarchy was, my campaign made prisoners curious and before long, young black prisoners from the inner-city and from conflicting gang backgrounds were reading Berkman, Kropotkin, Proudhon, Sterner, Goldman, Bakunin, Parsons, and DeCleyre. They had a prison-wide revolution library. Some of them began a writing collective called The Conditions Factory (from a quote by George Jackson, “where the conditions for revolution are not present, they must be manufactured”).None of these prisoners have gone back to sleep. None of them have resumed their assigned seats.

So here I am, years later, still in direct conflict with the fascist fuckweasels. I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’m kicking and punching and drawing blood – fighting for your liberation and mine, fighting so fucking long now that I’m fighting because I don’t remember how to do anything else; I’ve been pegged as the creator of the Army of the 12 Monkeys because, out of 50,000 Ohio prisoners, the fascist fuckweasels concluded that I am the only one who could have done this to them.

I’m not telling you that I’m the most dangerous revolutionary locked up in the State of Ohio…

The State of Ohio is.

So do I get a unified anarchist army coming to my defense, organizing in solidarity, rising up to defy the mind-fuck machine? No. I get sniped by so-called anarchists who want to help a hierarch propagandist throw me under the bus… and they’re doing it now, when I’m more in need of solidarity from real anarchists than ever before.

I have to cut this short because here on the former death row, toilet water is pouring down the walls from the cells above us; Blackjack is strapping a plastic food tray to his arm with a sheet for use as a shield. It’s hard to see through the fog of tear gas. We still have to barricade the door because the fascists with their helmets and shields and weapons are about to march into the special management unit, and all we’ve got are bars of soap in socks and our bare hands to fight back. I can hear 30 raging fists pounding on steel doors, awaiting the clash, toilet water ankle deep on the storm troopers’ jackboots.

Happy Fourth of July.

Not trying to offend anyone here, but to all the armchair anarchists out there who aren’t surviving on a steady diet of teargas and blood: why don’t you stop typing that witty punchline, wipe the peanut butter off your balls, shove the dog to the side, and do something… just an idea. If I live through this, I’ll write more later. The state will get tired of killing us before we get tired of dying.


Freedom or Death,

Sean Swain

Anarchist Prisoner of War

Special Management Unit

Mansfield Corruptional Institution

July 4, 2013



Rules Infraction Board Fails to Mount Coherent Case, Finds Swain Guilty Anyhow

On April 30th, 2013 the Mansfield Correctional Rules Infraction Board (RIB) held a hearing for Sean Swain where they again tried to make the case that he is the leader and founder of the Army of the 12 Monkeys (A12M), an anarchist prison gang / guerilla army. The hearing lasted an unprecedented three hours and forty-five minutes. Leslie Dillon, admitted founding member of A12M testified that Swain is innocent and that the charging official, investigator Angela Hunsinger actually provided the guerilla manuals. The hearing and conduct report were rife with inaccuracies, jurisdictional issues, illegal investigative procedures, and absurdities, but still resulted in a guilty verdict against Mr Swain.

A summary of some of those irregularities (more detailed analysis, from Sean is online here.:

1. They admitted that the first conduct report was harassment and unconstitutional targeting- and described the current conduct report as a rehearing of that conduct report. In other words, they are saying that they are repeating and continuing harassment and unconstitutional targeting.
2. This is NOT a rehearing, there are new charges and a whole new set of supposed evidence, collected in March of 2013. 200 days after the investigation was supposed to be over.
3. Legally, there is no conduct report. ManCI investigator Angela Hunsinger signed the conduct report, she’s the charging official, but in the hearing, she disavowed the entire thing and testified that she did not write it.
4. Leslie Dillon’s testified in Sean’s favor, re-affirmed his affidavit. This exonerates Sean completely and proves the entire process is just malicious harassment.
5. No evidence was admitted during the hearing by the charging official. None. Not one piece of paper. The guilty verdict of the RIB was based on Hunsinger’s totally inaccurate and blatantly false characterizations of letters written by 12 Monkey-accused prisoners.
6. ManCI investigators should not have had access to those letters. They can only review prisoners’ outgoing correspondence for a 21 day investigation. The investigation started September 19th and ended October 10th, 2012. The letters referred to in the conduct report (but not presented as evidence during the hearing) were written in March of 2013.
7. Three of those letters were written by other prisoners and have no bearing on Swain’s conduct.
8. None of the letters Sean wrote are conceivably threats to the security of the facility or indications of involvement with the army of the 12 Monkeys.
A. Letters in which he mentions that 12 Monkeys manuals can be found online at and He has presented this information to people he wrote to (including ODRC Director Gary Mohr) as evidence that someone outside the prison with access to the internet must have created A12M.
B. In one letter he makes a joke that outside supporters should capitalize on 12 Monkeys notoriety by printing T-Shirts. He compares them to the famously ironic Che Gueverra t-shirts. This is obviously irrelevant and protected speech.
C. In another letter, he proposes a feature to a website he does not own or control ( A proposal which was rejected by the people who do control the website, and which, even if adopted, would be considered protected free speech by precedent set in federal courts.
9. Trevor Clark- who assisted in writing the conduct report (or, based on Hunsinger’s testimony, likely wrote the report and had her sign it) was visibly agitated and left the hearing. Later, he repeatedly burst back in to interrupt the hearing and tell everyone that he was on the phone with the FBI and had told them about that time when he shared the home addresses of Ohio politicians with Sean during one of their interviews. Clark seemed to intend this as some kind of threat… we’re not sure how stupidly sharing his mistake with more people hurts Sean. Clark said he would be writing a new conduct report against Sean.

Despite all of these absurdities, the RIB hearing found Sean guilty and will continue to hold him in the control unit and deprive him of basic rights and human needs, like sleep and adequate meals while he files his appeals.

Swain’s supporters believe this is ManCI’s true intention. They want to keep Sean there, so they can continue to torture him. If we beat these charges, they’ll just manufacture new conduct reports to keep Sean under investigation permanently. The conduct report Clark threatened to write would be the fourth frivolous and nonsensical report filed against Swain since September: 1.the admittedly ideology-targeting report, 2. the “redo” report producing this hearing, and 3. a frivolous report filed by Uriah Melton– Swain’s supposed advocate at ManCI are the other three. 4. Clark’s new report, to be uncovered.

