Direct Action Article in Wildfire

From DIRECT ACTION by sean swain So long as oppression exists, there will be resistance – the natural response to oppression. And prison is the one place where oppressors may impose directly and intimately on every aspect of a captive’s life, so we can easily conclude that prisoner resistance will go on until some […]

Get Trevor Clark Fired.

ODRC Legal Counsel Trevor Clark has been a thorn in Sean’s side since torture cell row at ManCI.  Back then, Sean was being tormented for leading the Army of the 12 Monkeys’ guerrilla sabotage campaign, based on no evidence other than an “ideological match.” Basically: prisoners got rowdy and the investigator, Angela Hunsinger decided, well, […]

After Nearly 3 Years of Investigation, Fuckweasels Return Wrong Typewriter to Anarchist Prisoner

In September 2012, Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain was removed from population at Mansfield Corruptional, and his typewriter was confiscated.Swain was then tortured and framed as “Monkey #4” of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. The 12 Monkeys had emerged at Mansfield, circulating thousands of pages of flyers and training manuals. In the aftermath, the 12 […]

OSP Physician Dr James Kline is a Fuckweasel

OSP PHYSICIAN DR. JAMES KLINE IS A FUCKWEASEL: HOW A QUACK ILLEGALLY DISAPPEARED ME TO THE SUPERMAX DUNGEON TO BREAK ME FOR THE REPRESSIVE GESTAPO HIGH COMMAND  Part I: “…Like Clowns Taking Pies to the Face…” This past Friday, 13 FEB, Ohio State Penitentiary physician, Dr. James Kline got bored. He already sharpened and polished […]

Sherlock Paulie Supergenius Lawyers Up, Urges Callers to Contact Beerbong Tommy Regarding Investigation into Anarchist Prisoner’s Super-Powers.

[Wanna support Sean?] In recent phone interviews regarding the “investigation” into Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain’s video visits (that did not happen), Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption Investigator Paul Schumacher, a.k.a. “Sherlock Paulie SuperGenius,” referred callers to legal counsel defending prison fuckweasels in the civil action filed by Sean’s attorney, Richard Kerger. Paulie SuperGenius, […]

Black Lightning Algorithm, the Fuckweasel Bozos of Ineptitude (FBI), and Ass Fire.

BLACK LIGHTNING ALGORITHM PROMPTS INVESTIGATION OF BEN TURK AND SEANSWAIN.ORG BY FUCKWEASEL BOZOS OF INEPTITUDE (FBI): AT ISSUE, ANARCHIST PRISONER’S SUPER POWER, SHOOTING FIRE OUT OF HIS ASS In 2010, then-Mansfield Warden Terry Tibbals, during a Community Service shin-dig, told Sean Swain, a skilled painter for Community Service, all about Tibbals’ black Lexus. He was […]

JPay, Fuckweasels Target Sean Swain to Prevent Truth from Reaching the Public… Again.

They’re at it again. While getting sued for targeting Sean Swain’s protected expression, the fascist fuckweasels have again targeted Sean, cancelling the video visits scheduled by Ben Turk, just another effort to silence the critique of an anarchist prisoner in a long train of state-terror fuckweaselry. Here’s the pattern: First, Sean Swain wrote FREEDOM, highly […]

Support Sean’s Hunger Strike, Call the ODRC on Monday!

Monday morning February 2nd Sean Swain will start refusing meals until Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption officials and JPay stop interfering with his communication with the outside world. Sean demands that he be given the same access to communication as any other prisoner, and that he not be further targeted for his deeply held […]

Civil Suit Legal Update: Initial Disclosures and Discovery Plan.

On 15 January, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Miller filed initial disclosures in the 12 Money frame-up civil action filed by Sean Swain. These disclosures are provided to Sean Swain’s counsel, Richard Kerger, in order to identify people likely to have discoverable information and to identify relevant documents. Read the initial disclosures. And some other paperwork:  […]