The Case of Matthew Pearson, Sr.

Aired June, 2017 on The Final Straw.

Matthew Pearson, Sr., is a former marine who spent Memorial Day in debilitating and excruciating pain here at Warren Corruptional Institution. While in the Marine Corps, Pearson seriously injured his knee. After getting discharged, he ended up in prison for killing someone. For years, Pearson has attempted to get medical care from the prison system for his long-documented knee injury.

Seven years ago, he was sent out for a consult at Ohio State University. The doctor who examined him– the State’s own medical consultant –recommended an immediate knee replacement surgery and even set up scheduling for the procedure to be performed.

Pearson’s been waiting seven years.

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Banner Hung in Komotini, Greece in Solidarity with Sean Swain and All Long Term Anarchist Prisoners

Banner hung in Komotini, Greece by folks at the anarchist squat Utopia A.D.

From Contrainfo:  “On Monday, June 12th 2017, we hung a banner at the Old Law School in Komotini as a small sign of solidarity with all long-term anarchist prisoners. We do not forget the comrade Sean Swain.   – Utopia A.D. anarchist squat”

Many thanks for the expression of solidarity! These gestures mean so much to Sean.

The Center is Dead: A Response to “Downfall: Preparing for Right-Wing Factionalism”

I recently read and enjoyed Ami du Radical’s “Downfall: Preparing for Right-Wing Factionalism,” and I agreed with everything but the conclusions. The writer suggests that Trump’s failure will lead to both corporate parties rushing to the center in the next few election cycles in order to grab moderate voters who have been alienated by the parties’ drifts to the fringe. I think the writer misses a broader context.

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Obama Withdrawls

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of holding people’s hands as they go through Obama withdrawals. It’s very frustrating because there’s very little you can do for them, but sit and listen as they ramble and mutter through their delerium, maybe put a wet rag on their foreheads and tell them it will be okay.

But it won’t.

It’s all goin’ down like a goldfish, you know…

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Book Review: Night, by Elie Weisel

Here at Warren Corruptional, I’m involved in a book club that was organized by a retired professor who formerly taught here. Her name is Gloria Flaherty. Gloria marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960s and still advocates for peace and for the leftism that emerged from that era. If you ever want to hear an 80 year-old former professor string together colorful obscenities– some of them in Italian –all you have to do is press her buttons by implying Donald Trump might know what he’s doing.

Gloria introduces reading selections to our book club and then facilitates our discussions. Some of the prior books includes Frantz Fanon’s ‘Black Skin, White Masks,’ about colonization from a black colonial perspective, and Jaqueline Woodson’s ‘Brown Girl Dreaming.’ During my 50-day hunger-strike I missed out on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

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Proposal for a Fragger Support Fund

Aired April, 2017 on The Final Straw.

I first heard of Ward Churchill on NPR, not long after the United States began the invasion of its opium and oil-producers across the Middle East. Ward Churchill was a professor at the University of Colorado who had participated in a forum sponsored by anti-war groups in Washington State.

He created a fantastic controversy that made the Cumbayah lefties on NPR squirm by suggesting that folks opposing the war needed to develop a position regarding “fraggers.” Fraggers are soldiers who, for whatever reason, and usually a good one, turn their rifles on their own commanders. For instance, I’ve heard that more lieutenants in Vietnam were killed by their own troops than by the designated “enemy.”

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Sean is Eating

After 50 days on hunger strike, Sean has begun eating. He came off hunger strike after the ODRC conceded his main demand by reinstating his communications.

The decision regarding giving a Halal diet to Muslim prisoners, which, according to Sean, is their legal right, is still pending.

Sean is asking people to call Ohio Governor John Kasich about this issue, and gives the following number for doing so: 614-466-3555

Update on Sean’s Hunger Strike

On February 12th, day 46 of his hunger strike, Sean gave the following update on his weekly radio segment on the Final Straw Radio show.

As of the 12th, the ODRC had conceded Sean’s main demand by reinstating his communications. This is a major victory and will be a huge improvement to Sean’s life. But as of the 12th, Sean’s demand to be allowed to consume a Halal diet had not been met and Sean remained on hunger strike.

Sean is asking people to call Ohio Governor John Kasich and gives the following phone number for doing so: 614-466-3555

Things are changing quickly, so be on the lookout for another update.

Aired February, 2016 on The Final Straw.