Please send Sean mail, please donate to his legal fund. We are going forward with the lawsuit and could use all the help we can get. Thanks to hours Kate from RedBird spent on the phone with central office, Sean and the others can receive zines again. Please send things to read.

It seems like the mailroom continue to throw Sean’s mail away, randomly. If you mail him, or any of the A12M accused prisoners anything, please drop an email so we can verify if he received it (via Mr Fitrakis’ legal mail).

Sean’s Statement before RIB

Sean sent us a copy of what he wrote for his opening statement before the RIB board on April 31st. We transcribed it and combined it with other notes and details he has sent to us.

I have four issues to raise for the record before addressing the facts of the case, if I may.

First, the State of Ohio is in breach of contract, which precludes the holding of a disciplinary hearing and qualifies as grounds for dismissal of these charges.
The State of Ohio is a “creature of law”. It is not a living thing. It is brought into existence by a legal document. In this case, the Ohio Constitution. That legal instrument, the Ohio Constitution, is the creating document for the State of Ohio, bringing it into existence.
Like all contracts, the Ohio Constitution describes the duties and powers of the parties. In this case, there is The State of Ohio, the government, and the People, who are subjects. The state has powers designated to it – the power to make laws and enforce them – and it also has duties – the duty to protect rights. Those are terms of the contract.
Subjects, you and me, also have powers and duties. We must obey the laws, which is a term of the contract.
Article I of The Ohio Constitution provides in part that the State of Ohio must protect my right to free speech. This is a duty The State of Ohio has – a contractual duty. On 19 September, the State of Ohio breached that duty. I was placed in a torture cell on torture cell row, my rough draft of a published article and my typewriter were confiscated and I was subjected to a long ordeal admittedly for protected speech. The State of Ohio has undone the disciplinary findings and in this conduct report the State admits that there was a focus on my protected expression. When the State of Ohio did that to me, it violated the terms of the Ohio Constitution. It violated the contract.
There are consequences from violating a contract.
If you and I have a contract that I will de-ice your windows in the morning if you pay me $5 per day, we have a contract. On Monday, I de-ice your car windows. On Tuesday, you pay me $5 and I de-ice your windows. But on Thursday, I don’t de-ice your windows. When I come to you on Friday for $5 will you pay me? I ask, because your part of the contract requires you to pay me $5.
You certainly won’t pay me – because I breached the contract. When I breached the contract, I released you from your obligations. You no longer have to meet your end because I defaulted on my end.
Well, the same situation here. The State of Ohio had a contractual duty to protect my right to free speech. It’s part of the contract, and in breaching the contract, it released me from my obligations.
The State of Ohio crumpled up the contract. Ohio’s laws are passed by the legislature, which derives it’s power from that contract. No contract, no laws. The State of Ohio told me the laws do not apply. It released me from its laws. It breached the contract. I no longer had to follow its laws anymore than you had to pay me $5 for services I’m no longer performing.
The State of Ohio released me from the contractual obligation of following it’s laws on 19 September when it breached its contract. Its actions said the laws do not apply here. Lt Dahlby expressly told me the laws do not apply here. So, from 19 September, 2012 until The State of Ohio admitted what it did and attempted something curative – at least until then – there was an absence of law between The State of Ohio and me. You, the State of Ohio, said so.
Well, herein is the problem. The rules of conduct that the State is now attempting to prosecute are a product of the Ohio Administrative Code – the very law that the State of Ohio released me from following when it breached the contract on 19 September and punished me expressly for protected speech.
As I was released from the contract, I cannot be held to its terms. The State of Ohio has no standing to bring these claimed rules violations and the conduct report, as a matter of law, must be dismissed.
I move for its dismissal on this basis.

Second, this disciplinary case lacks jurisdiction. I was confined beginning 19 September 2012, admittedly profiled and targeted for protected speech. After 217 days, the guilty findings were reversed. Now, the form says that it is overturned by legal for re-issue and rehearing of new conduct reports, and it says that the charges may be reheard. However, legally, there’s a problem in all of this. In fact, there are a few problems.
1. This is not a rehearing. I am not facing the same charges – two new charges have been added and one old charge was dropped. So, this is a new case with a new code number, not a rehearing of the old case.
2. I am not accused of the same conduct. The conduct previously was protected speech for which I cannot be legally punished. So, now, it appears that the State is proceeding as if I am not being punished for the reason the state has already admitted it is punishing me, but, instead the State tossed me in the hole last September for alleged rules violations I was going to commit 6 months later.
3. You can’t shove the poop back into the mule. We know why Angela Hunsinger ideologically profiled me. We know why I came to the hole. We know why I was subjected to torture where two men have since died. It was admitted in the first conduct report. Ideology. Jpay. Anarchist. So now, with a new conduct report and new charges and new allegations of new misconduct, we have an effort to shove the poop back into the donkey. We’re going to pretend this ordeal did not happen for the reason it happened, and we’re going to try to put a legally-acceptable excuse on the legally unacceptable events that have already happened and are now ongoing. This is illegal. It is continued free speech persecution under a pretty mask.

On that basis, I move for the dismissal of the conduct report.

Third, there is a jurisdictional problem in this case. MANCI had the legal authority to open and photocopy my outgoing mail for a 21-day investigation. That means MANCI had until 10 October 2012 to investigate my outgoing mail. Charging officials allege that the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation requested that they open and photocopy my mail for the extended period giving rise to this conduct report.
I don’t know if that’s true. Neither do you. Such a written request is not mentioned in the conduct report, and if such requests did exist, they would necessarily have to be mentioned in the conduct report, pursuant to Policy 56-DSC-01 (VI)(1)(b), requesting all relevant facts. I would assert that documents establishing jurisdictional authority are relevant facts.
Having said that, even if such documentary requests exist, the charging officials are without jurisdiction to bring these charged rules violations. Assuming the FBI requested my photocopied mail that does not justify this disciplinary process. The FBI has power to investigate federal crimes. Ms Hunsinger and Mr Clark can by all means, photocopy my mail and turn it over to Special Agent in charge, C. Frank Figliuzzi can consider federal charges; the US attorney can bring an indictment. Neither of these people are Special Agent Figliuzzi. This is NOT a federal court.
Likewise, if Lt RS Chapman of the Ohio State Highway Patrol requested a mountain of my mail, he is entitled to it. He can review it for violations of state law. If he find violations of state law, he can urge the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to bring state charges in an indictment. But this is not an indictment with state charges.
If Special Agent Figliuzzi cannot find federal charges, then he can take my photocopied mail over which he has jurisdiction, and he can dispose of it. If Lt Chapman cannot find state charges, then he can take his copy of my photocopied mail, and he can dispose of it. But legally, neither of them, obtaining my outgoing and incoming correspondence under the justification of investigating state and federal crimes, can hand those materials to prison authorities in order to bring disciplinary charges based upon materials that prison authorities had no authority to obtain directly.

On that basis, I move that my conduct report be redacted to remove all references to any correspondence from me that was sent after the institution’s investigation expired on 10 October, 2012. And I move for dismissal of all charged rule violations that have their basis in my outgoing correspondence after 10 October 2012. To use that correspondence is to continue the lawless exceptionalism that has been the hallmark of this case from the start.

As a fourth and final matter before addressing the facts, this conduct report is beyond the time limits allowed by local policy 3D 011 (vI(J)(3)(b), requiring an RIB hearing to be held within seven business days following the date I was placed in security control for other than investigative reasons. That means that, by the mandatory timelines, you had seven business days from Oct 10, 2012. That period elapsed on 19 October, 2012. You are now [at the time of the hearing] 200 days late. Assuming an argument that this is a re-hearing, I would remind you that it is not. It is a distinct, new case number with new charges and a totally new infrastructure of fact. It is not a re-hearing of MANCI-12-007219. It is not a re-hearing of those charges. It is not a re-hearing of those charged instances of alleged misconduct. This new conduct report, stating the date of offense of 19 September, 2012 at 4:00 PM had to be heard months ago pursuant to the Ohio Administrative Code, DRC policy, and local policy.

On that basis, I move for the conduct report’s dismissal.

Should I continue with the facts of the case, or permit you to address those legal arguments first? If you want, I’ll continue w/ the facts. I’ll try to be brief and thorough.

In 2009 I came to MANCI. Model prisoner- no fights, no major misconduct, locked up since 1991. No gang activity. But right after I got here, Ms Hunsinger put me on the gang list, absent the requisite gang ticket, because a website called featured my published work.

August 2012, JPAY policy happened and I wrote an article for saying it’s identity theft to take 750,000 visitors information without their consent and give it to Jpay. Shortly after that, someone- not a prisoner- posted 12 Monkeys manuals on the internet. Staff printed them off. In a prison where 3A + 3B prisoners don’t mingle, staff had to be involved to get hundreds of copies to every block.

I was recommended for medium on 12 September. I had to get to Marion for programs to get a parole in 2016. I’ll have 25 years in.

According to Shawn Marshall, it was about that time he was called to Security Threat Group (STG) office. Marshall was in 3A with me. Marshall says he was given 12 Monkey Manuals to plant in my cell. He didn’t do it. When STG searched my cell for nearly 2 hours on 19 September, all they found was a rough draft of my Jpay article and my typewriter. I was one of 3 prisoners searched that day, I later learned. I had NO 12 Monkeys materials but I was removed from population and placed in a torture cell on torture cell row where two men have since died.

Les Dillon, in 1B, was found with a mountain of 12 Monkeys materials. He was left in population. Does that sound like a 12 Monkey investigation?

I was held incommunicado in conditions the CIA Kubark manual calls “the simple torture situation,” I left there sleep-deprived and hallucinating. In the last 230-some days, decades-long procedures for segregation changed to make conditions intolerable, in at least 13 ways, while I’ve lost over 50 pounds. In slow starvation.

The investigation ended 10 October, 2012 and I went to RIB 24 October, charged with rules 15, 17, and 56, based on my ideology and published work. Jpay, anarchism. Ms Hunsinger testified that I engaged in none of the 12 Monkeys promoted activities, I played no role in their materials, and I engaged in no criminal activity. I was found guilty and slated for supermax as a CREATOR of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. I was days away from transfer.

My attorney presented proof of my innocence, including the domains where 12 Monkeys materials are on the internet- where I can’t put them, evidence Ms Hunsinger conceded. He proved Ms Hunsinger misrepresented my writings. amassed a groundswell of support from Justice Watch to Amnesty International; National Religious Campaign Against Torture to claims before the OAS that may set a precedent in international law. I’m recognized as a political prisoner and as a prisoner of conscience, and I’ve now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The DRC hates

On passover, the day that the god of Abraham, Itzak, and Yisrael liberated slaves from Egypt, I learned this injustice was reversed. Unfortunately, a new injustice is renewed with all the legal deficiencies I raised already. Those claims notwithstanding, the new conduct report cites 8 instances of conduct I will address briefly [Sean re-iterates the arguments found here].

So, to recap, here are eight reasons you’re supposed to give the parole board justification to make me die in prison as a terrorist rather than going to medium to get programs and get a parole before my elderly parents die:

1. Dillon wrote a story investigators misrepresent in 7 ways.
2. Dzelajilija wrote a letter that doesn’t implicate me in anything.
3. Marshall believed Ms Hunsinger just like everyone else does so he sent me a coded message.
4. I discovered web addresses that destroyed the first flimsy case they brought.
5. I don’t have 12 Monkey manuals on a site I don’t own.
6. I insulted the 12 Monkeys by suggesting a friend should profiteer and sell t-shirts.
7. Other people own a site that doesn’t feature an idea I proposed, that doesn’t work like investigators describe it.
8. One of Ms Hunsinger’s personalities doesn’t know the other one already exonerated me of disseminating 12 Monkey materials on the compound.

PSALM 118:10-12.
His word does not return to him void.

Further analysis of BLAST!Blog accusations (#7) sent in a second letter, mailed May 19th…

This is BLAST!Blog in a nutshell: I proposed a feature at which is mastered outside the US on a server OUTSIDE the US. What I wrote was a proposal. It was titled: Proposal. As I have no internet access, I CANNOT post anything anywhere nor create a feature on a site. Also, I don’t own Really, I don’t even know who does.
So, before we go into the CONTENT of my BLAST!Blog proposal, let’s be clear about the process. I was ONLY writing a proposal and sending it to others who may or may not implement the proposed idea. This means what we’re dealing with in the prison disciplinary process is NOT whether or not BLAST!Blog would be a threat to security. No. What we’re dealing with is the question of whether it constitutes a threat to security if I communicate an idea for a website to my friends and my counsel in the free world. We’re ONLY dealing with MY SPEECH, my transmission of a proposed idea. When my mail left here and went to point B, did that endanger the security of the institution?
Again, before we get to CONTENT of BLAST!Blog, whatever it is, it’s the argument of fascists that I can put words on paper and if they arrive in the free world, the ODRC might fall apart. NOT if you ACT on those words. Just if YOU read them.
Yes. I have magic powers.
They can’t argue anything else. If they argue that it’s not what I wrote, but that it’s IF you act on it, then they have switched the focus- it would become YOUR conduct that is a potential threat. They can’t punish me for that. So, legally speaking, they are locked in on an arugement that MY COMMUNICATION OF WORDS ON PAPER- in the form of the BLAST!Blog proposal- THREATENED SECURITY.
Now, the CONTENT of what I wrote.
BLAST!Blog, as I proposed it, would be a feature. It would have a disclaimer against violence, property damage and harrassment. A disclaimer written and/or approved by counsel. After the disclaimer, mandated-acknowledgement disclaimer, you go to BLAST!Blog proper. BLAST!Blog would have a listing of fascists and their crimes against humanity. It would have their names- just like the DRC website. It would have their photo, just like the DRC website. It would have a description of their crimes, just like the DRC website has for 50,000 convicted felons.
By the BLAST!Blog proposal, THAT IS ALL THE INFORMATION THAT SEANSWAIN.ORG WOULD POST. Nothing more. Neither BLAST!Blog, nor would post ANY personal information of anyone. Period.
Hunsinger alleges that BLAST!Blog would feature home addresses, phone #s, etc of DRC employees to promote harassment, violence and property damage. Again, she MADE THAT UP. See a pattern? Where evidence does not exist, she invents it.
Now, BLAST!Blog would also feature message boards. Visitors would post comments on them. Legally, IS NOT responsible for the contents of anonymous visitor postings. No telling what might be posted. No telling if anything would be posted.
So the legal question is, is the content of my BLAST!Blog proposal, a proposal to create a feature that has no more information than the DRC website, with a disclaimer against violence, so fucking dangerous that MY WRITING IT and my TRANSMISSION OF IT TO FREE WORLD PEOPLE constitutes a threat to the safety and security of the DRC?
Get the fuck out of here.
For legal purposes, let’s compare. Another case. Oregon- I think. People posted a page at freepress (?) and on the page they featured HOME ADDRESSES of scumbag cops. As far as I know, no disclaimer. The federal court said their postings were PROTECTED FREE SPEECH. Now, let’s consider. In Oregon, we’re dealing with cops, not guards. We’re dealing with cops in the community among people who can visit the site. Prisoners can’t visit a site. In Oregon, we’re not dealing with a messageboard, but direct posting of home addresses. In Oregon, we’re not dealing with- as far as I know- a mandatory-acknowledgement disclaimer. So, in Oregon, the SPEECH under review by the court was, in every respect, more serious and more dangerous than anything I proposed. Also in that case, they didn’t propose doing it; they did it.
Okay, so I’m going to MAX for suggesting that you engage in PROTECTED SPEECH???
How could it be that SUGGESTING that you engage in PROTECTED SPEECH would constitute a threat to the prison’s security???
I don’t care what these fuckweasels say, but there no conceivable way anybody can legally argue that merely suggesting you do something the federal courts say you have a right to do could be a danger to prison security.
Now, check it out. Blackjack wrote a letter telling people NOT to create a website. That’s a security threat. He’s going to MAX. I wrote a letter telling people TO build a site. That’s a security threat. I’m going to MAX. So, if you say DO it, you go to max; if you say NOT to do it, you got to MAX. So, if you mention the internet, you’re a security threat???
Speaking of security threat- you recall these are the same shitheads who said Walden is a treat to security, right? We’re talking about credibility here. They have none.
Also, in the first conduct report, remember my writings were “advocating property damage and violence.” Then in my 5B Placement, no less than 4 times they assert that I advocate “property damage and violence.” Then, in a kite that conceivably says NOTHING threatening, they allege that I “threaten bodily harm”- violence. Now, the re-tread case, they again allege that I promote “property damage and potential violence.”
Property damage property damage property damage, violence violence violence. It matters not what I write or what I say, it’s advocacy of property damage and violence. Provably, that’s got nothing to do with reality. It has to do with their psychopathology. They are provably delusional. Violence violence violence property damage property damage property damage.
You do realize, in 22+ years locked up, I’ve had ZERO fights. No violence in 22+ years. I took a vow of non-violence in 1995. I was recognized personally- not making this up- by ROSA PARKS for my dedication to nonviolence. SHE nominated my placement on the Wall of Tolerance- she PERSONALLY NOMINATED ME- for my work toward a peaceful, nonviolent world.
No fights. 22+ years. In prison.
Violence violence violence. Property damage property damage property damage. Really??
I’ve been terrorized. I’m in the custody of terrorists who say a man who took and kept a vow of nonviolence is violent. I was tortured. Starved. Subjected to purposeless, mindless trauma.

Monkey #9 Exonerates Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, Accuses the Charging Official

On April 30th Leslie Dillon, self-identified founding member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys testified at Sean Swain’s Rules Infraction Board Hearing. His testimony included the revelation of the source of the A12M materials: ManCI investigator Angela Hunsinger. Trevor Clark, legal counsel for the ODRC had erroneously told both Swain and his lawyer that Dillon had agreed to testify for the state.

Shawn Marshall, another admitted member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys was called to testify by Swain, but he did not appear. Marshall has stated that Hunsinger instructed him to plant A12M materials in Swain’s cell. It is unknown whether he refused to testify, or if the prison prevented him from appearing. Marshall has been in and out of the mental health wing (also known as torture-cell row) since being accused of A12M activities.

James “BlackJack” Dzelijilja is the fourth prisoner at ManCI accused of participation in the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Marshall was transferred to segregation in January, the other three have been held in local control since September, 2012. BlackJack denies A12M involvement, but has not appealed the guilty verdict of his RIB hearing, last October.

Sean Swain appealed October’s RIB decision all the way to the top, and then threatened to sue the ODRC for targeting him for protected speech and his deeply-held beliefs. April 30th’s hearing was a “redo” of that conduct report, because even ODRC legal counsel admitted the original conduct report focused inappropriately on Swain’s ideology and speech.

Since the transfer of these prisoners to administrative control, ManCI has changed their policies in 13 different ways to make isolation conditions more punitive. Everything from food rations, to Jpay email access to laundry has been altered to make life intolerable. All four have lost weight due to being fed starvation rations. Swain reports having lost 55 pounds since September. All of the incoming and outgoing mail for these prisoners has been opened, read and photocopied since September, despite a statutory 21 day limit on the investigation which authorized the opening of their outgoing mail.

All of the prisoners accused of A12M activities need support. Especially Leslie Dillon, who may face retaliation for his testimony. Supporters can call the prison and insist that they start following their rules, stop manufacturing charges against the prisoners, increase rations and improve conditions in segregation.

Warden Terry Tibbals- 419-526-2000
Angela Hunsinger- 419-526-2000 ext 2027, 2026, and 2029
Trevor Clark- 614-752-1765 (central office)

Also, please send them mail and embossed return envelopes. They can only receive 5 pages and 3 embossed envelopes at at time. Zines and books are being (illegally) restricted to 5 pages as well.

1150N Main St
Mansfield OH 44901

Leslie Dillon 416-607
Sean Swain 243-205
James “BlackJack”  Dzelijilja 530-144
Shawn Marshall 461-448


New Chapter in the Persecution of Sean Swain Begins

April 30th, 2013, Mansfield Correctional Institution- Investigator Angela Hunsinger and Staff Counsel Trevor Clark have started over from scratch in their efforts to persecute Sean Swain for his beliefs and protected speech following threat of legal action from Swain’s defense team. Swain has been held in local control (the hole) since Sept 19, 2012 on allegations that he founded the Army of the 12 Monkeys prison guerrilla resistance movement. Staff at Mansfield have repeatedly changed and violated rules regarding the treatment and conditions for prisoners in local control since Swain was moved there in September.

In a letter to Swain’s lawyer, Mr. Robert Fitrakis, Mr. Clark admits that these allegations relied too heavily on Swain’s beliefs and ideals. The new conduct report he helped Angela Hunsinger put together also admits that the previous effort was dismissed due to its “primary reliance on inmate Swain’s beliefs and possession of anarchist publications”. Mr Clark’s letter states that a “new ticket has been written and new disciplinary procedures will be commenced to address behaviour.” Mr Clark then enclosed a copy of the new conduct report.

This conduct report addresses only the written correspondence of Sean Swain and the recent behaviour and statements made by other prisoners, none of whom implicate Swain. It maintains the offense date of September 19th, 2012, but describes activities mainly occurring in spring of 2013. It fails to support any allegation that Swain produced, disseminated, or otherwise participated in any rules violations back in September .

Sean’s defense team believes this new conduct report is a continuation of the harassment and ideological targeting of their client, which both Hunsinger and Clark have admitted to. They will not allow staff at Mansfield Correctional to hold their client in harsh and illegal conditions indefinitely by simply manufacturing new conduct reports against him. A third frivolous conduct report, alleging that Swain used threatening language in a kite (internal prison communication) sent to another prison official has also been filed.

Sean Swain has publicly refuted all the claims of the new conduct report. He suspects that Hunsinger may have actually manufactured the Army of the 12 Monkeys herself, in an effort to silence Swain’s opposition to recent ODRC policy changes, and gain notoriety for catching prisoner terrorists.

Swain intends to fight the charges through the Rules Infraction Board (RIB) hearing process. Last time, the RIB found Swain guilty and he unsuccessfully appealed the decision all the way to the top. Even ODRC Director Gary Mohr refused Swain’s appeal of a guilty verdict which his accusers now admit was inappropriate enough to be entirely dismissed. Swain is hoping that legal action, and attention from outside supporters will hold the ODRC accountable, since its own process is uselessly corrupt.


Conduct Report Number 3

On April 23rd a correctional officer issued this frivolous conduct report against Sean. Conduct report 3

Sean’s take:

It was written by inspector Uriah L. Melton, supposedly my “advocate”. Note he wrote me up for threatening bodily harm. Note the conduct report doesn’t mention bodily harm or a threat to do anything at all.

Me: My aunt knits beautiful scarves.
URIAH L. MELTON: Don’t threaten me!
ME: Threat?
MELTON: I’m writing that up!
ME: But I didn’t SAY anything.
MELTON: How dare you threaten me again.
Yep. Lunatics.

Melton wrote Sean up after meeting with Deputy Warden Scott Basquin, who has been going out of his way and violating many rules to make life difficult for Sean. Sean says “the plan is to just use the disciplinary process to beat me up over and over again. Been through it. Not doing it again.”

Sean also says “They’ll get tired of killing me before i get tired of dying. Or they’ll wish they hadn’t killed me.”

Word from Sean

jan24We received this JPay from Sean today, it was written on the 24th.  It appears as though the Army of the 12 Monkeys is still active at Mansfield Correctional. A “handful of guys” just got transferred to the hole,  accused of being members of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. 

We also heard rumors that at least one of these prisoners is being tortured in a “suicide cell” just like Sean was initially. The guy’s name is Shawn Marshall. His number is 461-448.  Word is Marshall went to this torture cell on Tuesday Jan 15th. He doesn’t have friends or family on the outside, so there’s no one to stop them from keeping him in torture cell for a long time.

Sean has not had his final security reveiw or been transferred yet. ManCI staff are depriving Sean and others accused of 12 Monkeys activity of food and sleep.  Read the JPay for details.

Please call ManCI at 419-526-2000 demand that they stop torturing Shawn Marshall (461-448) and that they adequately feed prisoners in seg and allow them to sleep.

Please call Director Gary Mohr at Central Office, 614-752-1150, demand that ManCI staff be sanctioned until this treatment changes.


Alleged Anarchist Prison Saboteur Sean Swain is MIA

On Friday January 11th Sean Swain wrote a JPay email notifying outside supporters that his security status review was scheduled for the following Monday. We didn’t receive this email until Tuesday and haven’t heard anything since. On December 26th, Sean sent a fat envelope with instructions for his lawyer on how to pressure officials, threatening a civil suit if they go ahead with the transfer. This envelope didn’t arrive until Thursday January 10th. Intentional delays of communication by ManCI staff prevented us from helping Sean fight this transfer.

This is but one example of the kind of treatment Sean has received since first being accused of leading the Army of the 12 Monkeys’ sabotage campaign back in September. ManCI staff have made special exceptions to almost every rule regulating how they’re supposed to treat someone in ad seg facing these kind of charges. Of course, this is not unexpected. Prison guards at ManCI seem to enthusiastically embrace the reputation that COs are hateful, small minded and trifling.

Calls to the prison and officials in central office contradict Sean’s information and each other. These people are either jerking us around, or they are totally inept. We cannot get trustworthy information on whether the security review occurred, it’s decision, or Sean’s current status.

Sean Swain needs our help standing up to these people. The last communication we’ve received from him was the above-mentioned JPay dated Jan 11th. He needs mail. He needs donations to his legal fund. He needs things to read. ManCI staff deny books sent to him on the slightest pretense, but some zines and articles seem to have gotten through.

He needs the phones at ManCI and ODRC central office to ring off the hook. Sean was scheduled for a status reduction that would have sent him to lower security at Marion when the 12 Monkeys events occurred. Please call the prison and demand that Sean be transferred to Marion, as planned. If you want to be polite or reasonable, you can describe how the Rules Infraction Board presented no evidence, how the investigator admitted that the accusation is based on Sean’s ideology, how these charges are a trumped up retaliation against Sean’s anti-prison privitization essays. You can remind them that the supreme court has ruled that prisons have no legitimate interest in controlling the speech or ideology of their captives. We doubt that Sean cares very much about us being reasonable or polite with these people anymore, though.

Please call ManCI at 419-526-2000 ask for the Warden’s office and demand all this nonsense be dropped and Sean sent to Marion as planned. You can also ask to speak to the Local Control unit manager, Lt Lynch, if you wanna listen to the phone ring while he ignores it.

Please call Director Gary Mohr at Central Office, 614-752-1150 . Let him know that we won’t tolerate the COs and officials in Mansfield trampling on the basic rights of prisoners. Ask to talk to Lotte Sanders in legal services if you want to argue the facts of Sean’s case with a talkative and friendly fascist bureaucrat.

It goes without saying that Sean (like every prisoner) also needs a lot of things that we can’t publically condone or openly speak about.

Dear Governor Kasich,

Dear Governor Kasich,

I’m writing to you with a golf pencil from the special management unit of Mansfield Correctional Institution. I’m waiting to be sent to Supermax.

If Ohio courts followed Ohio law, I never would have come to prison. But Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Ann B. Maschari refused to follow a higher court mandate when I was ordered a pre-trial, so I’ve remained in prison for 21 years now, for a crime I didn’t commit, without a lawful conviction.

No one will make Ohio courts follow Ohio law… including you.

So, if not for Ohio courts’ lawlessness, I wouldn’t be in Ohio and you wouldn’t be hearing from me. But, alas, here I am.
Then, if the Ohio Adult Parole Authority followed the law, I probably wouldn’t be here. But, they held a full board hearing without notifying my counsel as required by statue and board member Gary Croft participated in giving me 5 more years in prison while my civil action against him was still pending – a civil action for atrocities Gary committed in his previous position.

Ol’ Gary never runs out of atrocities.

So, if not for Gary Croft’s (and the rest of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority’s) complete lack of regard for Ohio law, I probably wouldn’t still be in Ohio. You wouldn’t be hearing from me. But, alas, here I am.

Nobody will make the parole board follow the law… including you.

So, instead of being free – as I would be if the law mattered in Ohio – I’m now on my way to Supermax for two reasons. First, my religion and second, my objection to your appointees giving away Ohioans’ private information to wealthy golf buddies without consent.

First, my religion – as a Neolithic Indigenist, I believe non-tribal, hierarchical systems are a rebellion against the creator. Because of this deeply-held belief that is part and parcel to my state-approved religion, I have been “ideologically profiled” by prison investigator Angela M. Hunsiger. My ideology is the rationale for sending me to Supermax.

Second, Gary C. Mohr, the former Corrections Corporation of America lobbyist you appointed as ODRC Director decided to take the private information of 750,000 unsuspecting citizens who trusted your administration to safeguard their private information, and he handed it over to Florida fat cats who now profit off of those 750,000 unsuspecting citizens’ identities. So when I wrote an article questioning the legality of selling my elderly parents’ identities to a Florida corporation and thereby turning Ohio government into a sock puppet for out-of-state corporations that buy off politicians like you with huge campaign contributions, director Mohr’s underlings used my religion and my Jpay opposition to say I’m a gang leader and a criminal.
I’m going to Supermax.

Gary C. Mohr is going to the bank.

You’re going with him.

Ohio tax payers are going broke.

Something in all of this seems fundamentally unfair. I have to think that I’m not the only one in Ohio who notices. No offense, Governor, but if the rest of your appointees are as big of ass-clowns as the people you’ve got running your prison complex, I’m surprised nobody has burned down the statehouse yet.

So, I noted that Article 1, Section 2 of the Ohio constitution provides that the people have the right to abolish the government. To me, that sounds like a solution. And I can’t imagine I’m the only one to feel that way, seeing how Gary Mohr just bundled up 750,000 citizens’ identities and gave them to identity pirates.

I bet they’re mad too.

My plan is called “Ohio Spring,” an international convergence on Ohio, May 1, 2013 to shockupy the system and abolish it once and for all. I hope to see you there. It hasn’t been since the French revolution that government officials have been stripped naked and kicked down the steps, into the angry arms of the people they betrayed. Hopefully, we can change all that.
And if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll be running against you in 2014. I’ll be running as a write-in candidate from Supermax. Legally, I can’t have my name on the ballot, but voters can vote for me.

Nobody knows their pain and anger about having this government not work for them better than I do. Nobody. I’ll be the guy who tried to tell them the truth, the only one, and got sent to Supermax for it.

I don’t just plan to run, I plan to win. And when I win, I’m abolishing the state government. I don’t know what comes after, because that’s up to the people. But I know this: if you and this government are the best it has to offer, then we’re better off scrapping it completely.

And we will.

So here’s to freedom, which means a world without you running it.

Ohio Spring
May 1, 2013.

Freedom or death,
Sean Swain,
Political Prisoner
Manci Special Management Unit
21 Nov 12

An open letter to ODRC Director Gary C. Mohr

-For Posting-

Dear Director Mohr: 05 Nov 12

We both know that you are now carrying out a plan to have me murdered. You are having me framed for prison rule violations to have me transferred to higher security where it is arranged that I will be permanently silenced, all because I challenged the legality of JPay in an on-line article and threatened the profit margins of your friends and you, and all investors in JPay.

On 12 September I was a model prisoner; on 19 September I was placed in a torture cell and treated as a terrorist. What transpired between those two dates? A friend of mine wrote to me and in the mail screening, staff saw print-outs from I was then segregated, branded a gang leader, accused of inciting a riot, and accused of furthering non-existent criminal activity – all without evidence to support any of those claims.

You and I know what I really did; I stood in the way of your get-rich scheme – and now a reporter from New York City is researching JPay and its legality. That is the reason you are having me framed, and why you intend to have me murdered.
I’m writing this to let you know that I won’t try to stop you. I accept what is going to happen. I suspect it has to happen, just as it had to happen that an Egyptian merchant had to immolate himself before his countrymen could be provoked to sweep away a corrupt system and strive for freedom. I accept that you will have me killed. But before I die, I think it is appropriate that you should know who I am. I would like to take the time to share with you my account of the life you will be ending.
My parents Paul and Nancy were poor. My dad worked full time but had no health coverage, so when I was born, he had to spend nights and weekends digging a basement by hand to pay off the hospital bill. I’m their only child.

My dad was lucky to get hired at Ford, and when I was 3 years old, we moved to Michigan because the plant in Iowa closed. I grew up in a small town called Anchorville, Michigan. We lived in a trailer park my Gramma lived with us because her health was bad, so when other children made fun of me because of where we lived, I knew the real reason we lived in a trailer park was that my dad was a good man who supported his mother in law when her 4 sons didn’t.

I grew up at the feet of my Gramma. She told me stories from before I was born, mostly of my Grandfather who died before I came along. My Grandfather lived through the Great Depression and when others would hire traveling workers to do yard-worked for food and feed them on the porch, my Grandfather invited them to eat at the table with his family – if they worked or not. He had his own heating & plumbing business run from his garage and when my Gramma had told him they couldn’t afford to feed those men, he said, “We can’t afford not to.” He always wiped his feet on the white rug she kept at the kitchen door, and she’d yell at him for it every day. When he died, after the funeral, my Gramma was in the kitchen and started crying. She pointed toward the door and said, “Well look there, I still have that damned white rug.” She never remarried. He was the only man she ever loved.

I grew up on stories of my Grandpa’s honesty and hard work and compassion.

We got a kitten when I was little but she kept falling over and her back end would pass her front end when she was running. My mom took her to the vet who explained that the kitten’s mom had had distemper and the kitten had brain damage. My mom then called the pet store & told me the store would take the kitten back if we wanted another one. I absolutely refused. I said “What if we can love her like she is but nobody else can?” and the reason I felt that way was because I stuttered, and other kids could be mean, but my parents & Gramma loved me as I was. Didn’t that kitten deserve the same from me?

We named her Casey.

I collected just about every stray cat in the universe.

In school, teachers wanted to advance me in grades but my mom resisted. Who wants to be 3 years younger than their classmates?

I was really shy because I stuttered, up to high school, I stove to be invisible. I lived completely petrified that I would be noticed. I had outgrown my stutter, but I still stuttered on the inside. Then, in high school, I took the journalism class and ended up on the school paper. I wrote & people responded. It turned out, almost everybody felt the way I did, and what I wrote, everyone else identified with. I found my own voice and others found their voice through me.

Paul Rogers, the journalism instruction, owned the local paper and was an attorney. He hired me to write for the local paper and I learned first amendment law from him. Good journalism challenged power & kept power honest. It stopped government form becoming a bully. According to Mr. Rogers, good journalism was “something to offend everyone.” If my writing did not challenge anyone, what use was it? The editor had a poster in his office with the faces of Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators. The caption under it said “The experts agree: censorship works.” So it was out of patriotism & belief in freedom that writers speak truth to power… no matter the personal consequences.

My dad’s job transferred to Sandusky, Ohio. After high school, I joined the army. I believed in my country & in freedom, but in my time in the service I saw that this nation does not do what it says it does. Contrary to the great story, this country pushes people around & causes suffering & resorts to dirty tricks. So I left the service after one enlistment.

Returning to Sandusky, I was disillusioned and lonely. I got involved with Diane Chiow, who had 2 children from 2 previous, abusive relationships. The father of her younger son, Andrew Crouch, had tried to light her on fire; hit her while she was pregnant; threw her down stairs; fought responding police. But he was the nephew of the clerk of courts, so he didn’t have to answer for his crimes.

He kicked in my apartment door, threatened me, and reached for what I believed was a weapon. In a panic I stabbed him and then called 911. Police responded, covering up proof of the break-in that I have only recently received – photos that withheld at trial.

I passed a polygraph. I got out on a $2,000 bond payment while charged with murder and I didn’t flee like a guilty man would have.

I was convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. The appeals court said my trial was unfair and ordered a fair one by the trial court refused to follow the order. By Ohio law, your law, Mr. Mohr, I have been held for 21 years without a legal conviction or sentence.

In these decades of imprisonment, I have lost respect for the justice & corrections systems. I have seen abuse & corruption, suffering, brutality, & trauma. So much so, it seems to me that the system is not broke, but designed this way.

I studied psychology and was fortunate to have caring professors. They sent me boxes of books. I read everything about crime and justice and rehabilitation, and came to see that if your system, Mr. Mohr, really wanted to reform offenders, it does everything almost perfectly wrong. And that’s why you spend billions to fail more than 80% of the time.
Crime is a big business.

If you mangle prisoners, you guarantee future crime.

You create a pool of unemployables used by big business to depress worker wages.

I was very naïve. I get involved in reform, thinking if only people in power like you knew what was really going on…

I was told to shut up.

When I reported crimes against prisoners as any good citizen should, I was targeted as a whistle-blower. I was assaulted and subjected to trauma. I was transferred to higher security.

I wrote a book. It’s called Freedom: the Insight, Rage, and Fury of Political Prisoner Sean Swain. Long title, I know. And I’m a political prisoner because I never committed a crime and I am in prison because the state breaks its own laws to keep me here.
When the state breaks laws to punish a prisoner who doesn’t, that is not justice.

A year after I wrote that book, prison officials punished me for it, lying and claiming I wrote something I never wrote. And please, don’t take my word for it. Read Freedom for yourself. I didn’t encourage a work stoppage. I made prison officials mad because I told the truth.

I had the audacity to act like a good citizen.

Your system punished me for it, and I knew that such a false report on my record would prevent me from getting parole,
A parole for a crime I didn’t commit.

A parole from an invalid conviction & sentence.

My parents are old, I need to get home. I’m an only child.

So, I had to go to court to get that false report out of my record. But the chief inspector, Gary Croft, wouldn’t let me get to court. I had to sue him to get him to answer grievance appeals so I could proceed to court; then I suffered retaliation because I was suing people, but I never wanted to; I only wanted that lie out of my file so I could get parole.

My parents are old. I’m an only child.

In prison, I received my college degree, took a vocational trade, took every program available to me, and donated thousands of hours to community service until the day you shut the program down. In 20 years, I had not one single fight, no drug use, no alcohol, no violence, not one single serious rule infraction.

I’m not a criminal

I passed a polygraph.

I was released on $2,000 & didn’t run.

My conviction was reversed and I never received the fair trial required by Ohio law.

I just wanted that lie taken out of my file. Federal Judge Jack Zouhary dismissed my case (Swain v. Fullenkamp, et. Al. U.S. District case #3:09-cv-02659). I urge you to read what I filed.

I went before the local panel of the parole board last September. I had served 20 years. They recommended me to a full board hearing, where my counsel, Andrea Reino, could present my case & show the photos of the break-in that police withheld at trial.

But the parole board never notified my counsel. They ignored statute, ignored law, and held the full board hearing without my attorney. And they gave me 5 more years to serve.

They said I need more programs even though I took everything available to me.

They said I need to improve my conduct record even though I may be the best-behaved Ohio prisoner in history.

They said facts of the case that resulted in a 20 to life sentence warranted serving 25 years.

Did I mention that former chief inspector Gary Croft was on the parole board and that he gave me 5 years and violated the law while I had a civil action still pending against him?

My trial court broke the law.

My captors broke the law.

The parole board broke the law.

Do you see a pattern? I do.

I want to get home. My parents are old. I’m an only child. So, this September, I had my status lowered so I could go to Marion to get programs unavailable here. I was to go to medium security.

Seven days later I was put in a torture cell for 48 hours until friends protested my treatment. I’ve been in segregation ever since. I’ve been charged & found guilty of gang activity even though investigator Angela M. Hunsinger admits I engaged in none of these activities promoted by The Army of the 12 Monkeys, the gang she says I formed. I was found guilty of inciting a riot even though investigator Hunsinger admitted I had no connection to any inciteful material. I was found guilty of using mail to further criminal activity because I sent an open letter for publication to a website, which investigator Hunsinger admitted was not a crime, and the open letter is still posted on-line – with no one charged with a crime.

I’m hoping the recorded disciplinary hearing will be made available publicly so all Ohio tax-payers can hear what your underlings forced them to pay for. I would be glad to make it available at You could order that. I think you should.

Investigator Hunsinger says my “ideology” matches the 12 Monkeys. She says I am an anarchist and so are the 12 Monkeys. But the fact is, I am an indigenist. The chaplains here approved my change of religion to Indigenist. The warden here granted my religious accommodations. But because as an Indigenist I believe our creator designed us for non-hierarchial, tribal life, investigator Hunsinger calls me an “anarchist.” So, because I believe tribal structure is superior to rigid hierarchies, my “ideology” matches a gang who flushes toilets to break pipes.

That is the case to justify sending me to maximum security. So, I think we both know – and the whole world now knows – I’m not being sent to Lucasville for gang activity, or incitements, or using mail for non-existent crimes. No, I’m being sent to Lucasville because your staff discovered between 12 September & 19 September, and Lucasville is where you try to send critics like Timothy “Little Rock” Reed, who was granted asylum by the New Mexico Supreme Court when he proved Ohio prison administrators planned ot have him sent to Lucasville where staff would murder him – to silence his published criticism.

I’m not a criminal.

I passed a polygraph.

I never received the fair trial that Ohio law required.

The parole board broke the law to keep me in prison.

And now I’m going to die in prison at Lucasville, because I opposed the illegal transfer of my elderly parents’ private information to identity pirates in Florida without my parents’ consent.

Your friends’ profits matter more than my life, that my parents, than my friends and extended family.

You should be ashamed.

For my part, I won’t stop you. You and the Ohio prisons have been killing me in installments for a long time. You’ve murdered my children before they were born. You destroy lives as a part of a profit-driven industry.

Again, you should be ashamed.

For purposes of your future and the future of JPay, it doesn’t matter what you do to me. You can send me to Lucasville or you can check out what I’ve written here & order a rehearing by the parole board, leading to my release. Either way it doesn’t matter, Investigative journalists are investigating JPay and the illegal information transfer you facilitated. Its only a matter of time before that scandal breaks.

But if you want me sent to Lucasville to die, I won’t talk you out of it., I don’t’ think I’m significant enough to be such a target, and I think you overestimate my importance. I think you’ve made a critical error by elevating me to this position. I suspect it will be even worse for you & your shameful, corrupt system, when you exile and martyr me. I think you have already made your own situation impossible. By killing me, you will create 5 more of me. And then 10. and then 50.

You will get tired of killing me before I get tired of dying.

But your biggest problem isn’t prisoners. The world now knows who I am, and the world knows who you are. And the world knows what is happening here.

The eyes of the world are watching.

Nobody likes a bully.

If you send me to Lucasville to die, you aren’t just killing me, you’are killing the illusion that holds millions captivated.
Just as the death of that merchant in Tahrir Square was the death of the Egyptian regime, I think perhaps sending me to die will signal the death of the Ohio prison system. And the death of the Ohio prison system is the death of this state of Ohio as we know it.

I’m thinking of that future.

I’m ready for you to kill me.

I will live on in those struggling to be free.

Freedom or death,
Sean Swain